Hiya! IP is here to present to you... THE SOCIAL WORKER! Ok, heres the plot. Since their are minors in Titans Tower (*cough* Beast Boy and Raven), a social worker has to come to the tower and consider it ok for them to stay. Things get sticky when the Titan's get the message. BBxRae some RobStar and CyBee

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The Social Worker

Raven's POV

It was a strange day at Titans Tower. A little wierd for Raven considering she had not seen anyone all day. She actually enjoyed the solitude, though.

Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. "Who is it," she asked.

"It is I, Starfire. Friend Robin says he requires the entire team in the room of common," Starfire gleefully said through the door.

Raven sighed, "Alright"

When Raven entered the common room, she saw Robin's face had a a bad look. This can't be good. Raven thought.

"Where's Beast Boy?" he asked.

"I knocked on his door and there was no answer. Is our friend hurt?" Starfire asked innocently.

"I'm sure hes fine," Robin said flattly leaving the common room to go get Beast Boy.

Raven sat down and started reading. It only lasted a moment though because Robin walked back in with Beast Boy.

"He had fallen back to sleep," Robin said a little angry.

"Nice going," Cyborg said.

"Alright team, we have a little situation. I got a letter this morning that said that since their were minors living here, that a social worker would have to come and observe to rule out the tower as safe or not," Robin explained slowly.

"We're superheros and they want to rule us as safe or not? That's stupid!" Exclaimed Beast Boy.

"That's the law, and as superheros we follow the law," Robin said authoritivly.

Everyone was a little taken by this situation. All except Starfire. "Please, what is a minor?"

"It's a person under the age 18," Raven finally spoke up, "Robin, I'm not seeing what the big deal is. They come, they observe us, they say we are fine, and then they leave."

"Let me explain it this way, theres going to be a person who will come and say if superheros, who put thier lives on the line everyday, if they are safe or not," Robin explained once again.

"I've been in a situation like this before. When I was still with my parents, a social worker came and it feels like they move into your head. They ask you huge personal questions and you have to answer them honestly," Cyborg said roughly.

"Not only that, but their sending one who will basicly control every action," Robin said with his head bowed.

"Where is Beast Boy?" Starfire asked.

Robin went all over the tower searching for him with no luck.

"Split up and find him," Robin said.