Author's Note: I've read many a fan-fic in other genres with tentacles, I know it sounds freaky, but there are some really hot fics out there with monstors and tentacles, I've read 2 in Naruto and one Superman/Batman, and they were so hot! Since I loved them so much and I love Harry Potter fan-fic, I decided to combine them, so we'll see how it goes!

The Golden Trio had gotten detention with the Slytherin Prince again, and like in first year, they found themselves in the forbidden forest. This time Hagrid had them looking for some type of fairy that had been spotted at the edge of the forest that morning by a first year. Once again, like first year, Hagrid put them in teams, Ron and Hermione went one direction while Harry and Draco went another.

Harry and Draco had been walking in silence for quite some time, after they had gotten the initial insults out of the way they had both reluctantly agreed for a short truce, if only in the hopes of not killing each other. Draco was walking in front of Harry, the Lantern held high in his hand, giving Harry just enough light to see by, when suddenly Draco let out a startled shout, as he was suddenly lifted up off the ground by a tentacle about his ankle.

Harry shrieked in shock as he found himself also being upended, practically turned upside down with several tentacles wrapped about his ankle. He had his hand on his wand and was about to blast the tentacles when Draco shrieked, "Potter! Don't Hex it!"

Harry paused for a second and snapped, "Why?"

Draco was struggling to get the tentacles off his ankle, but he wasn't reaching for his wand, which was the only reason why Harry hadn't hexed the shit out of the tentacles that were slowly creeping up –or was it down, his leg. Draco groaned and said, "Fuck Potter, if you hex it we're both as good as dead."

Harry frowned and asked, "What is this thing and how do we get it off?"

Draco groan as his efforts to dislodge the tentacles with his fingers only succeeded in getting his wrists pinned behind his back by several roots, "Damn it."

Harry snapped, "Malfoy, how do I get this thing off?"

Draco snarled, "It's a Shrub of Modus, the only way to get it off is to wait for it to let us go."

Harry felt a bit of panic and reached once more for his wand, but Draco quickly added, "Magic doesn't effect it like it's suppose to and will only piss it off, which means those tentacles will tightened and we'll be stuck here for a very long time considering the fact that this is very obviously a fully matured specimen."

Harry shuttered and said, "Okay, no magic, got it! What exactly is a Shrub of Modus?"

Harry glanced over at Draco, and had to bight his lip to keep from snorting. While the tentacles had wrapped themselves around both his legs from his calves to his ankles, they seemed to have wrapped around everywhere on the withering blond. There were at least six tentacles wrapped around each of Draco's limbs and two longer ones had wrapped around his middle, around his abdomen and chest. Draco was panting, obviously having exerted himself trying to escape, when the tentacles tightened marginally and Draco began to wheeze a bit Harry snapped, "Malfoy, stop struggling!"

Draco sent a glare at Harry but after a few wheezed breathes seemed to force himself to hold still. After a few minutes the tentacles loosened slightly and Draco gasped in a deep breath and closed his eyes. Harry gave him a minute to collect himself before asking again, "What is this thing?"

Draco was tense, obviously still wanting to struggle and fight but knowing it was useless, after a second he seemed to get enough control to say, "The Shrub of Modus, is a rare breed of plant ranging in size from the seedling with only three inch long roots numbering at three to four tops, to the fully matured and slightly unstable full plant which can have up to two thousand roots all of which are at least six feet long. They are mobile plants that move about from forest to forest, grabbing up animals and creatures in their area and sapping them of some magic before releasing them, the shrub normally is quite docile unless it's prey attempts to escape or attack it."

Harry paled, he didn't know what scared him more, Draco's words or the fact that the tentacles had gently wrapped around his thighs and were traveling up to his hips, and getting uncomfortably close to his personal bits. His voice was high and slightly shaky when he asked, "It's sapping us of our magic?"

Draco groaned and said, "Potter, you don't have anything to worry about. The Shrub of Modus rarely takes more than enough magic to cast a good Patronus charm, not nearly enough magic for you to even feel it, you should be more worried that this plant is fully matured."

Harry bit back a moan as one of the tentacles brushed against his crotch, making his cock stir beneath the cloth of his trousers. After a minute he asked, "what does that mean, if the plant is fully matured?"

Draco let out a muffled sound, that had Harry popping his eyes open and he gasped when he got a good look at the blond. The tentacles were still wrapped around his chest, wrists and ankles, holding his arms and legs in place, but one of the tentacles that had previously been wrapped about his waist had somehow managed to slip Draco's robe off and pull down his trousers. Harry felt himself gasp in shock at the sight of the nearly nude and bound Draco Malfoy, feeling a rush of heat travel down to his own groin area, he said, "Oh."

When one tentacle began to push down Draco's boxers, the boy suddenly began to struggle once more. The tentacles tightened in a way that made Harry wince. Draco stopped his struggles and started to shout, only to have several tentacles shoved into his open mouth, gagging him. Harry groaned, "Fuck!" and felt himself harden, because this might have been the most erotic thing he had ever seen, especially as the tentacles stripped Draco of every last thread of cloth and wrapped a tentacle around the Malfoy heir's semi-erect cock.

Draco was making little whimpering sounds around the tentacles pumping in and out of his mouth in a very lewd fashion, and Harry was relieved when the tentacles wrapped about him began to remove his clothing, because his boxers had grown painfully tight. Harry didn't try to struggle, so the tentacles where gentle as they maneuvered him about. Once his clothes had been removed Harry found his hands pinned above his head as the tentacles gently ran over his body. He had a perfect view of Draco who was now naked and withering as the tentacles pumped his cock and his mouth at the same time, and even hotter was the thinner, smaller tentacle that was very obviously probing Draco's puckered hole.

Harry shuttered, his cock weeping a drop of pre-cum as he watched the erotic sight while the tentacles found every erogenous zone he had, two tentacles where tweaking his harden nipples, one was stroking his upper thighs while one tentacle stroked his cock and a fifth one gently probed his entrance. Harry groaned when he heard Draco let out a little muffled scream, his whole body shuttering as the tentacles forced his orgasm. Harry felt himself panting in excitement as the tentacles in Draco's ass and mouth slipped free with wet sounds. Draco sagged with relief only to let out a shout when one of the larger tentacles, one of the extremely thick ones began to push at his hole.

Harry moaned as the tentacles spread Draco's legs and put him at an angle that gave Harry the best view of the thick tentacle that was beginning to penetrate the once again withering blond. Harry moaned, "Fuck that's hot."

Draco started and his eyes popped open, his body stilled in shock as he obviously had forgotten Harry was there. For a moment Harry thought Draco was going to get angry at him for watching him, but then Draco seemed to swallow, and then, to Harry's shock, Draco Malfoy blushed and hid his face behind one of the tentacles. Harry moaned as he watched the thicker tentacle slowly push into Draco's tightly puckered hole, he didn't even care that he was getting a similar treatment, didn't care that one of the tentacles had penetrated his ass as well. Harry couldn't pull his gaze away from the withering blond, and Harry noted somewhere in the back of his head that yes Draco was a natural blond.

Author's Note: so this is a little bit of a weird story and I think I might end it here if no one likes it, if you like it let me know and I'll continue it, because I personally think it's kind of hot but… it is weird so…