Today's Christmas Eve, which means that we needed a menu. Everyone had something that they wanted in particular so we decided to fix it all. Hidan and I had to sweet-talk Kakuzu into it since he's stingy on money, even more than usual on the holidays. (Like anyone doesn't know that already).

Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori left to go get the ingredients for our menu. Right after they left, Zetsu beckoned me over with an innocent smile; he's up to something. When I reached him he asked politely, "Will you assist me with something Olivia?"

"Depends on what it is." "It's an early present for Tobi! I need your help with it." That eased my mind a little, "Ok, I'm not doing anything right now." "That's perfect." He grabbed my wrist and starting leading me out the door. "Zetsu?" "It's in my apartment." "How else can I hide it?"

When we got there, he pushed me into the bathroom. "Wait here." He left me there for a few minutes in total confusion. Why am I in the bathroom? He came back in with a box and opened it, "Take your clothes off." I stuttered, "D..Do what? Why?"

"For Tobi's present obviously. Don't you remember?" "Remember what?" "He wanted to play with two bouncing tits for Christmas, that's where your assistance is needed." "I never agreed to that and I'm not doing it!" He glowered at me and growled, "I promised him that I'd make sure he'd get to do it and he's going to whether you like it or not!"

I'm sure a sweat drop just slid down my cheek; Zetsu can be pretty scary sometimes. I sighed with a frown, "Why today then?" "I'm sure you'll be busy tomorrow in the bedroom and the same goes for me." "There's free time today, so put this on!"

I gloomily took the box and pulled out what was in it. There was a short, red velvety skirt with a fluffy white trim; just like on a Santa hat. A matching thong and…..huh? This last piece was bewildering to me; it was just a long, wide, red velvety….uh, ribbon I guess.

I held it up and couldn't make heads or tails of what to do with it. Zetsu thought it was funny and chuckled. "I'll help you with that part in a moment. Put the rest on and I'll be right back." When he left, I removed my clothes and put the bottom half parts on. I totally forgot about that focused stare he gave me when we made the song.

I draped the….I'm just going to call it a ribbon, around my shoulders and let it fall over my breasts. This is starting to be funny. I hope Tobi will appreciate this, even though I was technically forced into it. I heard a door close and Zetsu came back in the bathroom with me.

He started laughing, "That's not how it goes on." "I don't know how it goes; I just put it like this to cover myself!" He handed me my little bag of makeup, "Fix yourself up pretty, I want you to look your best for Tobi." This is getting more interesting by the minute.

I did what he wanted, but he handed me something out his pocket when I was done. "Put this on too. You need to have lipstick also." It was a dark shade of red, at least that's good; dark shades suit me better than light ones; even though I don't hardly ever wear lipstick. "Where'd you get this Zetsu." "I bought it for you to wear today."

He said it like it was supposed to be obvious, I guess it was. He quickly jerked the ribbon off me and turned me to face him. "Why are you blushing so much?" I mumbled, "It's embarrassing." "You shouldn't still be so nervous to be seen you know." I know that, you would think by now I wouldn't care to be seen naked by anyone else other than Kakuzu and Hidan. The others seen me naked and I've seen them many times, but I can't help it…I'm just modest.

He wrapped the ribbon around my back and tied it in the middle of my front, leaving a big bow in between my breasts; the ribbon covered them up too. "Now that's cute!" This is too ironic! Tobi will undo the bow and reveal his present…got to admit, it's ingenious on Zetsu's part.

He hid me behind the door of his room, "I'll go get Tobi." "Don't move until I give the word." This is going to be a pip! I soon heard voices coming towards his room, "Tobi can't wait to get his present Zetsu!" "I know Tobi."

They entered the room and I caught a glimpse of Tobi bouncing up and down excitedly and pulling on Zetsu's arm. "Where my present Zetsu? What you get me?" "Now if I told you then it wouldn't be a surprise." "Close your eyes…..eye."

