Harry Potter/Batman the animated series crossover

An idea that came to me when I was watching Batman beyond Return of the Joker, there are many Harry Potter Batman crossovers where harry ends up either being raised by or turning out to be a villain. The joker is of course a favourite, and is my favourite villain in the Batman universe by far so I'm having a go at my own one. This idea itself hasn't been expanded on as far as I can see so I'm hoping that this is an original idea, and hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: When Robin is grounded and unable to go out the Joker's plans seem to have been foiled. Well that's until a certain little eight year old boy with a lightning bolt scar stumbles upon a woman in 'distress'. ROTJ alternate universe HP crossover.

-A change in plans-+-

To say that Tim Drake was annoyed would most likely be the understatement of the year, especially as he stared out of the massive double window that took up most of the west wall of his bedroom. Outside the sky was slowly dulling to a dark blue as grey clouds shifted to reveal the bat signal; shining like a hollow beacon among the gothic buildings.

Yep, he was really annoyed. How was he to know that the smoke bomb had accidently been activated as he threw it over to be returned to its correct place on the rack. He didn't mean for Alfred to nearly die chocking from the thick fog that had suddenly sprung from the device or for him to trip as he tried to back out of it which resulted in him nearly falling off the edge of the narrow pathway of the cave. Heck if it hadn't been for his quick now inbuilt reactions Alfred would have fallen to his doom, and would have been skewered on the sharp rocks that lay in the cavern below.

And what had he got as a reward for his brave actions? What had he got for acting appropriately in a situation that could have gone extremely wrong?

Grounded, that's what. So not fair.

-Somewhere in Gotham City-


That was the only thought that entered Harry's mind as he continued his trek around the city, he couldn't believe his relatives had abandoned him, he hadn't meant to ruin his uncles business deal, heck he didn't even understand how he'd managed it.

It had all been going smoothly, the Dursley's had flown over to Gotham after Vernon had received a promotion, he had been given permission to take his family along with the condition that he would complete a business deal while he was over there. And by a stroke of luck no one had been available to take care of Harry meaning he got to come along.

He had been so excited even when he was told that he would be flying in coach while his relatives would be relaxing in business class, it hadn't bothered him in fact it had made it all the better as he had been placed next to a kind old lady who was on her way to visit her grandchildren. She had been the kindest lady he had ever met, she had talked to him shared her meal with him and had even gave him a blanket later on in the flight so that he could have a nice sleep.

Then just as he thought he couldn't possibly like the lady anymore then he already did, she gave him a stuffed toy bear which she had bought on her holiday, he had tried to protest of course and give it back to her but she wouldn't have it saying that she'd bought plenty of other thing for her grandchildren and that they would make do without one more toy. He had cried and had thanked her profusely hugging the toy for the rest of the flight, smiling all the while. As they came into land he had been quick to hide the toy within the old ruck sack that he'd brought on with him, it easily slid in with the other meagre items that he had packed within it.

When he exited the plane he found his aunt Petunia waiting for him, a scowl firmly in place as she watched him say goodbye to the kind old lady. As soon as he had made his way over to her he had been lectured and scolded for trying to spread his 'freakishness'.

After that he was dragged off to where his uncle was waiting with an impatient and whining Dudley who was moaning about being hungry. After coming to a halt before Vernon Harry had once again been scolded, this time for forcing them to wait for him.

Not long after that they had caught a cab to their hotel, Vernon using the time to further lecture Harry only this time on how ungrateful he was as well as how kind they were to allow him to 'accompany' them on their holiday.

Harry zoned out for the most part, pretending to hang his head in shame at his 'ungratefulness'. This seemed to satisfy Vernon who finally turned to talk to Petunia and Dudley; both of whom he addressed in a much softer and kinder tone of voice.

Once at the hotel they had quickly checked in before Harry had been shoved into the room he would be sharing with Dudley and told to stay put, the Dursley's planning to go out for a meal in one of the more fancy restaurants. He hadn't minded having held onto some crackers that the kind old lady had shared with him earlier; as such he had happily munched on them while playing with his new bear.

There was nothing truly spectacular about it, no real distinguishing markings or anything it was just a regular brown bear. However this was the first real toy that Harry had ever received, as such he treated it like it was glass not allowing any crumbs or liquid to get on it. He wouldn't even place it on the bed in case it accidently fell off and was damaged. He had played quietly happily entertained until he had heard the sound of the key in the door at which point he had quickly stuffed his bear back into his back pack - the wrappers of the crackers already in the bin – before jumping into his own bed next to the window and pulling the covers up to his head.

Dudley had entered not long after, making no effort to quiet his entry as he slammed the door most likely hoping to disturb Harrys sleep. Harry just pretended to be asleep not really wanting to interact with Dudley at this time of night, as a result Dudley started to stomp louder hoping to get some reaction out of him.

