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Chap 10: Better than a New Year's Kiss

Severus closed the book, after pressing a kiss to each of his daughters forehead, he turned around to exit the room only to find Harry standing in the doorway, a small, shy, smile on his face. Trying to ignore the warmth spreading on his cheek, Severus walked out of the room. Harry, closing the door behind them, followed him into the sitting room.

The silence between them was not strained, it was electric, like two animals waiting for the other to make the first move, to give a sign. In the past week Severus had been integrated into the small family with an easiness that surprised him, he had expected himself to put up a fight, he thought that maybe Harry had expected it also, but it never came. Just when he was starting to wonder what the hell he was doing the girls would come running out of nowhere screaming 'Papa-Papa' or Harry would give him those looks when he thought that he wasn't looking. It filled his heart with warmth and sometimes made him feel like he had ran a marathon without having to move an inch, all because Harry gave him those looks. He was starting to think that the dreams had helped with that. The dreams that weren't really dreams but his lost memories.

The only time had actually had wanted to actually run had been when the whole Weasley family had come over. There really was a thing as too many red heads. He was happy to see how welcomed into the family Draco was, he was also scared for life when had walked into his room only to find out how 'Very welcomed' Draco was, specially by the Weasley Twins. He was glad Harry had more than one guess room, no way was he using That bed again.

He was brought out of his thoughts when a glass of wine was held in front of him. He looked up at Harry's amused eyes. "What are you thinking about?"

Severus accepted the wine and took a sip before replying. "I'm just really glad that you have more than one guess room... You sure you don't want to go over to the Weasley's tonight?" Harry smile at him. "Yeah I always spend New Year's at home." He stopped and giggled "I'm sorry to kill your hopes but the only rooms of this house those three haven't defiled are the Twin's room and their play room, and that is only because they know that if they do I will put them under a chastity spell." Severus didn't comment on his treat.

"Do they always do that?"

Harry snorted "Yeah. Almost every time the family comes over, it's... their personal vendetta..."

Severus raised an eyebrow at him. "Why?"

Harry blushed and looked down at his wine. Watching the light's reflection shift as if it could give him the courage to answer.

"After... After everything was over... I didn't know where to go, the castle was in need of repairs, the Burrow was in the middle of being reconstructed, your house at Spinner's End held to many memories of you. I could not find it in me be there, alone. The same could be said about 12 G. P.

In the end Draco, who couldn't stand the idea of going back to Malfoy Manor, moved to another of the Malfoy homes. He ask me to move in with him. I accepted. Poor Draco, I think I scared him into never having children, the pregnancy was bad, my emotions were too... unstable. Instead of having only two-three months of morning sickness I had six. Combine that with the cravings and the mood swings... You have no idea how many nights I would make my way to Draco's room, crying and shaking from one nightmare... or from a reality. The Diary helped. I was able to bent most of my emotions. I stayed with him until the girls were about six months old. That summer I bought this house and moved here. About a year ago Draco made the joke of saying that sense I had yet to... Seriously be... Romantically... involved with anybody, the house still needed the, in his own word, 'Newly Married Baptism.'" Silence fell over them, the blush on Harry's cheeks had spread to the tip of his ears.

Severus was deep in thought. Harry was a beautiful young man. His personality was charming, he was accepting, brave and a wonderfully father. It had been four years.

"Why?" Anybody else would have. The question was pass his lips before he even realized it. It did not matter, he would have asked him anyway.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, while biting his lip, both a nervous gesture. He knew what Severus was asking, but he decided to pretend that he didn't.

"I don't know, I think that is something you should ask them. Knowing the T-"

"No! Why didn't you ever find somebody else?"

Harry blushed again, whether it was for embarrassment or shame or maybe both, he himself did not know.

"Because... 'Cause it was unfair to them. The guys would set up a date for me. It would be fine at first but then I would find myself comparing them to you. The way they sat, their facial expressions, their reactions to things, how they took their tea… The longest I lasted with someone was five dates… he was a nice guy… but once, when I kissed him… Instead of saying his name… I said yours…"

The silence between them was not awkward or confiding, yet they could both feel that something had changed. They were so acutely aware of each other that every breath felt like their own. Their gazes meet, crossing the distance between them. Severus' eyes were full of yearning and need; a need that Harry had not seen in such a long time that he whimpered shamelessly.

That was all it took, the small sound was the proverbial straw. Severus' wineglass hitting the floor was the only sound that Harry registered before warm lips covered his own. The angle was slightly awkward as Severus was standing up and had to bend down to Harry's level, his arms supporting his weight on the chair's own wooden ones.

Harry's wineglass slipped through his finger, a dark red stain spreading throughout the lush carpet. Agile hands wrapped around the taller man's neck, pulling him closer as Harry slowly rose up and unfolded his legs from underneath himself. Now, at a better height, he pressed their bodies closer, their lips still locked together.

