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"How has life been, Nick?" Kelly Ripa asked him, crossing her thin legs.

"Not bad, I've just been relaxing and spending time with the people that I care about." Nick barely glanced back where Miley stood backstage, but she blushed anyways.

"What are your plans for your next album?" Michael Strahan, Kelly's new co-host, asked him.

Nick shifted in his seat. "I was in a little bit of a rut for a while, couldn't come up with new music. But after a much needed break, I started to think of more songs. I've been recording, so hopefully I'll be able to release an album soon."

"I've heard quite a few rumors about you and a girl. Are any of the rumors true?" Kelly smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"Well, most are not rumors. I do have a girlfriend." The crowd aw'ed and Miley laughed softly at the reaction.

"Look, they're disappointed." Michael told him, chuckling. "What is it like having all these girls worship you, and trying to balance having a girlfriend? Does she get jealous?"

"I don't think she does, she really has no reason to. Sometimes it's hard because fans obviously like me single. I love my fans, but I can't be single forever." Nick answered.

After a few more minutes of them talking about random things, the interview was finally over. The cameramen called cut and Nick stood up. Kelly reached her hand out and shook Nick's hand. "Thanks for coming on, Nick. I always enjoy talking to you and your family."

"You too, Kelly." Nick leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek and Kelly smiled.

"You're still a little stud, huh?" Kelly shook her head playfully and walked away.

Nick noticed Miley standing on the other side of the stage and began towards her. "Sorry if this is too boring for you. Interview days usually suck. But luckily, the rest of them for today are phone interviews. That means we can get in sweats and hang out at my place for the rest of the day." He put a hand around her waist and pulled her close to him. "And there might be long breaks… We could even hang out in bed…" He leaned in and planted a kiss to her neck.

"Nick, stop…" Miley giggled and lightly pushed him away. "You shouldn't say things like that in public."

"Then let's get in private. We don't have to stay any longer, so let's go back to my place."

"Fine with me." Miley smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek. She picked up her purse off the couch she had been sitting on before and held his hand, walking with him down the hallway to the studio's exit. Nick's car was waiting in the parking lot for them, so they both got in and started driving back to Nick's apartment.

"So, when am I gonna get to hear your new songs?" Miley asked, turning on the radio and putting her hand on Nick's knee. She asked him about it a lot but she couldn't help but wonder what he actually wrote about her.

"Soon, I promise. I'm still a little nervous about you hearing them." Nick admitted. Miley could see his cheeks flush a little bit, but he didn't look at her.

"Why are you nervous? I love your music." Miley squeezed his knee and smiled.

"Because the new stuff is all about you. I don't want you to not like a song when it's about you."

"Please, it could be the worst song in the world and I'll still love it because you wrote it about me. No one's ever done that for me before." She reassured him, kissing him on the cheek.

"After we get back from the Hamptons, I promise I'll bring you in to listen."

"You better." Nick chuckled and pulled into his apartment's garage. He parked in his normal spot and they got out, intertwining their hands as soon as they were next to each other again. Miley loved seeing the little bit of insecurity with Nick. He was always so confident, and the fact that she made him nervous was so strange. She didn't know exactly why she had that effect on him, but it made her like him even more.

"When is your first radio interview?" Miley wondered, getting into the elevator.

"5:00. We have like a half hour or so…" Nick raised his eyebrows and Miley laughed, slapping his chest.

"You are obsessed."

"Yes, I am." Nick grabbed her ass, and Miley gasped, shocked. He laughed and shook his head. "You're always so surprised when I do that."

"I don't know why. You do it so often." Miley leaned into him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Is there a problem with that?" Nick smirked.

"Not at all."

The doors to Nick's apartment opened and they were both greeted by Elvis. Nick's smile widened and he knelt down, petting his dog on the head. "Hey there, boy. Do you want to go outside?"

Elvis barked and Nick chuckled, looking at Miley while he attached Elvis' collar. "Want to come with or just stay up here?"

"I'll stay up here and change." Nick nodded and got back in the elevator with Elvis. Miley looked around and then went into Nick's bedroom. Her drawer was at the top of his dresser, the one that he had cleared out for her a couple days before. She looked at the drawer for a little bit before deciding to wear Nick's sweatpants instead of her own. She went into the bottom drawer and pulled out a pair, putting it on under her dress. She took off the dress and put on a tank top, falling back on Nick's bed.