Moment's later uncle Vernon had entered demanding what was going on, Dudley complaining that he had fallen over in the dark. Vernon had left after that and Dudley had finally decided to give up his 'annoy Harry' game and gone to bed himself quickly falling to sleep if the snores were anything to go by.

Harry had simply rolled over, staring out of the small space between the curtains to the dark sky outside, the lights off the city making it impossible to see any stars. Harry was slightly disappointed with this having never really seen stars before however he found the clouds just as interesting as they slowly rolled across the dark blue backdrop. Harry found himself smiling slightly happy for once as he curled up in a real bed with thick duvets to protect him from the chill the city seemed to radiate.

Suddenly the clouds parted revealing a strange symbol, Harry found himself sitting up his eyes fixed on the shape that stood out against the black of night 'it…looks like a bat' Harry had found himself somewhat mesmerised by it his gaze not moving from It until the clouds moved to once more consume the shape. He blinked his eyes feeling slightly dry even as he continued to stare up at the place, after a while his body registered that it was tired and encouraged him to lie down and rest. Soon after which he was asleep, dreams of the symbol invading at frequent intervals.

The next day proved to be entertaining the Dursley's were up early to make sure they didn't miss the all you can eat buffet, Harry was even allowed to attend with them since it had already been paid for. He had tried a bit of everything, enjoying the new tastes as well as having a full stomach. Soon after they had headed out into the city to catch some sights, soon learning that the city was a supposed breeding ground for crime. They were encouraged by a few friendly locals to avoid going out at night to avoid being assaulted by the crazy lunatics that kept escaping from some place called Arkham.

Apparently there was a large crime rate in Gotham that Vernon's boss had 'forgot' to inform him of, the Dursley's had been especially disturbed to find out that most of these so called criminals were apprehended by a man who dressed as a bat. Apparently the light he had seen in the sky was the way the police contacted him where there was danger or when they needed assistance on a case, Harry had listened with fascination his face lighting up as he heard of the various exploits of this 'Batman'.

After that they had headed to a park and a shopping centre stopping to have something to eat at one of the many restaurants, Harry ended up with a sandwich after the Dursley's realised that it would look odd if they all ate but Harry did not. As such they felt compelled to buy him something, he had promptly ate it making sure to keep it out of range of Dudley's grubby little hands. After this they had headed back to the hotel Harry was once more placed in the room before the Dursley's went out for another dinner as well as a show at some theatre. Harry was over joyed at the prospect and had quickly pulled out his bear, spending most of the night pretending that he was the Batman and that his bear was one of his arch enemies.

He had laughed as he jumped from bed to bed, imagining that they were the roof tops of the city the flashing lights illuminating his figure as he moved to save the helpless people. He had done this for hours fully enjoying his imagined world, one where he was the hero where he protected those who could not protect themselves. This had gone on until the Dursley's return upon which point he had pretended to be asleep once again to avoid a confrontation with Dudley.

Like the night before Dudley had been quick to drift off allowing Harry to stop his act, upon which point he had sat up on the wide window sill hoping to once more spot the bat signal, however that night it appeared that it was not needed. Disappointed Harry had slipped back into bed before drifting off once more.

The next day had been the day of Vernon's meeting, as such Petunia had made sure to have all of them up early as she prepared Vernon's suit, before heading down for an early breakfast. After this they had split up, Vernon off to his meeting at Wayne Enterprises while Petunia took them to the park. They had spent the majority of the morning there Petunia had conversed with a variety of house wives while Dudley had taken over control of the jungle gym. Harry had moved away from the two quickly wanting to explore the woods, spending his time jumping from the tree roots as well as hoping from rock to rock. He had once more adopted the identity of Batman laughing as he threw kicks and punches at his invisible foes.

He had lunged while ducking and diving picking up acorns and throwing them at one of the larger oaks he came across. He had laughed his eyes glimmering with glee as he played on. He had only stopped once he had heard his aunt calling for him, meaning that he had to abandon his game much to his disappointment.

Once he reached the edge of the woods he found his aunt waiting for him, looking annoyed at how long it took him to find his way back. Harry quickly approached while giving a quiet apology before silently following her and Dudley who was looking slightly smug out of the park. They had gone for a quick lunch at one of the local cafes, Dudley whining the entire time due to wanting to go to some ice cream parlour he had seen the day before. After this they returned to the hotel to meet up with Vernon whose meeting would have ended a few hours ago.

