The Christmas Miracle: Pre-K Days

That wonderful time of year was finally hear again, children making Christmas lists hoping for Christmas to soon arrive. Well in a Middleton Preschool the children are just doing that. A young redheaded 4 year old girl was so excited to make up a Christmas list for Santa so on Christmas day they will be under that big green Christmas tree. While others are making list a young blonde 4 year old boy was sitting in a corner because his family didn't celebrate Christmas. His family celebrated a holiday called Hanukah, to his knowledge at his age all he knew was candle lightings and weird prayers in a weird language. Well that redheaded girl saw that blonde boy in the corner getting picked on because he wasn't joining in on the Christmas festivities. She walked over to him and offered to sit with him and play with him.

"Ron why you sitting in the corner you can help me out with this Christmas list if you like," young Kim said.

"I don't know Kim my dad said I don't celebrate Christmas he says I celebrate Hanooka. I think that's how he said it," young Ron said.

"Sure you can help maybe you can make a list and Santa will send you presents as well,"

"You really think so?"

"Yeah and maybe you can come to my house for Christmas if my mommy and daddy say its okay. We can watch Snowman Hank,"

"Snowman Hank who is that,"

"Only the greatest Snowman ever on television every Christmas,"

"I like to see this I really now want to come to your place for Christmas,"

Well they started to make a list for Ron and he was so excited. It was almost time for the children to go home and when the Stoppable and Possibles showed up both Kim and Ron ran outside asking if Ron was allowed to come to Christmas at the Possibles and if Kim is allowed for Hanukah at the Stoppables.

"That's a great idea don't you think James," Anne Possible said.

"That's a wonderful idea its good you kids want to spend time with each other on the holidays," James Possible responded.

"So it's settled Kim will come to our house for Hanukah and Ronald will go to yours for Christmas," Mr. Stoppable said.

"You mean it mommy and daddy Ron can come to Christmas," Kim asked.

"Yes Kimmy Cub he can come over," James told his little girl.

Both Ron and Kim were so happy they get to spend the holidays with each other. They both hugged each other this was going to be the Christmas/Hanukah ever they thought. Which it did Ron got the gifts he put on his list for Santa which he thought was funny because the gifts were at Kim's house. Ron thought to himself thinking the only reason his gifts were there was because Santa knew he be with Kim. Also when Kim went to Ron's for Hanukah she was given eight days of presents as well. Ever since their Pre-K days Kim and Ron have been going to each other's house for Christmas and Hanukah. Ron loved Christmas at Kim's house because he was so addicted to Snowman Hank thanks to Kim. The Miracle of friendship was the bond that they held which made the holidays so much more special. Even when they were put up against death towards their future life on missions; every December they can always count on each other's company during the most special time of the year.