Chapter 15 the final chapter

6 weeks later Lara stood crutch free in front of Michelle, the doctor and psychologist were both happy but she could only get back onto the rescue team if Michelle let her. Michelle checked over her health reports reading carefully. She knew the rescue guys would tell her anything to get back out there it was about reading between the lines. Lara had worked hard and exceeded expectations from both professions. The fact she had successfully participated in a rescue a few weeks back only strengthening Michelle's decision.

"You have worked very hard how many hours at the gym have you done?" Michelle asked only worried Lara was pushing herself to hard. Lara looked slightly sheepish

"About 3 hours a day but only gentle strength training, lots of upper body Dean made sure I didn't push myself too hard" Lara said honestly. Together they had worked out what was safe for her to do and she had built it up.

"Good, you and Dean it's not going to cause any problems is it?" she asked having noticed the relationship change.

"I don't think so, we've cared about each other for so long we are just acting on it now" Lara told her.

"Ok you can go out on rescues again just try to take it easy" Michelle told her. Lara broke into a grin and hugged Michelle.

"Thank you thank you thank you" Lara said

"Okay just be careful, and Lara next time you have any suspicion of anything wrong you trust your instincts and you trust us ok" Michelle lectured, while she understood why Lara hadn't told anyone she wish Lara had then this whole situation might have been avoided.

"I promise" Lara said sincerely.

She exited the office to excited co-workers, it was a long time coming but she was back. It was never going to be the same but looking at Dean as he walked over, Lara wasn't sure that was totally a bad thing.