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Time on the Sea

Chapter One:

I feel myself swaying, hearing the crash of waves "W-where…?" I groan, keeping my eyes closed I hear voices "Capt'n there is a boat in the water!"

"Where?" another asks

"There's someone in it!"

Lifting my head slowly I peer through my eyes to see a giant ship looming over, two people climbing down a robe ladder towards me. I close my eyes again as the small boat I'm on wobbles with the extra weight causing my stomach to do a flip. "Hey, you ok?" asks the voice of the first guy I heard as someone picks me up into his or her arms the person smells like cigarettes and sweat. The sudden movement causes my stomach to flip again but this time bile forces itself up my throat, unfortunately ending up all over my handler "UGH!" the man remarks. Looking up slowly I see a man with a cigarette in his mouth "Oops" I mumble with a smile ha-ha he got puke on him I think as the darkness takes over my mind.

Darkness, the smell of food in my nose wakes me, causing my stomach to emit a large growl. Opening my eyes I yell "FOOD!" sitting up quickly, with food on the brain, my forehead hits something, or more like someone "OW!" I scream grabbing my head in pain. The thing I hit doing the same. With food forgotten I hear a yell "What was that for!" I focus my eyes, stop spinning please eyes, I need to see… a boy with a mop of black hair and a bandage under his left eye stands in front of me "What?" I ask dumbstruck "You were the one to close to me! You little brat!" I scream starting to get angry

"I'm no little brat! You're the same age as me" the boy yells

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you are!"



I look down at my body "Yes…. I am"

"No you're not… Wait! You are!"

"Yeah I guess I am…" I say again scratching the back of my head "How did I get like this?"

I get up and stretch out my small limbs

"What am I wearing?" I ask puzzled at how the jean shorts and red t-shirt got on my body.

"Oh, Makino changed you," says the boy pointing to a woman on the other side of the room with dark green hair held back by a bandana. I get a look at my surroundings, I'm standing on a bar counter, in a bar... Seeing the alcohol bottles lining the wall behind me, tables scattered around the room filled with big men drinking and yelling away. One man catches my eye, a straw hat on his head, red hair seen beneath it and a black cloak over his shoulders; like a captain's coat. His back is facing me. This man laughing really loudly the contents of his drink spilling on another man with long black hair tied back in a long pony tail, a cigarette in his mouth and a sour look on his face. Straw-hat man just laughed louder at his friends face. Who's that guy?

The boy beside me get up as well standing next to me on the bar me only a couple inches shorter than him.

"SHANKS!" he yells waving over the red head Wait a minute… NO WAY!

The red head turns to the boy a huge smile on his face, three scars visible over his left eye. Walking over, and plopping himself in a chair across from me "Good, you're awake"

"Red-haired Shanks" I whisper under my breath, unfortunately he hears me. "Hello" he says with a big smile "You know me, I'm Shanks"

My breath catches I my throat N-no way…then that means… I turn to the boy, as Shanks says "Good job looking after her, Luffy" I nearly faint,

Luffy? Monkey D. Luffy? From the manga One Piece?

Ok, so I'm not really that knowledgeable on One Piece, I've only seen about 30 episodes, out if the almost 600 of them… but I've already fallen for the straw-hat wearing captain that is Monkey D. Luffy.

I restrain my inching hands from jumping and glomping the poor boy Now, now Melody control, you need to make a good impression! …. Wait a minute…..


Shanks and Luffy look confused at my shocked face probably thinking 'What's with her?'

"So…." Shanks starts, ignoring the face I'm making "Can you answer some of our questions?"

I nod, still in shock ok, so I'm in a manga…. And I've turned chibi; I can deal with that, but puberty again? TT^TT Luffy beside me, Shanks in front of course I'd be shocked who wouldn't? "Name?" asks Shanks

"Melody, just Melody I don't have a family name"

"OK, so your age is around 7 I'm guessing"

"Yep, I guess so" looking down at my chibi body again, frowning

"Right, and do you remember anything from before you woke up?"

"I remember when you puked all over me!" a voice says from the party side of the bar. Shanks turns to him, the man I saw talking with Shanks before he came to question me. "Oops" I blush- that was embarrassing-

"Ok, ok Ben calm down it was an accident" He turns back to me ignoring his first-mate's protests. "Melody, go on" a huge grin on his face, calming me.

