Lily Evans gasped and jumped up out of her four poster bed. Disorientated, she looked around, confused, before her eyes met with the girl stood at the end of the bed.

"Carla!" she screamed shrilly at her friend. "Why did you do that?" Freezing-cold water was dripping down her face and her pyjamas were soaked.

"You needed to get up, we're gonna be late for breakfast," Carla replied solemnly, storing her wand away in her school robes.

"Are you telling me that you tried to drown me for the sake of food?" Lily yelled again, water droplets flying all around her as she moved.

"Yep, now hurry up and get ready," she said.

"What about Mel? Doesn't she get soaked? Or do you just want to annoy me?" the redhead snapped.

"Oh, she's got something far better planned for her," Carla smirked.

Then, as if it was timed to work with her words, high pitched scream came from behind the drawn curtains around Mel's bed, followed by, "CARLA JOANNE TAYLOR! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HAIR?"

"I tweaked it a little bit," Carla grinned. "Personally, I like it quite a lot."

"Well I don't!" Mel screeched. The drapes pulled back to reveal a blue haired furious looking Melanie Davids. She was holding a small compact mirror in her hand and her features were carved into a scowl that could rival Lily's – and that was saying something.

"Come here, Mel. I'll fix it for you," Lily sighed, giving Carla a look that could kill.

"Thanks Lils, but what happened to you? Did you just take an early morning swim in the Black Lake?" Mel asked.

"If you want de-Smurfing, I suggest you shut up," Lily warned drying herself off via magic.

"What's a Smurf?" Carla injected curiously.

"Go away Carla," Mel whined, getting off of her bed and walking over to Lily, allowing her to transfigure her hair back to its normal rich mahogany appearance.

Whilst they were busy, Carla disappeared into the bathroom. Lily then turned to Mel, who nodded in silent agreement. So she flicked her wand in Carla's direction.

There was a startled squeak from the bathroom followed by a deafening yell of horror, "AHHH! I look OLD!" The door banged open and a wrinkled, grey-haired Carla stormed in, she threw herself down at Lily's feet; much to her complete surprise. "Please, Lily, I'm sorry! Just turn me back, please!"

Lily grinned evilly and raised an eyebrow at her friend. It was a well-known fact between them that Carla had a severe paranoia of ageing prematurely, so this was like her worst nightmare. But eventually Lily took pity on her and changed her back.

Carla stroked her blonde hair protectively then all three girls burst into laughter. It was just another everyday morning in the 6th year Gryffindor girls' dorm…Only it wasn't. It was the very last day of term and classes before three glorious months of summer holiday.

All three girls had chipped in and between them; they had managed to book the entire holiday in a villa in sunny Orlando. No adults were coming along with them, so it really was going to be an amazing trip as a break from all of the stress of the thought of being 7th years when they came back to Hogwarts after. With their scary N.E.W.T.S ahead of them, it was agreed that they defiantly needed the trip as a chance to really unwind and relax.

Lily was the one in most danger of exploding. The promise of her final year at Hogwarts was really getting to her. What if she failed all of her classes? Would she be made Head Girl? Would the attacks on all of the Muggles and Muggleborn's stop? Merlin, that girl knew how to get herself in a flap!

Carla just simply wanted a holiday and the chance of getting a good tan. But Mel wanted: to go for a swim in the morning in the sunshine, to go to many theme parks, lie about on sandy beaches and, finally, snag herself a hot boyfriend.

Carla had enthusiastically agreed with the boyfriend idea, and between them, they had tried to devise a plan, consisting of hours of background research on the best area's where the cutest guys were most likely to hang out. It would be safe to say that they were both going to have a boyfriend before they returned to England.

However, Lily wasn't too bothered on getting herself a boyfriend. All she cared about was managing not to have a mental breakdown due to the amounting stress of her home life.

Her Sister was engaged to be married to a whale-of-a-man, and her parents were going insane with all of the planning. Petunia had banned Lily from everything to do with her wedding and future life. So that was really why Lily had agreed so easily with the holiday, it was keeping her far, far away from her sister and soon-to-be husband; and that was the way they both wanted it. And in any case, Lily would rather snog Potter than be at that circus.

The girls got ready, laughing and lightly teasing each other – but nothing more than some good-natured banter between really close friends – and then they made their way down out of the dorm and towards the Great Hall for breakfast.


