Hey gyus! I've been working on this story for a while now, and I have finally deemed it publishable! Lemme get Amy for the disclaimer...

Me: AMY!

Amy: What?

Me: Disclaimer, please!

Amy: Amianfan102 does not own the 39 Clues, me, Dan, Nellie, Fiske.

Me: You didn't have to go into that much detail.

Amy: Whatever...

Me: Someone's got an attitude!

Amy: What? No I-


"4 weeks." My 13 year old brother Dan complained.

I rolled my eyes in a way that was most definitely 'lovingly.'

"It's okay, Dan. 4 weeks will go by a lot faster than you'd think. You will be having fun with Nellie while Fiske is off at the Madrigal headquarters in Milan, and I'll be having fun in England on the exchange program."

"Okay. I mean, I guess I could use some Amy-free time." Dan joked uncertainly.

I gave him a hug that he surprisingly returned, and then turned towards my au pair, Nellie Gomez.

She gave me big hug and said, "Have fun, kiddo. But remember, if anyone tries to hurt you, the Madrigals are only a phone call away."

"Thanks, Nellie. Have fun with Dan and Saladin!"

Then, the staticy voice of the overhead announced, "Flight 117 will be departing in ten minutes. All passengers please report to terminal B." My heart pounded with excitement as I grabbed my bags, waved good-bye to Nellie and Dan, and raced off to the plane.


I sat down in the first class seat, trying to make it less obvious that I was buzzing with excitement. The student exchange program had finally excepted me for the program. So I, Amy Cahill, 16 year old, quiet, green eyed, auburn haired, bookworm, was going on a fabulous adventure to another country and new boarding school. I had always wanted to go to England, and I knew this was the chance of a lifetime. With a quick glance at my carry-on bag, I whipped out the final piece of work that had sealed the deal for my 1 month scholarship. It was a poem that I had thrown together one night, with a naive hope of going to this school.

I personally hated the poem, and like I said, had thrown it together in 4 minutes before the teacher came around to collect entries for the exchange program. As the plane was taking off, I thought about the oh-so-incredibly long fill-out sheet that I had had to do as a requirement. It had taken, and I kid you not, a whole period of 7 consecutive hours. Of course, it had taken about 4 of those hours to find some decent pictures and work that I was relatively proud of. But, still.

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