I am in no way afflicted with Plants Vs Zombies, or Popcap. I am simply making a fanfiction because I love the game.

The first part is short, but I was limited on time, and I wanted to see how it turned out first. Hope you enjoy it!

It was a stormy night… Jeff was sitting in his living room, playing his DS. He was playing Plants vs Zombies. He was on the last level.

"Hey Jeff, what'cha playing?" his mom asked him.

"Just playing Plants vs Zombies. Look! That's the final boss!" Jeff said while he was planting a ton of cabbage-throwing plants.

"Well, he looks hard to beat. Is there a two player mode in that game? It would be fun to work together."

"There isn't a two player mode. Sorry."

"No, it's okay, I was just curious."

"Okay! Thanks mom." His mom was always curious about his video games. She never got to play them growing up, and he always wanted to help Jeff but he never needed any of it.

As the night went on, he kept playing Plants vs Zombies. It was by far his favorite game. He and his friends would have fierce competitions, seeing who could get the farthest in the shortest amount of time. Usually, Jeff would win. Tonight he was practicing for the big tournament his friends are hosting tomorrow. The two winners would then fight in a battle in a versus mode. The version he was playing didn't, but the Xbox one did. Either way, he was sure he could send them right out of the park!

"Okay Jeff, me and your father are going to bed." His mom called. "Go to bed at midnight, okay?"

"Okay mom!" He called while he knew he was going to stay up the whole night practicing. "Oh no! Pogo zombies!" And that's how it went almost the entire night.

He was dreaming, thinking about his favorite videos on Youtube. He remembers watching a video. It was about Pikm-

"Steve? STEVE!"...


"Ugh…Where am I?" Jeff looked around. "Am I dreaming?"

Around him was a neighborhood. And it wasn't his own. He spun around and realized that he was standing in the middle of a bright green lawn. He then realized no one was around.

"Where the heck am I? Mom! Where are you? Dad? Caroline?"

And right there, it hit him. He wasn't in his world anymore. He was in a land with zombies. Terrifying zombies. He saw them shambling out of a graveyard, going to attack a house! There was hundreds! Balloon Zombies, Pogo Zombies (those were his least favorite), Javelin Zombies, Gargauntars.. the list piled on and on!

He also noticed that no one was even around! They all abandoned him! Forgotten...

"NEIGHBOR!" shouted an insane-sounding voice. "Come here! Quickly!"

He stood there, in shock. Who was this man? A pot on his head? Well, I'm running out of options. He ran quickly towards the man.

"Good, you're here. My name's Crazy Dave." The man said.

"Why is you're name Crazy Dave?" Jeff asked curiously, still panting.

"Because I'M CRAZY!"

"Jeez! Okay! Why did you call me over here?"

"Why? Look at your lawn!"

"Wait, my lawn?"

He stared out into an empty lawn. A regular zombie and zombies with cones on their heads were walking up it.

"So what do I do?"


To Be Continued. End of Ch.1

I hope you enjoyed my little sneak peak I guess you could say of my story. A little back-story, this game is one of my all time-favorites. I've bought it 3 times. Twice on PC, and once on the Xbox. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend you play it. It's a blast to play through, even multiple times. This story is obviously a fan-fiction, but I also made it to promote the game so more people can play it. Be sure to leave a rating of what you think of the story!



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