There once was a little merman who was the most loved in the sea. His name was Alfred F Jones. He was the only full son born to the King, David F. Jones before his wife died. That made it so that he was going to inherit the throne. Of course Alfred didn't want to inherit the throne. He wanted to go around and be the hero to everyone. That was his biggest concern.

His father appointed a knight to watch over him. This knight had a small problem. He swore almost every other word. But he kept watch over Alfred and did keep him out of most trouble. Lovino Vargas did his job well.

Then came Alfred's friend / brother. Well, half brother. His mother did have a suitor before Alfred was born. The handsome merman Keith Williams was put to death after Matthew was born. Matthew was allowed to live only if he would be the companion to the future Prince. He wasn't able to say yes, but they took the gurgle as a yes.

Anyways, back to the main point of the story. Alfred grew up with the conviction that he was a hero. This conviction came when Matthew had called him his hero sarcastically. Not one for taking sarcasm into account, Alfred had fully believed that he was a hero. Lovino had sworn him out thoroughly. ("Fucking bastard! How in the hell could you fucking do suck a shitty thing? I am going to fucking kill you, bastardo."

"I-I-I'm sorry Lovino."

Yeah you fucking will be. Chigi.") Now on this day, Alfred was out, being bored out of his mind. "Guys…find me something to doooooo." He moaned, swimming with his back towards the ground and backwards. Lovino scoffed. "Entertain yourself, bastard. I am just supposed to watch you." Alfred stuck his tongue out at his personal guard and turned to Matthew, who was swimming next to him correctly. "Don't expect me to do it. The last time I tried, you tried to leave me at home."

"Aw, come on! Pleeease? I will give you all of the pearls you want when we get back!" Matthew snorted. "Alfred, please. I get all of the pearls I want because, like you, I am also royalty." Alfred pouted. Sheesh, these guys were no fun. "Well, could we go to the surface? I found some things that the humans dropped into the water and I want to know what it is. It might be able to help me be the hero!"

Lovino shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest, stopping in front of the swimming Prince of the sea. "Bastard, the last time I let you do that I got fucking chewed out by your dad. No fucking way, bastard. Last time was the last time I would let you do shit like that." Alfred looked up and stopped swimming. "But, I promise this will be the last time! Promise! Dude, I will die if I don't go find out what the hell this stuff is!" Matthew sighed. "Stop being melodramatic. It's not the end of the sea." Lovino grinned at Matthew and gave Alfred a glare. "Case closed."

Alfred looked from face to face and thought for a moment. A small smile went over his face. Instantly Matthew felt uneasy and Lovino's grin fell off of his face. A scowl was instantly replacing the earlier grin. "What are you thinking, you damn prince?" Alfred smiled sweetly. "Just thinking what my father would say if I told him about you drinking on the job." Lovino's face paled. "What the fuck are you talking about, bastard? I have never fucking done that shit on the job. Ever." Alfred grinned and looked away. "If I said you did, then who is going to say you didn't? Just let me go to the surface to ask about this. Your secret will be safe with me." The small brunette growled and swam to the side. "Well, get on with it, you bastard. Hurry up and go." Alfred grinned and gave the small Italian a hug before zooming off to his cave where he hid his human things from his father.

The two that were left behind looked at each other and sighed. This would be taking all day. He had to sing at his father's concert later today and they were supposed to make sure he got there. Now there was no guarantee that they would be getting there at all.

Alfred was the first one there and he waited for the other two to get there. If he had feet, he would be bouncing on them. Ugh, where were those two? Sure he had a hero's strength, but he still needed help to move this stone.

He grinned as Matthew and Lovino came into sight. "Hurry up! I want to see Tony!" The other two rolled their eyes. Tony was Alfred's go to person when it came to something that came to the surface. He was a little…weird, to say the least.

They all went to the stone and put their efforts into pushing the stone. Lovino even went as far as to tell the fucking stone to move before he stuck a fucking stick up its sorry ass. This made the other two princes snort and it actually moved. "Yay! Now we can go to the surface~" Lovino instantly calmed and Matthew smiled slightly. That was the effect of Alfred's singing. It made everyone calm and brought up good and happy memories.

They followed Alfred inside and Matthew made a low whistle. The sheer size of this place still impressed him. It was very tall and seven of him wide. Knick-knacks littered the natural shelves and there was ever an impression of a human on one of the shelves. He was shocked that the king hadn't found this place yet. Alfred was swimming around, grabbing the various things that he had found the day before. He was sticking them into a carrier. That was what Tony had said it was. It went over his shoulder and across his chest and at the end of it was a sack. It made a carrying thing easier, that was for sure.

"Are you done yet, bastard? We have to get going to get to the concert on time." Alfred waved a hand unworriedly. He didn't even want to go to the stupid thing anyways. All they wanted him to do was sing a song that would ensure the safety of the seas for the next twenty years. Pfft. That was overrated. He grinned and waved the carrier over his head. "Let's go! I got everything I need."

"About damn time. Now let's go."