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Mikan and Natsume broke the kiss, as the need of oxygen became too great. As they finally got their breath back Natsume pulled Mikan into his broad chest. Small tears leaked from Mikan's eyes, although the kiss was great she was still confused as to what had happened to her.

"Polka dots, do you know anything that has happened?" Natsume asked trying to help Mikan out as much as he could. "No much other than before I went on that mission, which was the entire reason I had to talk to my uncle." Mikan said remembering why she had to go to her uncle in the first place.

"Which is…." Natsume asked waiting for Mikan's reply. "That she cannot say Hyuuga." Haru said walking up and grabbing Mikan's hand. "Hey wait Haru." Mikan tried to stop from dragging her away. "I'm sorry but the HSP would like to see you." He said bluntly continuing to drag her away.

"See you later then, Stars. You know most people would think you would grow up a little." Natsume said with a smirk on his face as he jumped off the roof and landed in the nearby tree, before Mikan could get to him. "PERVERT!" Mikan screamed out towards him, realizing what he meant by the new name.

Natsume laughed as he saw Mikan glaring in his direction, she was still the same old Mikan under her confusion and façade. "See ya Mikan." Natsume said one last time before vanishing into the brush of the trees.

"Natsume." Mikan pouted staring at the trees, Haru turned towards Mikan sighing he knew that if she got her memory back that something like this would happen. He fell in love with her because of her personality, so he knew there would be other people who also loved her, and she probably loved one of them as well.

"Let's go Mi-chan." Haru said pulling Mikan away towards her uncle's office. "Haru." Mikan began. "Is it true that I was away for six years?" Mikan asked looking down dreading the truth. "Yes." Haru simply stated, turning his gaze away, he hated seeing Mikan sad.

"Don't worry Mi-chan we will find a way to get both memoires I promise." Haru said pulling her into a hug. Mikan gladly accepted the hug, as she only knew Haru then as a friend nothing more, nothing less. "Haru lets go." Mikan said allowing the past façade to show anymore.

As the two of them were walking through the halls, weird stares were given to the two of them again. The teachers remembered who the two were from the morning, running through the halls running and laughing loudly.

Some teachers were throwing the two glares, and scowl, while others were simply staring at the two, wondering how these two kids were stronger than anyone there. Haru gladly accepted the glares and returned with his own glare.

"Haru we're there." Mikan said smiling, Haru immediately stopped glaring and melted with her smile. He still wondered how a girl like Mikan was able to make him act like he did around her. At a time he did act cold towards everyone like Natsume does, but Mikan was able to help him.

As the two of them walked into the room, once again the lady quickly opened the door to the HSP, but not before muttering how annoying the two of them were getting to be, coming and going into the office.

Quickly Haru glared at her making her regret her past statement as she cowered away to her desk, where she presumed to sulk. Mikan was oblivious to what Haru did and continued into her uncle's room with her big cheesy smile still on her face.

"Hello I see your back so soon Mikan." Kazumi said as he didn't even glance up from the papers he was reading, he knew that his little niece would be coming back soon. Her memory was lost, and he knew she would be lost.

"Uncle please tell me what happened." Mikan said, although she knew her uncle, only from when he tried to get her back before she left at the airport. Other than that she only knew him for when he visited her twice in America.

Kazumi regretted the fact that he couldn't help his niece any more than he did. "Of course please sit down and I will try to explain." Kazumi replied now fully looking at Mikan and Haru walking to the sits in front of his desk.

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After Kazumi finished he was meet by a surprised Mikan whose mouth was dropped open. "So all that really did happen?" Mikan asked surprised also the fact that she was still going out with Haru, but she just kissed Natsume. Her face went beat red at the remembrance of the kiss.

"Well Mi-chan do you remember anything at all." Haru asked directly in her face, Mikan's face went even redder if possible. Was it possible that she was actually falling for Haru, let she did in the past, and what about Natsume? Mikan's head was already killing what happened next was unexpected by everyone.

The wall next to them blasted open and out came the ESP with an evil glint in his eyes along with the AAO's boss Z. Together they were working together, the exact thing Haru already knew about and talked to the HSP about during the kiss of Mikan and Natsume.

Guards came out from the blast quickly restraining Haru and the HSP, while grabbing Mikan as well.

"Well Mikan looks like it's time for you to go back to work." The ESP announced with a smirk and laughing. Mikan tried to turn around and run away but she couldn't escape from the ESP's grasp. All hope for Mikan was lost as she tried to pull away and failed.

Haru face was full of horror as he stood restrained, without being able to help being able to help the one he loved. Mikan's face full of tears was the last thing the two of them saw as Mikan was pulled away out the wall.

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