She almost fell asleep, but Elvis ran in and licked her foot, which made her laugh and open her eyes. Nick was staring at her, smiling. "Tired, Mi?"

"A little." Miley smiled and sat up, leaning against the headboard.

Nick took off his tie and hung it over the door then started unbuttoning his dress shirt. "Are you wearing my sweatpants?"

"Yes, is that a problem?"

"Maybe." Nick joked. "You have your own. And I like you in yoga pants."

Miley fake frowned. "So you don't like me in your clothes?" She stood up and helped him unbutton his shirt.

"You look beautiful all the time, so I guess it doesn't matter what clothes you wear."

Miley blushed and planted a kiss on his lips. "Suck up." She unbuttoned the last button of his shirt and pulled it off, hanging it on one of the hooks on his wall. Nick untucked his undershirt and then pulled out a pair of basketball shorts from his dresser to pull on after he took his pants off.

"So, I was thinking…" Nick started and Miley sat back on the bed, letting him talk. "I have nothing going on the next few days, and if you have nothing going on, so we should drive up to the Hamptons early. Then we can have the house all to ourselves for a little bit before everyone joins us."

"Sounds perfect. I definitely don't have anything going on. When do you want to leave?"


Miley smiled and nodded. "I'll have to go home and pack a bag."

"Yeah, I know. I already packed mine because I thought you'd say yes." Nick told her, putting his shorts over his boxers and laying down in bed, pulling Miley down next to him. She shifted herself a bit to get comfortable then cuddled into him. Nick pulled her as close as she could be to him, then kissed the top of her head.

"No falling asleep, you'll miss your interview." Miley said to him, though his chest muffled it slightly.

"Then you need to keep me awake." Miley looked up at him and shook her head, kissing him once. He kissed back, rolling on top of her slightly.

About 10 minutes later, his phone rang. Nick pulled away from her and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hi Nick, its Jon, the interview should start in minute or so."

"Sounds good." He heard Jon start talking on the radio, giving Nick a fairly long introduction, so he looked at Miley. "Now Miles, no distracting me."

"What, me? Nooo…." She smirked and kissed him, putting her hand on his thigh.

"None of that. Save it for later." Nick chuckled and sat up straighter, hearing Jon address him.

Nick put it on speakerphone so Miley could hear it. "Nick, thanks for coming on today." Jon said over the phone.

"Thanks for having me, Jon." Nick said, politely, smiling at Miley.

"So, lemme start with what you've been up to lately. I heard that you had to take a yoga class. What was up with that man, new Hollywood fad we should all get with?" Miley covered her mouth and muffled her laughing.

"Well, things were getting a little crazy and I was having trouble writing and my record company suggested I take it." Nick told him.

"Has it helped with your song writing?"

Nick smiled at Miley. "You could say that."

Nick had to answer a lot of the same questions he did during his television appearance, but Miley would never be sick of hearing Nick getting interviewed. Something about him talking so professionally was endearing.

When Nick hung up the phone, he looked at her. "The way you were staring at me while I was talking was like you wanted to jump my bones in the middle of my interview. Is that how you watched me during Kelly and Michael?"

"Yeah, probably. I think it's so sexy."

"Interviewing? Weirdo." Nick laughed and pulled her into his arms. "You can jump my bones now, if you want."

Miley laughed and shook her head. "Or we can take a nap."

"Well, we could have sex then take a nap. See, a compromise." Nick smirked at her.

"There are innocent eyes on us." Nick looked confused, so Miley pointed at Elvis who was staring at them from his bed on Nick's floor.

"I can make him leave."

Miley smiled and kissed him lightly. "Nick, we're about to be in the Hamptons for a week. We'll have plenty of time to do whatever you want."

Nick nods. "I'm fine with that. Just wait until you see the master bedroom at the house in the Hamptons. It's amazing."

"I can't wait to see it. I haven't been on vacation in forever." Miley pushed her head back so she could look at him. "Thanks for taking me and inviting all my friends to come too."

"It's no problem. I want to get to know your friends better anyways. And now that we're going early, we'll have some alone time too." Miley smiled and kissed him. "When do you want to go pack your stuff up?

"Let's go now. The sooner we get to there, the better." Miley said, getting up. Nick nodded and rolled out of bed, walking into his closet and pulling his suitcase out.

"Let's start our vacation."

"I seriously have to pee. Are we almost there?" Miley whined, crossing her legs.