Zetsu motioned for me to come out in the open and Tobi was covering his eye with a hand, still impatiently fidgeting. Zetsu mouthed out, 'you need to smile,' and then told Tobi, "Ok, open." Zetsu was clearly dying to see Tobi's reaction.

When Tobi removed his hand and saw me…if he didn't have that mask on, I'd say his mouth dropped and was blushing. "Z..Z..Zetsu sempai? I get to….?" He shakily pointed at me and looked questionably at Zetsu. "That's what you wanted wasn't it?"

"Tobi get to play with Olivee?" "Mmmhmm." "AHHHH!" Tobi yelled and leaped on Zetsu, knocking him on the bed and pulled his mask off to kiss him like crazy. Wow! Tobi's really cute, this is the first time for me to see his face…..YES!

"THANK YOU SO MUCH ZETSU SEMPAI! TOBI LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" "I know and I love you. Now, enjoy your present while you can." Tobi bounded over to me and hugged me from behind, "How long do I get to play with Olivee?" "The best I could do is two hours."

"Two hours? I got to endure it for that long?" "Olivee don't want to play with Tobi?" Oh no, he sounded like he was going to cry. "I'm doing this for you too Tobi, it's just….my breasts getting played with is a huge turn on for me." No one wants to be all enkindled for two hours and not get some release; that's torture. "So, let Tobi finish what he started."

"Tobi will make sure he does!" "Such a good boy, now I leave so you can enjoy your present in solitude." With that said, he left the room. Tobi was so excited and kissed my cheek, "Tobi finally get to be all touchy with Olivee." I smirked and blushed at the same time.

"Tobi going to inspect his gift!" He circled around me, eyeing every inch before taking a firm grip on my behind. "Oooh, nice and soft! Tobi forgot to tell Olivee something." He let go and smiled (no mask), "Tobi think Olivee look beautiful." "Awww, thanks Tobi." That was SO sweet.

"Tobi, did you realize that you're showing your face to me?" He thought about it, "At first Tobi forgot, but it's all good. Tobi don't mind Olivee seeing his face now." I was touched; it means he fully trusts me now.

My thoughts were interrupted when Tobi pulled the ribbon and untied the bow, thus revealing his….gift. "Tobi ready to play now." He pretty much threw himself at me, latching his hands on my breasts and gently squeezing them. He pushed me into the wall and kept groping my breasts with fascination, rubbing the nipples along with pinching them. I tried to cope with the sensations, but he had to make it worse.

He turned me around and continued his teasing. I leaned against the wall and tried to hold back from whimpering. After who knows how long, he stopped for a moment and went over to sit on the bed, dragging me along to straddle his lap. "Much better." He delicately licked a nipple and then slowly circled it with his tongue.

I couldn't help it, but I sighed with content from this sexual enjoyment. He tantalizingly nibbled some before delicately sucking. My breathing increased heavily and gripped his shoulders, this felt so good. He switched to the other, doing the same deed as he did the other.

He never stopped touching them for several minutes, until he slid a hand down under the skirt. He finally left my breasts with a lustful grin, "Olivee excited. Tobi will help." He tossed me on my back, with him on top of me and stripped the thong off. "Tobi want to keep the pretty skirt."

"Tobi." I helped him tear his clothes off so we could seek out each other's nakedness. He didn't give me any warning at all after he locked our mouths together and glided himself in. We both whimpered from the pleasure as our bodies rocked back and forth against each other at a steady motion.

He pulled away and lifted my waist up with his arms wrapped around my back before attacking a nipple and thrusting into me harder and faster. I clenched the sheets, writhing and moaning in bliss. He engulfed the neglected one soon after, never losing his momentum. "Tell Tobi he's a good boy." Between pants I managed to moan out, "T..Tobi! Ah..ah…'re a…g..good boy!" "Again!" I'm about to, "Tobi's such…ah..ah…a….good boy in bed!" "Olivee!"