They passed Peeves in the hallway, who was throwing toilet rolls at students who were trying to pass him and into the Grounds via the Entrance Hall. Lily cast a shield charm over her and her friends as they walked by into the Great Hall, just as a precaution.

As soon as they stepped through the doors, Lily immediately knew something was wrong. It was quiet, far too quiet. One quick glance over the Gryffindor table confirmed her suspicions.

The Marauders were absent, and that always meant that they were up to something; that something, never being anything good. They were troublemakers and – in Lily's opinion – a pain in the arse.

OK, so maybe Remus wasn't that bad, but Potter and Black were the devil in disguise. Too bad that they were disguised as, good-looking and sometimes funny guys. The world works in mysterious and yet cruel ways. Peter was another thing altogether; Lily had never really liked the small boy. He just seemed like a tag-along who tried to get a place in Potter and Black's spotlight. Yet somehow he struck her as somewhat untrustworthy. But Remus had told her that he was OK, and he was his friend. Not hers, so it wasn't her concern.

But what was her concern was the fact that all four of them were missing, and probably planning something big for the last day of term before school finished. Whoopee, she thought, in bitter sarcasm. This is going to be a good day. And then…BANG!

The Whole of the Great Hall was screaming and cheering – bar the teachers – as balls of multi-coloured confetti came showering down on everyone. But Lily knew better than to believe that this was just harmless glitter. Knowing the Marauders, there had to be a more sinister meaning behind it.

At that moment the Marauders came into the hall. Potter and Black swagger up to the Gryffindor table – in the height of their undeserved glory, Peter following them looking like an excited puppy and Remus bringing up the rear, rolling his eyes at the applause and his friends' antics.

Grinning, Potter sauntered over to Lily and fell down into the seat next to her, slinging his arm casually over her shoulders.

Lily responded by folding it back off of her and dropping it to his side, otherwise she ignored him completely, and turned back to her breakfast, only to find it covered in glitter.

"Good morning, Evans!" he beamed. "The glitter looks lovely on you; it really brings out the green in your eyes."

Lily finally turned to face him properly. "All right, Potter. What's the deal with the confetti?" she demanded, signalling to her sleeve. She tried dusting it off, but the little pieces of glitter wouldn't move.

Immediately he smirks at her gleefully, before shrugging, "Just a little charm. No biggie."

"Yes…but how do you get it off?" she scowled untrustingly.

"You have to have kissed, or kiss now, one of the Marauders," he explains, positively beaming now, knowing fair well what she will have to do to get the stuff off.

Horrified, Lily turned to Carla and Mel, both of whom are completely glitter free. In fact, pretty much the whole Hall is.

"The charm doesn't work on teachers or the Slytherin's. I'd rather not have to kiss any of them," he winked mischievously. "Also it only works on the female population, and they have to be student's the same age or older than us. Neither of us wanted to lock lips with any little first years."

"But, unless I am very much mistaken, that only leaves Katie Woods and me," she says, folding her arms grumpily across her chest.

"Actually…just you," he replied, pointing to Black and Katie who seemed to be eating each other.

Lily picked up a bread roll and threw it at them. "Not while people are eating!" she snapped.

Black simply grinned and stood up, bringing Katie with him, and they ran out of the Hall, probably to go snog in a broom cupboard somewhere.

"And anyway…" Potter continued. "How come you know so much about the Marauders' dating histories?" he asked.

"Because it's really all the girls talk and gossip about. Did you see Potter with that girl today? I heard that she has an older brother who plays Quidditch at an international level! Or: Oh my God! Yesterday, I saw Potter get pulled into a broom cupboard by this Hufflepuff slag! She's a right whore! He could do so much better. And even more frequently, I hear things like: Do you think if I died my hair ginger he'd notice me more? And that is generally when they whole flock of girls would turn to glare pointedly at me with daggers coming from their eyes," she said, giving him a pointed look that plainly said 'see what you make me have to endure?'

But James simply laughed and replied, "Really? That's what you girls talk about?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Lily sighed. She looked down at her long Red (or ginger depending on how you saw it) hair, and made a noise resembling a quiet wail. "If I kiss you, will this bloody glitter fall out?" she asked, angry about his stupid prank.