"Yeah, a few more minutes."

Miley looked out the window to distract herself, watching as the houses grew bigger and bigger. She couldn't even imagine how much any of them actually cost. "How big is your house? All of these houses are mansions."

"You're about to see." Nick took a right down a dimly lit road and then turned into a driveway. Miley was shocked. The house was huge, but it had the rustic look of an old townhouse. Modest compared to some of the houses she had seen.

"It's gorgeous, Nick." He stopped the car and Miley got out, followed by Elvis who probably had to pee too, just staring at the most beautiful house she had ever seen.

Nick popped the trunk and got both of their suitcases out, rolling them over to Miley's side. "I thought you had to pee."

"I do!" Miley grabbed the handle to her suitcase and began rolling it towards the house. Nick followed her, unlocking the doors and pushed them open. The inside was even more beautiful then the outside, but Miley's number one priority at that moment was to find a bathroom.

"Go down the hall and it's the first door on your right." Miley nodded at Nick and walked to exactly where he said.

When she walked out of the bathroom, Nick was no longer there. She explored a bit, admiring the house while also trying to find her boyfriend. Then she found the kitchen. Demi was going to fall in love. It was the biggest kitchen she had ever been in. She almost didn't notice Nick standing at the island, pouring two glasses of red wine.

"How long have you owned this place?" Miley wondered, walking up to him and taking the glass of wine he offered her.

"Since I was 18. It was my first big buy; when I was a kid I had always dreamed of having a vacation house."

"Wow… When I turned 18, I bought a computer…" Nick chuckled at her comment and nodded. "Well, you have good taste. This is the kind of house that would be a great venue for a wedding. Not trying to freak you out or anything."

Nick shook his head. "No, it's okay. I thought so too when I bought it." He put his arm around her and she melted into him.

"Why haven't you just moved here? It's not too far away from the city and you could totally build a recording studio here." Miley wondered, taking a sip of the wine.

"It wouldn't be much of an escape if I lived here." Nick looked around. "It's so relaxing here; I wouldn't want to bring work into the mix."

Miley nodded and stood up to kiss him properly. Nick put his glass on the counter and grabbed her waist, pushing her into the side of the counter. Yeah, this place was going to be fun.

"Want to see the master bedroom?" Nick wondered, still holding onto her waist with one hand.

"Yeah." She looked around. "Where are our bags?"

"I set them by the stairs." He smiled at her and began bringing her towards where he was talking about. Miley reached to grab her bag, but Nick pulled her away and into his body. "We can get them tomorrow." She nodded and they walked up the stairs, Nick pulling her into his bedroom.

Miley shouldn't have expected anything different, but she was still shocked by how giant the room was. She walked towards the extremely white, fluffy bed and smiled. This week was going to be very, very fun.

Before she could even jump on the bed, Elvis ran up to her and jumped on it first. Nick pushed him off, laughing. "Elvis, no. This is mine and Miley's bed." Elvis barked at him and scurried off down the hall.

Nick came up behind her and put his arms around her waist, whispering in her ear. "You like it?"

"Of course I do." She turned around in his arms and kissed him, pulling him towards her and falling back on the bed. They made out for a while, but before they got any further, Miley's phone started to ring.

She reached over and looked at it. Rory? Why was Rory calling? "One sec, Nick. It's my little brother." She pressed the answer button. "Hey Ror. What's up?"

"Hey Miles. Just wanted to call to see how you are."

"I'm pretty good, I'm actually on vacation." Miley sat up and crossed her legs on the bed.

"On vacation? Where?"

"The Hamptons. With my boyfriend," she answered.

"Must be one rich ass boyfriend." His comment made her laugh, and Nick obviously heard it because he let out a little chuckle too. "When did you get a boyfriend?"

"A few weeks ago."

"This is why I need to come up to New York to see you. I haven't seen you in so long I have no idea what's going on in your life. Did you hear about Kinley?" Rory asked her.

"Yeah, she took me to lunch, and she was a bitch. But I'm happy for her." Miley said, truthfully.

"When is she not a bitch? She's going to be the worst bridezilla in the entire world." She laughed. Rory was always her favorite sibling. He was a lot more modest with his successes then Kinley was.

"So, you want to come visit? When were you thinking?"

