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Harry woke up the next morning to Draco placing kisses on his neck. "Morning baby." Draco said when he saw Harry slowly open his eyes.

"Morning Draco."

"Hermione has got Cissy all day today so what do you want to do?"

Harry turned and laid on his back staring up at Draco. "I want to spend the day Christmas shopping with my daughter and husband. Family time. Just the three of us."

"What my baby wants my baby gets."

Harry let out a small laugh as he placed his hand on the back the blonds head and drew his face downwards to engage him in a passionate kiss.

Hermione was actually surprised when Harry and Draco turned up to get Cissy. "Harry wants a family day out, just the three of us." Draco explained when Ron went to fetch their daughter.

Cissy came running to them both two minutes later and stopped in front of Harry. "Did father cheer you up daddy?"

"He did darling."

"Are you happy now?"

"Very much so. Even happier if you say yes to a Christmas shopping day with us both today."

"I will just say bye to Rosie."

Harry looked at Hermione. "She always calls Rose 'Rosie' doesn't she."

"It's how she feels though. I mean in school we always called Hermione 'Mione' didn't we." Ron said.

"Yeah." Hermione agreed before looking at her husband. "'Won won'." she added causing Harry and Draco to laugh along with her.

Although the family quality time and shopping all day together had been successful and cheered Harry up immensely, it also knackered him.

Draco was due back at work the next day but Draco popped into work on his day off and told his boss how Harry had been lately and with being so close to his due date, he could go into labour anytime now.

Draco came back with the good news that instead of just having Christmas day off and New Years Day off he was now off until Harry had the baby and then he would still be at home, working from home until their baby were so many months old.

But Draco had decided, he wanted to spend all day at home with his family. There was no doubting that both him and Harry couldn't afford to stay at home everyday and care and feed two children.

They both had enough money between them to tide them over for a couple of lifetimes.

Draco would work from home until the case that his boss put him on was finished and then he would finish. His place was at home with his husband and two children.

Christmas was soon upon them and before the knew it, it was Christmas eve night. Cissy who was excited for the following day refused to go to bed.

Draco had finally tempted her by allowing her to have one presents before she went to bed with the promise that the presents she is yet to open will be more better than the one he gave her. A small silver bracelet adorned with emeralds and rubies finished off with her name engraved on the small plate that sat along the jewels.

Draco walked into his and Harry's room, stripping down to nothing and putting on some pajama bottoms before climbing into bed alongside Harry. "She's asleep. She went to sleep holding the wrist her bracelet sat on."

Harry chuckled before wincing. Draco seeing this shot up to his knees in front of his husband.

"Harry are you alright? Where does it hurt? Has it started? Tell me."

"Take a moment to breath and I will. It was just a twinge that's all I am fine. And no it hasn't started. I still have ten days to go."

"You're sure you're fine."

Harry chuckled. "Yes I'm fine."

Draco nodded slowly and moved to lay beside Harry once more who shuffled over as best he could and snuggled up close to his blond husband. "Good night Draco." Harry whispered, moving his head up, wanting to be kissed.

Draco smiled and kissed the pout from his husbands lips. "Night baby."

The next morning Harry and Draco awoke suddenly to their daughter who had come running in their room shaking them both awake. "Daddy, father, it's Christmas. Come on, get up. I want to open my presents."

Draco yawned and sat up. "Alright darling. Go and get washed and dressed whilst your daddy and I do the same."

When their daughter ran from the room Draco turned to see his lover struggling to sit up. Draco got out of bed and moved round to the other side of the bed to help Harry out of it.

Harry winced and took a deep breath when Draco turned away from him to walk into their bathroom. Harry looked down at his stomach and stroked it. "Not today baby surely." he whispered as he followed his husbands foot steps to wash and dress for the day.

Harry looked across the living room and looked at his daughter with a smile on his face. "She has all of these presents, all these games, clothes and a new broom and what is she doing? Sitting in the pajamas George brought her, wearing the headband that turns her hair a different colour every five minutes along with the socks that plays different music whenever she moves her feet that Fred brought her whilst reading a book that Hermione brought her."

