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Chapter 1: Clarity

Severus watched as the only person he had ever loved ran and knelt by his side. A shaking hand grabbed his, he lifted his eyes and looked into the tear streaked face. He could see the lips moving but it seemed like Nagini's venom had already destroyed his hearing, and it was only a matter of time before his eye sight followed. He saw silent sobs shake the small body before him he felt them throughout him. In a last desperate move, his hand was placed palm down on his young love's stomach. Severus tried to think and understand what he was trying to communicate but could not, his mind was getting to foggy, his train of thought having crashed long ago.

They say that the moment before we die is our only moment of true clarity, and in that moment Severus not only saw his past, but also what he was leaving behind. He saw his Love standing, looking back at him, each hand holding the one of two identical little girls with familiar onyx-black eyes and unruly black hair. In that moment of true clarity Severus Tibias Snape wanted nothing more than to live, even as darkness took over.