"I don't know. Maybe the weekend after this one? Coach is giving us a weekend off. He's been working us like crazy. Plus, campus is boring as hell because no one is here but athletes." Rory said. Oh right, he moved to Mississippi early because of football.

"How's it going anyways? Still as good at football as you always were?"

"You know it." He chuckled. "So what do you think about the weekend after next? I can drive up on Thursday."

"Yeah, that's perfect. I'll talk to Demi and Joe about you sleeping on the couch. I'm sure they'll be fine with it." Nick poked her in the arm and Miley looked at him.

"He could stay with me. I have an extra bedroom." Nick offered.

"Are you sure? Wouldn't that be kinda weird?" Miley asked, and Rory answered.

"Wait, he's rich right? I'll stay with him. It's much better then sleeping on your cheap ass couch." Miley's eyes widened and Nick laughed, grabbing the phone from Miley and pressing the speaker button.

"Hey, you're welcome to stay at my apartment. I'm Nick by the way." Nick took the initiative and Miley smiled, putting her hand on his thigh.

"I'm Rory. If it's cool with you, I'd like staying in an actual bed than in my sister's shitty apartment. So, tell me. Where do you get the money to buy a house in the Hamptons? You aren't a criminal, are you?"

Miley gasped. "Rory! You don't ask someone that."

"I'm just curious. Making sure you're not in any danger." Aw, he was trying to take on the role of the protective brother.

"He's Nick Jonas."

It was silent for a while and then Rory burst out laughing. "No wonder Kinley has been such a bitch to you, Miles. I'm pretty sure she still has a poster up on her wall of you. Creepy. Whatever. I gotta go; the boys and I are going to a party. I'll call you in a couple days, Miles."

"Okay, Rory. Be careful!" Miley yelled at him before he hung up.

"Well, he's quite the character." Nick observed and Miley laughed, nodding.

"Thanks for offering up your apartment. I feel bad for him sometimes, having two sisters and all. He needs some guy time."

"It's no problem. I'm excited to get to know him." Nick pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. Miley yawned and they laid down, Nick holding Miley tightly. "Go to sleep, Mi. We can start our real fun tomorrow."

She smiled and gave him a light kiss. "Goodnight."

Miley woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes, and she was in the kitchen right away. Nick had two pancakes – chocolate chip ones – set on a plate on the island. "Good morning, beautiful. I hope you like pancakes."

"Oh, I definitely do." She sat down and leaned across the island to give him a kiss. "Thanks, Nick."

Nick smiled and turned to flip a few more pancakes and Miley dug right in. They were amazing, just like everything else related to Nick. She felt spoiled with him, something she had never really felt before. She didn't grow up poor, but Kinley and Rory were always favored. She never got special treatment. Nick gave her so much attention, it was almost overwhelming, but she didn't mind one bit.

After breakfast, they both got on their bathing suits and sat out by the pool on a giant lounge bed. Miley laid out flat and let the sun beat down on her.

Nick lay down next to her. "What do you want to do for the rest of the day?"

"Just relax before everyone gets here. I'm not quite sure how everyone is going to get along." Miley looked over at him into his sunglasses. Nick nodded.

"I'm sure it'll be fine. But I agree, let's just relax and be together before we have any interruptions."

Miley smiled and kissed him.

"Too late!" Miley's head shot up to where she saw Joe standing behind the lounge chair. "We were too excited, so we woke up earlier and came."

Miley laughed and shook her head, pulling herself off the lounge and going to hug her friends. Demi was standing behind Joe with Lucas and a guy she hadn't met before. Must be Joe's new boyfriend.

"Hi, I'm Miley." She reached her hand out, introducing herself.

"I'm Chace. I've been dying to meet Joe's other roommate. He talks about you guys all the time." The guy said, smiling warmly at her.

"Sorry about that. Our lives are not that entertaining." Demi butt in, putting a hand on Chace's shoulder. "Anyways… Nick, this house is amazing. Thanks for inviting us. And Miley… The kitchen. It's like something that would show up in my dreams." Miley laughed and nodded. She knew Demi would love it.

"It was no problem, I'm happy to have you guys." Nick said before introducing himself to Chace and Lucas. "Let me show you to your rooms."

After a guided tour of the house, Nick showed all the couples their rooms. Everyone was getting unpacked in their own rooms, including Nick and Miley. Joe walked into the master bedroom and smiled at Miley. "So… What do you think of Chace?"

