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Just a summary: Laboon is the big whale; he keeps bashing his head against the red line to be reunited with his crew, who left him behind fifty years ago. Crocus the old man is a doctor and has been looking after him. Some people named Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday try to kill Laboon, but are stopped by Melody and Luffy, they got out of the whale's stomach and Luffy challenges Laboon to a fight, Luffy breaks the mast off of Merry during the fight, it ends in a tie. Luffy then draws the Straw hat's symbol on Laboon's head as a promise to come back and to stop him from hurting himself. The two weirdoes regain consciousness (since Melody knocked them out) and pleaded for a ride to their island; Whiskey Peak. Luffy agrees. Crocus then gives them a Log pose, and set them off after Merry was fixed by Usopp (with help from Zoro and Melody)

Time on the Sea

Chapter Seventeen

I took one step outside the warmness of the girl's cabin and promptly rushed back inside again for a coat and scarf. It's only been a couple of hours since leaving the twin capes and Laboon, heading towards Whiskey peak. And it was snowing outside. It's crazy, snow! In the spring! But I'm happy to join in with Luffy and Usopp with their playing. The white stuff covered a good foot deep on Merry's deck. I dare not run on it in fear of slipping into the salty water.

"It's cold!" I smile as Usopp complains for a second but soon went back to his snow art.

Things are just getting crazier I shook my black and blue hair, but I like it. Staring up at the cloudy sky, snowflakes settled on my face I smiled again, only to get a face full of a snow ball, thrown by Luffy.

"Hey!" I yelled, as Luffy and Usopp laugh their hearts out. Smirking, I sent a volley of snow balls quick as a cheetah at the two teens, laughing as they became snow teens.

Sanji soon joined in, flinging snow from his shovel at the boys when a stray snowball hit the back of his head when they returned fire.

A full out snow war broke out on the deck and Zoro slept in the middle of it, completely unaware of anything.

Nami sat in the Galley, wrapped in blankets and jackets with a hot cup of tea, as she kept an eye out on the Log Pose. Our resident passengers kept to themselves for the most part but then the snow started Nami ordered them to shovel like Sanji, but on the upper deck.

"OH~" I started singing, pretty badly… "This is the life of a pirate! Rolling in the snow~!" over and over again.

Luffy and Usopp join in with me, but we were interrupted when a loud crack tore through the sky, lighting lit up the now almost black clouds.

"It's really weird weather" I mused as the three of us and now Sanji join in our stare at the clouds.

"AGHHH!" a scream came from the galley, then Nami burst from the door "TURN AROUND 180 DEGREES WE'RE WAY OFF COURSE!"



"Did we forget something?" asked Luffy.

"YOU DUMB ASSES! WE'RE HEADED IN THE WRONG WAY!" Nami continued screaming. "Catch the wind from the right side!"

"AYE!" I grabbed 9 and Wednesday and took the sails

"Usopp, you take the jib sail!"

"Got it"

"Sanji get the rudder!"



Seconds went by as we did our jobs when the cold wind suddenly went warm and changed direction, "WHAT!?" Nami began freaking out even more.

"ZORO wake up we're in an emergency!" each of us as we did our jobs tried to wake the swordsman, but he never stirred.

Everything went downhill from there.

"I see a dolphin!"

"The waves are getting higher!"

"Fog ahead!"



"Water leaking in the lower deck!"

"ON IT!" I got it done in a second.

"The winds are too strong!"

"The sails gonna rip!"

And we had Lunch somewhere in all the middle of that….

Until…. "The COMPASS CHANGED AGAIN!" And it started all over again.

An hour later, everyone lay on the deck in a heap, the ocean finally calm.

"YAAAWWWNNN…." Zoro sat up and stretched, "That was a nice nap. Hm?" I eyed him with displeasure, too tired to do anything…. But… "Hey. The weather's nice and all but don't you guys think you're being a bit too lazy? Are you sure we're going the right way?"

I snapped. "YOU SON OF A BITCH ZORO!" I don't care, so with what energy I've have left, I kicked him in the head, sending him into the water. "YOU SLEPT THROUGH IT ALL!"

He was mad, but lived. Lucky I didn't kill him in the first place! I need food~

Then Nami had at him when he got back on deck.

"ISLAND AHEAD!" Luffy pointed out, he's still full of energy. "It's giant Cacti!"

Indeed the island held the huge spiky plants everywhere. "So this is Whiskey peak!" Sanji smiled and lit a new cigarette. "Thank god!" our passengers cried in relieve "Now then, we're off"

"Thank you for taking us here, my honeys"

"If fate will have it let us meet again!" the two hopped on the railing, "Bye bye Baby" and dived into the water.

"Those two are weird" Luffy and I commented.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

When we landed, we were greeted by the town's people, they were surprisingly happy to have pirates land on their island, and invited just to party. I wasn't gonna turn down free food and booze.

Now then, I have been told that I can't hold my Liquor, because of how fast my body digests it. Oh well, it's still good!

As the sun set, the party began. Luffy, Usopp, and I started stuffing our faces while Nami and Zoro started a drinking game and Sanji got caught up with all the girls.