"Of course," he smiled, his face breaking out into a wide grin.

"Fine then, come on," she snapped, standing up and finishing her pumpkin juice in one big gulp.

"Where are we going, Lilyflower?" he pressed, also standing.

"Somewhere where nobody is ever, ever going to see or find out," she snarled grabbing him by his robes and dragging him furiously out of the Hall.

Once they'd rounded the corner from the Great Hall, Potter took her hand and pulled her into a room that she'd never seen before.

"Where are we?" she demanded, feeling slightly funny at the sensation of having Potter's large hand holding hers. As soon as she realised that she hadn't let go yet, she dropped his hand, blushing delicately; if he noticed, he didn't say anything.

"The Room of Requirement," he replied.

"Oh," was the oh-so genius response from Lily. She had heard of the Room of Requirement before, so it wasn't too much of a shock. It was only the reason that they were actually there, that worried her.

There was no furniture in the room, just a fluffy gold carpet and Gryffindor-red walls. Lily resisted the temptation just to kick off her shoes and lie down on the floor and go to sleep; it really looked that soft and inviting.

"What kind of kiss does this have to be?" Lily asked, her nerves properly taking over for the first time.

Suddenly Potter looked very guilty and he ran his hand through his hair – a habit that Lily found immensely irritating usually, but now it just struck her as kind of…cute

"How bad?" she asked, beginning to feel slightly sick.

"Bear in mind that this was all Sirius's idea!" he pleaded, trying desperately to avoid the question she'd hauled at him.

"How bad," she replied warningly.

"Tongues," he murmured quietly, his eyes on the carpet, he shuffled his feet uncomfortably under her glare.

Lily, loudly, released a breath of air; it actually sounded more like a hiss.

"Lily, I'm really sorry," he apologised, warily looking up just encase she decided to take a swing at him.

However she didn't begin to pound every inch of his body that she could reach, she didn't even start to yell at him either. She just stood there, trying not to break down and begin to hyperventilate.

"Lily, I-"

"No, James. I can't go round covered in confetti," she interrupted, before taking a deep breath and stepping towards him. Nervously, she put a hand in his hair and yanked him down to her height, pressing her lips to his before she had chance to talk herself out of it.

After a few second of standing there in an awkward, nervous lip-lock, James cautiously put his arms around her, just hoping that she wasn't going to thump him.

Surprisingly enough, Lily leaned in to his embrace, knowing far well that the longer they spent just stood there with their lips merely touching, the longer she would have to tolerate kissing him. The faster they progressed, the sooner she could leave and continue with her day as normal. Not that he was a bad kisser…oh no

Lily tilted her head to the side slightly and James did the same, so that they could both get easier access.

James took this as an opportunity to pull her closer with one hand, which he then rested gently on her hip; and with his other hand he cupped her cheek gently, tracing his thumb down the side of her face.

Lily shivered involuntarily at his feather-light touch, and tangled her fingers further into his unruly hair. It was unbelievably soft, not at all the texture she would have imagined. She used her other hand to snake it around to the upper part of his back and pull herself closer towards him, therefore altering the pressure of the kiss to a more determined, strong-willed action.

After a few more minutes, they reached the stage they had been climbing to reach. James trailed his tongue gently over Lily's bottom lip, asking for entrance. She gasped in surprise at the movement, but parted her lips, willingly allowing him to slip his tongue inside her mouth and kiss her properly.

OK, Lily, you can stop now…I said, you can stop now…Lily? Lily! Stop it!

Eventually, her head cleared enough to pull herself away from him, putting some well needed distance between them. If the gap hadn't been there she didn't know whether she'd have been able to refrain from launching herself back at him, and attacking his soft lips with her own.

James stared at her, a dumbfound expression on his face. His hair was even more messy than normal because of the fact that Lily had been running her hands through it; his robes were all wrinkled and creased; and his glasses were only just hanging onto his face.

Lily's hair was all mused too – only it was far more notable on her, seen as her hair was always sleek and perfectly straight – and her lips were all swollen and red; her eyes were open wide, shocking James into silence as he gazed, disbelievingly, into her bright emerald almond-shaped orbs.

Well, one thing was for sure: the glitter had certainly gone.

They continued looking at each other for a second, before Lily picked up her bag and ran from the room without looking back. What had just happened?