"He's so cute and such a sweetheart. I'm really happy for you, Joe." Miley answered, giving Joe a hug. She hadn't seen Joe smile so much in a long time.

Joe looked around. "Damn, I thought our room was nice. Look at this room. Oh, and by the way, there's a dog on our bed. Is he supposed to be here?"

Nick chuckled. "Sorry about him. His name is Elvis and he doesn't like dog beds very much." He walked out of the room and across the hall to go get Elvis.

"I like Nick, by the way. You seem really happy together." Joe mentioned, looking back towards the door where Nick exited.

"I am happy. I've never felt like this before with a guy. There's just something special about him that I can't place." Miley said truthfully, smiling. "Who thought that we'd all be in happy relationships at the same time?"

"I don't know. Someone must really like us though, because usually whenever one of us is really happy in a relationship, the other two are miserable."

"Seriously, though." Miley shook her head, laughing. Nick came walking back in and looked at Joe.

"Elvis is off your bed. Don't worry, he only takes over a bed if no one is on it, so he won't jump up while you're sleeping." Nick told Joe.

Joe nodded. "Thanks, Nick." He winked at Miley and left. Miley rolled her eyes and looked at Nick.

"Your cheeks are all pink. Are you okay?" Miley's hands flew up to her cheeks and laughed.

"Yeah, I'm good. Joe got me talking about you and I always blush. Damn you." Nick chuckled and pulled her into a hug.

Within an hour, all of Nick's friends made it to the house too. Introductions took quite a bit of time, but after everyone knew who each other was, they could start having fun. She was still in her bikini, but she hadn't been swimming yet so she decided to do that. She went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water, and she found Joe and Selena talking in there.

"Who's your favorite character?" Selena asked Joe.

"Spencer. She's so sassy." Uh oh, she got him talking about Pretty Little Liars. He could talk about that show for hours. "Yours?"

"Caleb! He's so hot."

Joe nodded in agreement. "He so is. But Ezra is hotter."

"Oh my gosh, Ezra." They both laughed and Miley shook her head. And she thought their friends wouldn't get along.

"Joe, you're such a girl when it comes to that show." Miley added, pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge.

"Shut up, Miley. You just don't understand how amazing PLL is!" Selena gave Joe a high five and Miley stuck her tongue out at them, walking outside.

"Someone grab the marshmallows, I've got the chocolate and the graham crackers." Taylor yelled into the kitchen, before walking with Miley out to the fire pit. "So, how do you like Nick's house?"

"Are you kidding? It's the most amazing house I've ever been to."

"Yeah, it is. Nick was so excited to bring you here. It's probably his favorite place to spend time with people he cares about." Taylor told her, sitting down on one of the chairs around the fire.

Miley just smiled and walked over to where Nick was sitting, and sat down next to him. "Hey."

"Oh hey." Nick leaned over and kissed her. "So, Selena and Joe are going to be best friends after this. They've really hit it off."

"Yeah I know. It's weird, right?" Nick nodded and Miley stood up, scooting her chair as close to Nick's as possible and planting herself right back down. She swung her legs around and put them between Nick's, leaning against the side of the chair.

After everyone sat around the fire, Selena and Justin walked out with a bunch of shot glasses. "Let's take a vacation shot!" Selena yelled, filling the glasses up with Grey Goose before passing them around. Nick was about to object, but Miley put a hand on his arm.

"Let them have their fun. This vacation is about relaxing, right?" Miley grabbed 2 shots out of Selena's hand and handed one to Nick. She clinked them together. "Bottoms up."

Later in the night, a couple of people, namely Justin and Selena, had already gotten pretty drunk, Demi, Lucas, Taylor, and Alex had already head up to bed, and Miley and Nick were just laying on the same lounge they had been on that morning, looking at the stars. She was pretty sure Joe and Chace were making out in the pool, maybe more but she didn't really care.

"Wait, what do you mean we have to break up?" Selena yelled suddenly, standing up and stumbling back a little bit. It was pretty obvious how wasted she was.

Nick and Miley both sat up, staring at the couple that was fighting.

"Selena, it's just for publicity. The recording company wants me to pretend date another recording artist to promote both of our upcoming albums. I thought you'd be okay with it." Justin drawled, sounding like a jackass. Miley silently wondered if that would happen to Nick. She shook the thought out of her head.

"No I'm not okay with it, Justin. It would be embarrassing it would be if you 'broke up' with me," She used her fingers to emphasize the quotations, "and then started to date some slut right away."