Long, fair colored fingers grabbed hold of his hips and pulled them even closer, almost shyly expecting him to pull away at any second, as an also shy tongue moved across his bottom lip asking for entrance that Harry granted it immediately. The hands around his hips grew more confident as they moved sensually down to his arse. Harry couldn't help the moan that was lost into Severus' mouth. The fingers squeezed him as that tongue dueled with his, exploring every part of his mouth. They did not break apart until the need for air had left them gasping and lightheaded.

Severus looked down at Harry. His eyes were dazed, his glasses slightly skewed and fogged, a heavy pink dusted his cheeks and his lips were swollen and shiny from their kiss. As their eyes meet, a mewl escaped Harry's pouting lips.

Severus bent down as if he were about to kiss him again, but instead he nudge his nose against the younger man's cheek in a sweet caress before going further in to take the sensitive ear lobe into his mouth. The noise that Harry made was, again, strangely feline, almost as if he were a large cat, submitting to his touch. He moved his hands down the slim thighs, with a little encouragement Harry's legs wrapped around him, eliciting a moan from both their lips as their groins met. The pleasurable sparks seemed to have awoken Harry from his haze for no longer had the sparks just died down when he started to rock against him, creating wave after wave of pleasure for them both.

It took all of Severus' will to not respond with his own rocking, but with a smack in the arse that caused a gasp to escape from those kiss swollen lips and a bite to the sensitive ear earned him immediate summation.

"Be good, or we won't make it to the bedroom." Severus continued making his way to said destination. The stairs were taken carefully, falling only once when Harry started to suck at his edams apple. There were a couple of bumps and stops when they found a particular space of wall.

The entrance into the bedroom shifted the mood again. They were no longer trying to eat each other, to take all that was given and then some. No, now it was like a slow moving current of lava flowing through, around and over them. A heat building higher and higher that could only be cool by the removal of their clothes until there were no more clothes to be removed. And when the heat kept growing it could only be cool by a touch, a caress, a taste. But the heat grew and like thirsty, dyeing men, they drank each other in.

Severus landed on the bed that he had sat in a week before, and looking back now, it felt so much longer than that. A life time ago, and now, as Harry straddle him, covering him with his smaller body just to give him one of those sweet, bone melting kisses, his cock sliding between those round arse cheeks, seeking a warmth that it had not felt for four long years. A sob ripped itself from his lips and into Harry's mouth as silent tears ran down his cheeks. Four long year, why had he died, why couldn't he have been there when his daughters were born, when they took their first step, their first word, had he not deserved such joys?

He pulled the body on top of him closer and held him. His satin skin warm to him as his was warm to Harry's. Satin, why had he not seen it before: The wand box. Made of holly, like Harry's wand, the green satin, the color of Harry's eyes and Slithering, the feeling of skin against skin. And him, his wand, his Birch tree wand in the heart of it all. Him. 'Always in me' 'Always in him' 'Always in his heart'

Without a warning he flipped them over, barely giving the man under him time to comprehend what had just happen before crushing their lips together. The need that had never really left took hold of them. And as Severus satisfied the urge to taste the man presented to him, Harry moaned his approval, trembling under the on slot of sensations.

Severus' hand fingers teased him, moving down slowly, followed by his lips and when they finally reached his manhood they did nothing more that caress it before moving down, lower. Severus circled his finger around it, feeling it twitch in anticipation. He looked up at Harry questionably, not wanting to penetrate him dry.

They did not speak. Their eyes meet and that was all that was needed. They knew what the other wanted to say, what the other wanted, needed. Without a word a clear bottle of lube floated up to Severus, barely looking at it, he quickly opened it and coated his fingers generously.

The breach of the first finger made tears come to Harry's eyes. It had been so long, so fucking long sense he had last felt it. The burn, the strange feeling of having something inside of him, and to have that someone be Severus, his Severus. It felt wonderful. When the second and then the third fingers were added Harry was more than ready. He did not wish for it to painless. No, tonight he wished to feel it in the morning and all of the days to come. To know that it was real, that his Severus was back, that his family was finally complete.

The entrance of Severus' manhood into the tight orifice extracted a gasp from both of them. The acceptance of the rest of Severus was a slow and steady type of process. When it was finally done, Severus sitting with Harry on his lap fully sheathed into that velvety warmth, they were both panting. Their lips meet as a slow, steady rhythm was established. Their pleasure built up slowly, again like the slow-moving lava, only this time they did not try to cool themselves off, no, now they allowed themselves to drowned in it. Every thrust, every kiss, every moan, groan and whimper brought them so much closer. And as the clock struck twelve and the world celebrated the coming of a new year, they celebrated their love, and as the first fireworks decorated the sky the evidence of their love decorated their bodies...

The End