Hey guys,

So this story has been on hold for, what? Months now.

I'll tell you why.


I have no idea where to go with this, I have forced out five pages of dry, sad work that I don't want to hand out. I'm not at my best with this right now, So at the moment, I'm on haitus until someone can give me a good idea of where to go with this story, because I'm lost. I'm about to start posting the sequel to 'Untouchable' and my twilight story needs some real work, so someone send me some idea's seriously! I'm dying! But until then, the story is one hold. It may be days, weeks, months, until something pushes me, or inspires me, I'm completely lost. Not to mention school's started back up, I'm working more hours, and my boyfriends working more and more so I'm at home with the baby, all. The. Time, I recently got my C.N.A, so I just started working at the hospital and it's been … a wild ride so far. So get back to me with some idea's and I'll get back to you! Thanks a lot, the Knight.