Upon reaching the hotel they had quickly made their way up to their rooms Dudley occasionally trying to trip up Harry when Petunia wasn't watching and snickering occasionally when he shoved him. Harry was grateful when they finally made it to the room, hoping that the Dursley would have yet another busy night planned so that he could continue his game, however when they finally reached the room they found it in disarray. Suitcases had been tossed spilling a few of their contents across the floor; perfectly plump pillows were spread out at odd intervals along with some of the bed covers and sheets. There appeared to be broken shards of glass within the carpet a rather thick one clearly from some kind of alcohol.

Harry found himself pulling back slightly with Dudley as Petunia stood in stunned amazement, unable to comprehend what had happened. A low cough drew there gazes to the corner where Vernon sat on a hard backed chair a bottle of Gin held loosely with his fingers as it lay upon his knee. His large eyes were unfocused and appeared to following something invisible to all but him.

Petunia who had stood in stunned amazement since entering to a small step towards him her eyes wide and cautious "Vernon…" her voice was low nothing like the usual screech she spoke with, clearly she was trying to not aggravate him.

For a moment Vernon appeared not to hear then suddenly his head swung round, his gaze lingering on Petunia for but a moment as if confused. However he soon moved it, this time he found Harry. His eyes narrowed as a snarl pulled at the pudgy skin, his body shaking slightly as he growled low within his throat.


Harry felt a wave of fear and tried to pull back further as Vernon stood on shaking legs, the bottle falling from his hand to hit the floor with a dull clink, rolling slightly as it spilled it contents staining the light carpet. He moved ungracefully but quickly, grabbing Harry by the front of his large shirt as he dragged him fully into the room. "You did this! Didn't you! You little freak!" he was practically roaring his face moving so it was only inches from Harrys own, spittle flying from his flapping jaws.

Harry was now shaking absolutely terrified, he didn't understand what he had done to get this sort of reaction from his uncle. Was it because he didn't come fast enough when Petunia called him? Had Vernon found his bear and wanted to know where it came from? Had he eaten too much at breakfast?

Apparently Petunia was as confused as him as she once more took a attentive step toward Vernon, shaking slightly in fear "B…But Vernon, what has he done?" her voice shook slightly but she managed to control herself and finish her query.

Vernon looked at her in disbelief as though not understanding her question "what has he done? What has he DONE? He's ruined our lives!" Vernon had once more turned back to Harry, this time pulling back his arm to slap him across his cheek. Harry cried out at the sharp stinging pain that followed tears brimming in the corner of his eyes, his body reeling back slightly with the blow.

Vernon looked ready to rain down more blows as he pulled Harry closer once more only to find Dudley watching him from across the room, his back to the wall as he watched his father with fear in his eyes. Vernon suddenly seemed to realise something, his hands letting go of Harry as he turned around and walked into what had been designated the boy's room before returning moments later with Harrys old ruck sack clutched in his hands.

Harry who hadn't moved the entire just watched in wary confusion as Vernon threw the bag to him his face now impassive, even as Harry looked at him for an explanation

"Get out." It was said in a voice that held no emotion; instead it held a disturbing soft tint. One that caused all in the room to shiver slightly, the fear hanging between them all as the tension built.

"W…what?" Harry couldn't understand why did he have to leave? What had he done? "Why…?"

Vernon just walked back over to his seat picking up the Gin bottle as he did before settling back into his previous position, his eyes once more unfocused. "You caused me to mess up the deal…now my boss wants me on the first plane back to London…so that he can sack me in person." He had used the same low tone, answering without looking at the boy.

Petunia just looked stunned once more, her face unable to move away from it horse like nature. Harry found himself shaking while clutching his back pack tightly to his chest; his eyes were wide with disbelief. He had messed up the business deal? But he hadn't done anything, and if he had he certainly hadn't meant to.

"But I-"

He found himself cut off, surprisingly this time by his aunt who appeared to have regained control of the motor functions of her mouth which had been opening and closing in a similar way to a gold fish. "You ungrateful…" she appeared to have now gone fully over to Vernon's side her face a darkish pink as she sneered at him "after everything we did for you! This is how you repay us? I should have known that you would be no better than that freak of a mother of yours!"

Harry felt himself shiver at the sheer hatred that was coming out of her mouth, her teeth bared at him as she watched him though narrowed eyes. "Get out. Get OUT! AND NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!"

Harry didn't need to be told again, he found himself running from the room and down the now crowded hall way – nosy guests come to listen at the open door – pushing his way through as he made a bee line for the exit and finding it quickly enough. He didn't stop there however instead he continued running, fear compelling him to keep moving and never look back, even as the streets grew narrower and less crowded the sky slowly bleeding black.

Authors note:

Well that's chapter one, I hope you like it so far. I've got Chapter 2 pretty much written I just have to go through and edit a few things but it should be up soon enough, anyway thank you for reading please review and tell me what you think. Oh and sorry for the kind of generic opening, I know it's been used before but it was the best way to get Harry to Gotham.