Chapter 1

He watched her from the bushes; patience was key, waiting until just the right moment to pounce. Number 2 had proved that patience was everything, number 5 reinforced it, number 10 was the perfect addition to his collection. He just had to wait.

Lara walked into the station house, rubbing her neck as she did. She was trying to get rid of the prickles she felt in the back of her neck. For the last few weeks something had been off. She felt as if she was being watched. Not that she could prove anything, she'd done everything she could think of to prove it, from changing her routine to doubling back on herself. It was just her spidey sense telling her something wasn't right. She stood in the entrance of the station watching the street. A young boy passed on a skateboard otherwise not even a car drove past. She jumped a mile when a hand came from nowhere to rest on her shoulder.

"Lara?" Michelle questioned, wondering why the young woman had been staring into the street for a good 5 minutes, as if expecting someone.

"Michelle sorry" Lara apologised, finally dragging her eyes off the street. "I was just, erm, checking the weather" she lied. Michelle saw right through her, they both knew the lie was weak. Michelle moved her hand to rest on Lara's hip

"It looks sunny, Lara I don't know what is bothering you but it's not like you, if you need to talk to anyone I'm here, so is the team or we can get psyche." Michelle said, Lara sighed, she knew she should tell someone what was bothering her.

"Thank you Michelle, it's probably nothing, but recently…"

"Hey Lara get in the truck we have a job, an old lady flipped her car over a ravine" Dean yelled, Lara shot Michelle an apologetic look before grabbing her gear. She had a job to do.

The 2 trucks roared out of the station.

Deep in the bushes the man waited he knew his time had been cut short, she couldn't tell anyone it would ruin everything. He smiled, she really was the perfect challenge. Taking his time he walked the short distance to his car before pulling out his computer. Truck 1 and truck 2 were together on the move. He switched on his radio. He needed to know everything to pull this off.


He drove to the site pleased to see it had lots of cover. He just had to get her separated from the team without anyone seeing him. He took out his portable radio and put the headphones in; that way it wouldn't reveal his location. He'd watched enough of their rescues to know how they worked. Getting out his binoculars he settled down in some cover to watch and wait.