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What if Mikan was not saved by Natsume, when she was transferred into the dangerous ability class? What if Nobara attack went though and Mikan was captured, and then vanished from the academy like she wasn't even there in ways.

Let the Story Begin

"Mikan, Mikan!" Hotaru and Ruka called as their friend was quickly being pulled away from them by a disciplinary guard. "Ruka-pyon, Hotaruuuuu!" Mikan called out as she was dragged away. "Come on we need to get help." Hotaru said turning around to run. "If we don't hurry that baka can get into serious trouble." Hotaru quickly added on. (A/N This is my own part. Enjoy) As the two began to run off Natsume was in a hospital bed, he came back injured from a hard mission. Persona said that he was going to get a new student in the dangerous ability class and Natsume was glad that someone was going to help out with missions. "But I also will be over worked with him, wont I?" Natsume asked himself. "No, not after today. You are now not in fear of not obeying along with being tired all the time." Someone said making an appearance into the light. "Nobara?" Natsume asked slightly confused about why she was her and out of her room, Persona almost never lets her out of her room. "There is going to be a new "favorite" student after today." Nobara brief stated before she vanished as quickly as she came. "What was that about?" Natsume asked before putting his head back to rest. He realized that her second personality was out, what was Persona planning? He asked himself as he drifted to sleep.


"Hey brat, quit struggling, you are only making it harder." The guard said pulling her along. "Then let me go." Mikan replied pleadingly. 'No way, this is a mission I was sent out on from the ESP. No way am I just letting you go." He said with a smirk. Before the two of them was the ESP's office door. "We have arrived." The guard said quickly opening the doors and pushing Mikan in, then quickly shutting and locking them. He then took post outside the soundproof office along with many other guards that just came to also stand post.

"Welcome Mikan. We have been waiting for you arrival for quite some time now." The ESP said bowing while smirking. "What is this?" Mikan asked confused. "Oh you are transferred to the dangerous class, welcome." Persona said begging. "As my new "favorite" the ESP said walking over to her, then pulling on her pigtail. "Nobara now." Persona said holding out his hand. Nobara walked up and her second personality showed, the true Ice Princess.

"What Mikan was captured and brought somewhere?" Narumi-sensei shouted running towards the ESP's office. "I wonder what that was all about." Ruka-pyon asked shocked by Narumi's reaction to what they told him. "Yeah Mikan was only caught nothing unusual. That baka is always getting herself caught by those guards. How many times is it now?" Hotaru asked with sarcasm. "Good point. But still I wonder what is going on?" Ruka asked the last part fading out. Hotaru was grasping that baka—gun. This wasn't something that was small and unimportant, something big was about to happen she just knew it.

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