We reached our orgasms after vocally crying out and he collapsed on top of me. I stroked his dark hair, trying to get my breath back, and wouldn't you know it. He was playing with my breasts again.

I murmured, "Can't get enough can you Tobi?" "Tobi can't help it, they're so squishy." I had to think on that one, not the word I would choose, but I have no room to talk, I say plushy.

I don't know how longed we laid there in comfort, but I almost drifted off to sleep. I instantly snapped out of it with a jump when I felt a sharp sensation between my legs. "TOBI?" He looked up at me with a pout, "Olivee being a bad girl for ignoring Tobi! Tobi going to punish you!"

"But I didn't ign….AH!" He was sucking my clit hard and shoving two fingers in and out rapidly. I ended up groaning noisily and bucking my hips uncontrollably from his…punishment. "Tell Tobi you're sorry." I gripped his hair and blurted it out, "I'm sorry Tobi!"

"Who's Tobi's good girl?" I whimpered, "Olivee is Tobi's good girl!" He sent me over the edge, my hips bucking into his mouth and grip on his hair tightening as I rode out my clitoral orgasm. He finally stopped and leaned back up to kiss me. "Tobi likes it when Olivee calls out his name."

I smirked a little and covered my eyes with my arm. Tobi just grinned and fondled my breasts again before pulling me upward. He positioned me to where my back was against his chest as I sat on his lap. He kept with the touching and pinching of the breasts while nibbling and sucking little patches on my neck. The time seemed to go by quickly.

I gave him more access to my neck and let him do whatever he wanted….I'm his present! I felt his cock rubbing against my lower back, obviously hard and erect again. As if reading my thoughts he guided my hips up to penetrate me. He did it slowly and carefully, savoring the warmth enveloping his now aching cock.

I braced myself against both sides of our legs and lifted my hips up and down. I let out a gasp when Tobi bit a little harshly on my shoulder. He met me with firm, upward thrusts; holding my waist tightly and taking hold on my breasts too.

Our movements quickly went faster and harder, moaning out each other's names. "Does Olivee want Tobi?" He slowed down on purpose to make me do it, "Yes." He slowed down even more, leaving me groaning with frustration. "If you want Tobi, you have to beg." He was enjoying this immensely. "Please Tobiiiii! I want you so bad, please fuck me harder Tobi!"

"That's a good girl." He gripped me tighter and slammed into me harder and faster than before. "Tobi!" I wasn't expecting the quick impacts, but without realizing it I was thrusting back down with the same amount of force. His grip soon grew painfully tight, making it harder for me to breath. I tossed my head back when I came, "TOBI!" He buried his face against my neck and cried out before he reached his climax, "OLIVEE!"

Our bodies trembled with ecstasy as we slowly pulled apart and fell limp against the sheets. This time, I did fall into a relaxing slumber from total exhaustion, but Tobi joined me this time.

Zetsu's POV

The two hours were up and he was on his way back to his apartment. He just got through helping out with the food preparations so they'll be ready tomorrow. He entered his place thinking on how he had to persuade Kakuzu and Hidan to lend Olivia to Tobi for a while. He had bribed Kakuzu with some money, not too much. For Hidan, he just gave him locations and info on some shinobi that were foul mouthing his God; the rest is a given.

He entered his bedroom quietly and found them sound asleep on the bed. Yep, they slept together and worn their selves out from the looks of it. His Tobi was curled up against her breasts and she had her arms wrapped around him.

They did look adorable, so innocent, despite the smeared lipstick on both their pretty countenances. He had to restrain himself from laughing out loud, to not disturb them, when he noticed something. Tobi actually had a nipple in his mouth and was delicately sucking it. He pulled a blanket over them (just far enough to reach Tobi's shoulder), found his camera, and quietly took a picture before he turned the light off and closed the door. He's putting this on a Christmas card.

I laughed my ass off when I wrote this and I hoped everyone enjoyed Tobi's wish! ^-^

...I discovered the horizontal line LOL!