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The stained orange walls glowed with a dim light produced from two desk lamps, along with a simply decorated evergreen tree. Ziva sat at her desk, staring at the plasma screen next to Tony's desk displaying a fireplace. The subtle crackling of digital fire was really the only noise in the squad room, beside keyboards clicking. Tony and Ziva were on their computers typing away. Ziva looked at the clock on her screen, it read 7:30. Ziva knew that tonight was Christmas Eve, a special evening to spend with family and friends. And yet, sitting across the room, all alone was her friend Tony DiNozzo. Ziva couldn't decide whether to talk to Tony, or continue sitting in silence. Either way, it was unusual for Tony to be alone on a holiday.

"Tony? Shouldn't you be leaving? It's getting late." Ziva questioned with a little disappointment in her voice.

"Actually Ziva, I am alone tonight and I am going to stay here for awhile longer." Tony replied with sadness in his tone.

"I will be leaving now, I guess." Ziva shut off her computer, picked up her bag, grabbed her coat and put it on and clicked off her lamp. She started to walk away from her desk but looked behind to see Tony's reaction before she left. Right before she was just about to walk away, she was interrupted by Tony.

"Ziva! Wait! Don't go." Tony hollered. He shot out of his chair and ran over to her.

"It's Christmas, no one should be alone." His voice got quiet.

"Yes." Ziva replied simply.

"- And maybe you can join me? We can decorate, cook, and watch movies. What do you say?" Tony proposed.

"I would like that." Ziva said smiling.

"Then it is set. Meet me at my house around nine." Tony replied. "See you then."

"Okay. See you then!" Ziva continued walking toward the elevator. Her heart was beating really fast. She pressed the elevator button and waited for the door to open. It opened , and she shot in as the door closed. She pressed herself up against the wall and smiled.

"I'm going to spend Christmas with Tony." Ziva repeated in her head until reality sunk in.

The End – For now…

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