The Christmas Miracle: Wedding

Finally it's here the wedding of the century. The wedding of Ron Dean Stoppable and Kimberly Anne Possible will finally happen. The world has waited for this day all the news crews from around the world were there to film the wedding celebration. It was Christmas Day one year to the day since Ron proposed. Kim thought it be really special if they got married on her Favorite holiday. Ron agreed because he would do anything for his Kim. Everything was set and Ron was up at the altar waiting for the most beautiful person in his life to walk down that aisle. In the room Kim was in her parents entered to give her a hair piece that was Kim's grandmothers from her mom's side of the family

"Oh mom I can't take that it was given to you by Grandma," Kim said

"It was given to me on my wedding day and now I'm handing it down to you and you give it to your daughter one day. James come in here please look at our daughter," Mrs. Possible

"Kimmy Cub you look stunning like your mother on our wedding day," Mr. Possible said

"You don't bad yourself dad,"

"Don't get use to it I'm the dressing up type,"

"I love you mom and dad,"

"We love you as well sweetie,"

"You ready now Kim we need to go," Mr. Possible asked

"Yes I'm ready. Dad don't let me fall," Kim said

"I'll never let you fall Kimmy Cub,"

The music was playing "here comes the bride" and there was Kim at the end of the aisle and her father starts walking her down to Ron. They reach their destination and Mr. Possible puts Kim's hand into Ron's and he told him take care of her. He gave a nod that he would. They reached the priest and he starts the ceremony.

"Do you Ronald Dean Stoppable take Kimberly Anne Possible to be your wife, "the priest asked?

"I do,"

"Do you Kimberly Anne Possible take Ronald Dean Stoppable to be your husband," the priest asked her.

"I do,"

"In the power invested in me I pounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride,"

Kim and Ron embrace for a passionate kiss. They finally are husband and wife after so many years being together. Now it was party time everyone was happy and dancing and having so much fun. But when it came to the speeches it was very interesting.

"You know I never wanted this day to come so soon but it did but I have known Ron as the kid my daughter was friends with. I know Ron would make a good husband because if he didn't I would send him to a one way trip to a black hole," Mr. Possible said

"Wow this is not really what I had in mind I mean how does the head cheerleader of Middleton marry the goofy best friend," Bonnie said

"Kim I hope you got a lot of sleep these past years because after tonight you wont be sleeping very much," Brick Flaggs said

"I want to thank everyone who showed to mine and Kim's wedding. I want to say I've been with this gorgeous women for all my life and I couldn't be more happier to spend the rest of my life with my true love. So thanks again for coming," Ron said

After the party Kim and Ron were getting packed for the Honeymoon. Jim and Tim were loading the bags into the car. Kim goes to her mom to say goodbye and they had a big hug with each other. Then Kim looks over at her father need the woods.

"Daddy are you ok," Kim asked

"Yes Kimmy Cub just that it wont feel the same without you under my roof and that my baby girl is all grown up," Mr. Possible said to his daughter.

"Yeah I know it will feel weird not living there anymore and daddy I'm always going to be your little girl," as they hug and give each a kiss on the cheek.

"You better get going, Honeymoon and all,"

"Yeah well goodbye daddy,"

Kim walks over to the car and gets in, and there was Ron looking at her.

"You ready Kim," Ron asked

"Yeah, I'm ready,"

They pull out of the parking lot and drive off to their next adventure in their eventful lives which would be the honeymoon.