I was the first one to pass out, of everyone partying. And first one to wake up. It was quiet; the villagers were nowhere to be seen. Luffy was asleep across my lap, Sanji on the couch where I last saw him, Zoro on a table, and Nami on the floor beside Usopp. It was a sight to see, and would have been cute if not for my senses in danger mode.


Zoro made me jump as he stood,

"I thought you were sleeping?"

"No, the villagers are really villagers they drugged the food and drink"

"Really? No wonder I was the first one out."

Zoro shrugged, "A true swordsman never allows alcohol to take control of himself, including drugs"

"Well… what now?" I ask.

Zoro headed towards the back door. "Hey, where ya going?" I called after him

"Keep watch" he said back.

"…figures…." I sighed.

Not 5 minutes later, two men quietly peeked into the room; I shut my eyes, and let my head dangle. "Shit" one whispered "one's missing" then they left.

I smirked, things are gonna get interesting. "You might as well get up Nami"

"How could you tell?" Nami stood up and brushed herself off.

I shrugged, you smiled, so what are you gonna do?"

"Gonna go steal some money!" Nami got beli signs in her eyes "and you're gonna help me"


"Nope, you're helping me this time, we're gonna hit the entire town!"

Placing Luffy's head down on the ground I sighed and followed Nami out and down an alley. I then had the pleasure of running all around town gathering Beli from just about everyone's pockets, even those fighting (which I was very proud of). It only took a couple of minutes but still, I'd rather be with Luffy. Nami and I loaded everything onto Merry, and locked it all safely into her vault, I'm sworn never to speak of its placement, or risk…. Something very, very, very unpleasant…..

With that done we head back to the bar we left the others in. looking to make sure the coast is clear I first notice Luffy missing from our passed out crew members, and only a second later I hear him.

"Damn it Luffy, always causing trouble." Nami swears,

"Let's find him" I smile.

And we found him alright, fighting Zoro. Both Nami and I face palmed, the so called Baroque Works – a bounty hunter organization responsible for everything on this island is getting ignored by the Captain and First-mate.

I stepped out from behind the wall, Nami and was watching from, and yelled to my husband as he let a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka fly "Luffy!.

He smiled at me "Hey Melody!"

"Those people drugged us, they're bad, Zoro's right!"

"What? Really?" but his fists was already flying towards Zoro, sending him into one of the empty buildings. "…Oops…" Luffy laughed uneasily and scratched his head "Sorry ZORO!" he yelled into the hole. I frowned, and wacked him on the head, beside him in a second "Think before you act baka"

It was then I noticed the others on the street with us, a girl wearing yellow and an umbrella, and the man with dreadlocks and sunglasses "part of Baroque works I guess" I folded my arms, and then turned to the others in the clearing, the girl with blue hair from before, who we gave a lift too, her hair was down and was accompanied by a large duck wearing a hat and a harness, "you gonna fight too?" I asked her

"We're ordered to eliminate the princess of Alabasta" the man spoke, pointing to the blue haired girl, what was her name again? Miss Wednesday? "A princess?" Luffy looked interested, as was I "Never met a princess before, awesome" I smiled at the girl, I saw the man shift; something was on his finger, he pointed it as Luffy and I "you cannot interfere"

I stuck my tongue out at him "What we do is none of your business"

Then he flicked the thing at me, it was remarkably fast. But I'm faster, as I dodged it I watched it fly by my face, and screamed as it exploded, sending Luffy in one direction and me the other. I slammed into a wall, making a pretty good dent. My ears were ringing, and my body slightly throbbing, I pushed myself forward, shuttered and walked out of the smoke "WHAT THE HELL!" I yelled "THAT WAS A BUGGER! A DISGUSTING BUGGER!" I pointed at the crazy bugger man

"Was it?" Luffy asked stopping at my side, unharmed "Ew" he stuck his tongue out. "Mine" he called, and through the smoke attacked the bugger man. "Then I guess yellow is mine" I looked up at the floating girl. She laughed evilly "With my Kilo Kilo fruit I can adjust my weight, only 1Kg and I float-"

"Don't care" I said calmly up at her, and pulled my chain free. I swung it a couple of times as she got mad yelling "Listen to me! Eat this 10 000Kg press!" She then fell from the sky. I took a step to the left, she missed me completely. I looked down into the hole she made, and pouted "too easy"

As the dust cleared I swung the weight of the chain onto her head, knocking her out cold.

I looked back to Luffy then, and saw he was finished, the man was out cold. "So, Zoro you ok in there?" I asked as said swordsman climbed out of the building furious. "Luffy, baka!"

"Sorry" our captain laughed at him, a huge smile on his face. Zoro grumbled, but joined us anyway.

Then, out of nearly nowhere, Nami appears from her hiding place. "Good job guys, nice fighting" she smiles

"Damn Woman you were hiding the whole time!" Zoro growled at her

"Sorry, sorry, it looked like you had it under control" she smirked. "Anyway, do you want to make a contract with me?" she turned to the woman the weirdoes called a princess,

"What're you people talking about…?" she asked from atop the duck "Why did you save me?"

Nami got that evil glint in her eyes "For money"


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