"Sel, you know how it is. I have no choice."

"You're Justin Bieber! You make a zillion dollars a year. If you don't have a choice who fucking does? You know what, fuck you. If you're willing to do that, I don't mean as much to you as I thought I did." Selena shoved past him and walked quickly towards the tennis courts, zigzagging slightly from her state of intoxication.

Nick turned away from the scene and looked at Miley apologetically. "I need to go see if she's going to be okay. I'll meet you upstairs?"

"Okay." Miley nodded, and Nick got up, walking after her, but not before he gave Justin a death glare.

She watched from a distance as Nick caught up and put his arm around Selena. She put her face into his chest, obviously crying. They stayed like that for a while, before Miley decided she didn't need to keep watching and walked into the house and back to their room. She knew she had no reason to be jealous, Selena and Nick were never right for each other, even when they were dating. But she still was anyways. This week was supposed to be her and Nick's time together. Miley put her selfish thoughts away and lay down on the bed. She didn't remember exactly how long she was waiting, but she did remember Nick not being next to her when she fell asleep.

In the morning, Nick wasn't there once again. His side had definitely been slept in, but he had already left the room. Miley stretched and walked down the stairs to find Alex drinking a cup of coffee in the living room.

"Hey Alex, have you seen Nick?" She asked, walking over to the machine and pouring herself a cup.

"Yeah, Selena was still pretty upset this morning, so I think he took her to the edge of the property. It's where they used to always talk or something."

Miley sighed. Didn't Selena have girl friends that she could talk to about that kind of stuff?

She put a bagel in the toaster and took out the cream cheese. Alex looked over at her. "Is your phone is going off."

She had zoned out, and didn't hear it, so she quickly reached over and saw a number she didn't know with a New York area code. She answered it anyways. "Hello?"

"Is this Miley Cyrus?" A woman on the other line asked her.

"This is she. Who may I ask is calling?" Miley put the phone between her shoulder and her ear and started putting cream cheese on her bagel.

"My name is Lisa Kovitz. I am a recruitment officer at PCNY." Miley knew right away that PCNY was Publicity Club of New York and she dropped her knife. "We were called by Nick Jonas who highly recommended you for the PR department. I was wondering if I could schedule an interview with you."

Miley stayed silent for a while before speaking. "I'm sorry, could I call you back?"

"Of course." She recited her number and Miley wrote it down and thanked her, hanging up her phone. She couldn't believe Nick had been recommending her and using his fame to try to get her a job behind her back. Miley loathed getting help from anyone, especially when it came to work, and Nick knew that. Miley looked outside and saw Nick and Selena walking back to the house, so she quickly took one half of the bagel and her phone and left out of the side door. She didn't know where she wanted to go; she just knew that she didn't want to talk to Nick right then.

She decided to take a walk down the road. Chewing on her bagel, she walked slowly down the street. She kind of felt betrayed for the first time by Nick. Why didn't he just come talk to her? Miley knew the answer to that one. Anyone who wants to help her needed to go behind her back because she didn't want the help. But that was the thing. She didn't need it. She had been doing fine for the past four years on her own.

When she got to the end of the long street, she reached the beach and just stood there. Her phone had gone off twice, both with calls from Nick. She texted him that she was fine; she was just taking a walk. Miley sat on the sand of the beach and closed her eyes, feeling the breeze of the ocean on her skin. Nick texted her back asking where she was, he would come meet her. But she didn't text him back. She didn't want that. But, of course, Miley wasn't very good at hiding. Within ten minutes, Nick had found her.

He sat next to her and put his arm around her. "Hey, I was worried about you. Alex said you got a call and then just walked out. Are you okay?"

She was quiet for a bit, and then looked him right in the eyes. "Have you been calling publicity companies and trying to get me a job?"

He looked sheepish. "Well, yeah… I just thought-"

She interrupted him. "No, Nick. I don't need your help. I know you're famous, and you have lots of connections, but I'm not going to use the connections to get a job. I'll be fine. I'm able to get a job on my own."

"I know you are, Miley. But what if you do need help? You can't be afraid to ask." Nick told her. "I appreciate your independence, and I know you're stubborn but I like helping. I want to help."

Miley crossed her arms and looked back to the ocean.

Nick put his arm around her. "Having someone help you doesn't mean you failed, it just means you aren't in it alone."

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