"Umm…" searching my mind for memories, a headache explodes in my brain, my sight goes fuzzy, it feels like someone put a hot iron right on my brain, burning and hissing, I collapse into darkness, is this a flashback moment? No it hurts too much…-


It's a dark and musty night I'm walking home from a friend's house, it's late, and I decide to take a short cut through an alley between two stores. Probably not one of my best ideas, but I'm in a hurry; Madam Prine is already going to kill me when I get back to the orphanage. One year left and I can finally leave that stinking place, I hate it.

Halfway down the dark alley three men appear, almost out of nowhere two in front and one behind. I ignore them for the most part anyway, moving to one side of the alley to let the two get by. They are most likely only meeting up with the guy behind me. But the two in front block me from passing, one laughs "Hey girly, wanna hang out?"

"No, now move!" I say calmly trying not to freak out. The one who spoke waved to the guy behind me, whose chest was against my back, blocking my other escape route. He grabs my arms, pinning them to my sides. I struggle but am unable to get out of his inhuman grip. "Come now girly we'll play nice" ya right nice as in kill me, now I'm starting to freak out but I refuse to show it I'm not as weak as you like buster, ok maybe I am so what? The man reaches a hand to my hair letting the black strands slide through his fingers "Wow, that's silky hair you got girly" he grins evilly. I spit in his face "Shut up!" Too scared to move or struggle form the hands' holding me, his grins disappears, a scowl replacing it. He grabs at my hair pulling my face close it his, our noses almost touching. I bite my lip holding back a scream of pain, I'm strong. He releases his hold on my hair only to be replaced with the sting of a slap on my cheek. I hold back tears that threaten to fall; I won't give him the pleasure of hearing my screams or see my pain

Air rushes out my lungs, my vision blackens; with spots in my eyes I taste the salty, metallic blood in my mouth. Coughing out the red liquid I glance down, at the fist in my stomach before blacking out completely


Meanwhile –Shanks –

I watch as young Melody wracked her brain for the answer to my question, after a few moments of silence Melody's eyes turn a deep sea blue, no whites or pupils, as a strong sea wind is blasted around the tavern, my crew jumps in surprise suddenly sober and alert. My straw hat is blown off my head, onto the floor. I make no move to pick it up. My hands shake as I continue to watch Melody in her Trance like state. Luffy looks from Melody to me confusion and worry in his face expression. The sea wind continues around the tavern like it's looking for someone, then wrapping it's self around Melody her hair flying every which way until suddenly it's gone, like it had never been there the wind disappeared. Melody's eyes close and she falls onto the bar, her body shaking violently.

"Makino!" I yell catching the young girl before hitting her head braking the silence and stillness of the bar. The barmaid snaps out of her shock and rushes to my side, taking Melody out of my hands, holding her close to her body trying to calm the girl some. Makino looks up at me confusion and worry also on her face, just like Luffy.

I turn to my crew "Nobody will ever speak of what just happened around Melody! You hear!" I threaten with hands still shaking I pick up my hat slowly, placing it tightly on my head. My crew is silent. I turn to luffy now, plopping down in a bar stool across from him, our eyes locking "Luffy, you must never speak about this again. Ok?

Luffy nods

"Melody… she has been blessed by the sea" I say more to myself then everyone else

Ben steps forward "I-is that true?" his voice trembling ever so slightly

I nod silently my eyes off of luffy, to looking at my hands in front of me

"But that hasn't happened since…"

I know what ben is talking about, so does the rest of the crew, Gol D. Roger the pirate king, his lover was the first and last known person to be blessed, and it was not a good thing. The government hunted her just as much as Roger himself. Maybe more…

"Luffy, Melody is really special, but she must never know not till the time is right, more importantly no one else can know. Got it? You too guys" I turn to the crew and Makino "Not a soul"

I glance at Melody her shaking subsided and was now in a deep sleep I brush some strands of hair from her face.

The crew nods to me serious looks on their faces.

The tavern door is swung open reveling a mountain bandit. The crew quickly turns back to their activities as not to raise suspicion.

Makino sets the sleeping Melody behind the bar counter to rest pulling a blanket out from one of the many cupboards, pulling it over her then turning to the new customer as life went back to normal.

My mind spins with what has just happened, but I push it back to think over later.