When Cody was well enough for travel, Thea and him had graciously offered Ahsoka and Rex a ride back to Saleucami. With a tearful goodbye: no not goodbye, but a see you later to the Skirata clan, the four of them settled in for a short ride to the trade planet.

"Where will you go?" Rex asked his brother. Cody lightly shrugged and ever so slightly turned his head to peer at the back of red-headed woman who he had fallen for.

"Where ever it is," he turned back around and with newly found confidence, looked at Rex. The empty shell of a man Rex had encountered only two weeks ago had all but vanished; replaced by the resilient, strong brother he respected for all those years. In Cody's chestnut eyes, Rex could still the battle wager inside, but knowing he was on the right course, knowing he had the strength to fight helped Rex see that his brother would be okay.

Cody continued, "Where ever it may be, where ever we go, we'll always be brothers." Cody held out his arm; Rex without hesitation grasped Cody by his bicep in a Mando-fashion shake. Being on Mandalore Rex had learned a few terms; one especially sticking with him.

"Ner Vod," said Rex.

"Ner Vod," Cody affirmed.

It was a happy home coming at the Lawquane household and with the news of Rex's proposal to Ahsoka and Ahsoka's acceptance and the bigger surprise of the anti-aging serum for Cut, life for everyone seemed just about as perfect as it could get. That is if there wasn't a new Empire building and Jedi and deserter hunters out there and other's struggling trying to survive under the new regime's malicious hold.

Ahsoka sighed as she watched the crystal blue waterfall pour over the small rock wall into the pool beneath it. The water was so clear that she could see everything in it, right to the bottom. As much as they wanted a honeymoon, both Ahsoka and Rex insisted on Cut taking the serum as soon as possible. Rex had warned of the side effects and promised Cut and Suu that they would be around at least until he was fully recovered.

As soon as Cut was better, Suu had ushered the couple away so that they could have a proper night alone for their bonding. With the help of Suu and Cut giving them a few extra credits, not before Rex and Ahsoka vowed to pay them back, finding a cheap shuttle wasn't hard, finding a planet that wasn't inhabited by Imperials was. Having to go to the furthest of Outer Rim territories, they found themselves on the tropical planet of Aaries III.

How many will ever enjoy a peaceful moment like this? None I suppose. I should not be here sitting on my…what did Skirata call it? Ah yes, shebs, and just watching water fall. I have to do something. I need to do something. Where should I start?

Another sigh escaped past Ahsoka's lips and the crunching of brush under foot made her cock her head somewhat looking back at the man she had loved for so long. She closely examined Rex, who was now only dressed in baggy cargo pants. Naturally tanned and well-toned, his body wasn't as stiff as it had been. The hard lines around his eyes were still there, but faint as were the ones around his mouth. He was relaxed for the first time Ahsoka remembered and he looked even younger. Sitting beside her, he let his legs dangle over the edge, soaking his pants into the cool water.

"What's on your mind Ahs'ika?" His deep voice rumbled.

"This is paradise," She murmured. A native bird in the distance sang a melodious song only to be answered by another.

"And?" Rex prodded.

Turning her head back around and resting her chin on her propped up knees, Ahsoka let out a raspberry. "I don't know."

"Yes you do," she could feel Rex's heated gaze on her.

"You know me too well," A smile lifted at the corner of her mouth.

"That's what a husband is supposed to do," Rex let the new term roll off his tongue. Husband. Who would of thought? "What do you want to do Ahsoka?"

Again, turning her head toward Rex, letting her cheek rest on her legs, a wicked gleam twinkled in her eyes. Rex suddenly sat up rigid and his skin broke out in goose bumps.

The galaxy can wait.

Unfolding her legs, Ahsoka and Rex kept their eyes locked on each other right up to the point where she slid into the water. Rex never let his gaze break. As she came back up to the surface, he admired the droplets trickling from her glowing skin. Her orange color seemed to turn a deep red/orange, her montrals and lekku stripes, darker. Rex didn't know how, but her blue eyes were now a rich navy and her burgundy lips seemed fuller. With a little splash of the water, her hand lifted and like a siren from the sea she beckoned to him. Rex did not need to be told twice. Not even bothering to shed from his pants, Rex quickly and almost clumsily slid in to the water, pausing a moment to let his body adjust to the coolness.

Ahsoka once again dipped her lithe body into the crystal water and he watched as she swam right up to him, barely peeking her head above the surface.

Rex bent his legs so that he was at her level, the passion sparking a fire between them. It was different this time and they both knew it. He stood before her not as a clone captain pretending to be a man, but as a man, as a husband and as her protector.

She was not only a Jedi, but a woman and his wife.

He wrapped his fingers around her petite waist, bringing her up against his needing body. She wasn't clad in much, only the basic of bathing suits and it all had to go. Rex had never needed someone as much as he needed her. Every ounce of him cried to be with her, in her; a part of her.

"Ahs'ika," Rex growled, as she wrapped her athletic legs around his hips. Her fingers trailed down his abs, to his navel stopping at his belt buckle. "Take it off," he demanded into her ear.

"Patience husband," she whispered. Rex trembled but not from the cold of the water or even the desire that coursed through his veins.

"Say it again," he murmured. His arms began to tremble and even in the water his legs grew weak.

"Husband," she kissed his ear. Ahoska lifted her hands out of the water and gently stroked the sides of Rex's face. A day's worth of light stubble began to line his jaw and tickled her skin. "Do you feel it Rex?" Rex felt something, but probably not what she was implying. "Listen Rex, feel for it," she encouraged.

His nerves were standing on edge, every hair on his body tingled and ready. Then suddenly he felt the gentle brush of his mind. "Rex, can you feel me? Can you hear me?" Rex gasped, his already dark eyes dilating to a deep ebony. She nudged a little harder and he shivered violently against her. "Bonded through hearts and mind, as one Rex I will be yours as you will be mine."

With sudden ferocity, Rex crushed her lips to his. He didn't know how since his brain was on hyper drive, but his fingers untied her bathing suit top and he carelessly tossed it into the water as Ahsoka worked on his pants. In moments they were naked as the day that they were born and vated. Breaking for much needed air, Ahsoka rested her forehead against his, feeling his chest heave against her own.

"Mine…" he growled again. "Wife."

"Mine," she purred, "husband."

It wasn't until much later, as the Aaries III sun began to set and the cobalt sky started to take its place, Rex slowly sat up from the soft ground he and Ahsoka had consummated their love on. Glancing down at the woman beside him, he gently ran his hand down her silky arm, watching as a content smile lifted on her lips.

"Rex," Ahsoka rolled onto her back and opened her eyes only to shine brightly up at him. He leaned over her, one arm on either side of her and their mouths only a breath a part, Rex could feel the warm puffs against his face. He would forever lock in this perfect moment in his memory and no one would be able to take it away from him. "Með þér vandræði mín eru yfir, og ég er loksins kominn heim."

"What does that mean?" He whispered against her lips.

"With you my troubles are over, and I am finally home."

You're what I couldn't find
Totally amazing mind
So understanding and so kind
You're everything to me

-Dreams by the Cranberries

The End.

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