Draco chuckled and moved so he was sat behind Harry, a leg each side, massaging the brunets lower back. "She's quiet, enjoy it while it lasts."

Draco carried on massaging Harry's lower back, taking the way Harry's grip tightened on his legs every now and then as a good sign that Harry was enjoying what his blond husband was doing.

After a while, Draco frowned when he felt wetness seep through his trouser legs. "Harry?"

"Oh Draco it's starting."

"You're sure?"

"You can feel the wetness can't you? I felt something this morning and thought it was nothing."

Draco got up from round the back of Harry and stood in front of him. "Why didn't you say?"

"What and start off another round of twenty questions."

"Daddy is the baby coming?"

"Yes sweetheart."

"I will floo Auntie Hermione." she said rushing from the room to her father's study.

"Okay Harry. No need to panic just take calm breaths, breath deeply and try to keep calm." Draco said shakily.

"Who are you talking to Draco me or yourself?"

"Harry?" Draco asked, frowning at the attitude Harry suddenly had with him.

"Oh piss off Draco. It's your fault I am like this in the first place."

"It takes two Harry." Draco answered back just as Ron and Hermione came running into the room, Hermione telling Harry that Cissy is at the burrow and will be fine there as she started to fuss over him.

Ron pulled Draco aside. "I heard what you were saying to each other. Don't argue with him. Even if you don't agree just keep apologising and agree with everything he says." Ron advised.

"Oi! You got me into this state and you are stood over there gassing?"

"What's gassing?" Draco asked looking at Hermione.

"A muggle term, it is another word for talking. Instead of saying 'look at those two over there talking like old women' you could say gassing, or nattering."

"Hello! I am in pain here. Enough teaching for the stupid." Harry yelled.

Draco looked at Ron who gave him a warning look so Draco walked over to Harry and held his hand. "I'm sorry baby. What can I do?"

"Hospital would be a good idea."

Draco held Harry tight in his arms and directed him from the room, screaming in pain whenever Harry tightened his hold on his hand. "Oh stop your moaning. The pain in your hand is nothing to what I am feeling."

"You're right. I'm sorry."

"I know what you are doing."

"What do you mean?"

"Agreeing with everything I say to stay on my good side. Ron did it with Hermione when she had Rose but that is not going to work with me."

Draco sighed and proceeded to help Harry through the floo.

"What a way to spend Christmas day." George said, laughing as he entered the hospital room with the rest of the Weasley's. Cissy came in holding Narcissa's hand and let go when she saw Harry and Draco sat on the bed.

Seeing the baby asleep in her daddy's arms, Cissy climbed on to the bed slowly and carefully.

"Baby brother or baby sister?"

"Baby sister." Harry asked, smiling at his eldest daughter before looking at Draco. "I owe you two apologies."


"The bet we made at Halloween doesn't stand as I cheated and already knew we was having a girl. The second apology is for the nasty things I was saying."

Draco reached out and put his arm around Harry. "You have nothing to apologise for baby." he reassured the brunet, placing a kiss upon his temple.

"What are you going to call her?" Narcissa asked.

"I picked her first name and Draco picked her middle name." Harry said.

"What's her name then?" Molly asked, every bit of impatient as the rest of the room.

Draco looked at Harry before looking at his family. "Everyone. I would like you to meet Winter Mihael Malfoy."

Everyone fussed over the name saying it was an unusual for a girl to be named after a season. But they all loved it all the same.

Cissy leaned further forward and took a closer look at her little sister. "I am going to look after you and teach you all I know."

"Oh great. Two troublemakers."

"I am not a trouble maker."

"Cissy darling you are like your father. You are a trouble maker."

"And you are like your daddy as well. Never follows the rules and goes about to do what you want anyway." Draco added.

George moved forward and picked Cissy up. "You are like both of your parents. You poor child."

"Hey!" Harry and Draco said in unison.

After they all had a look at Winter and offered their congratulations they all left them to it, Molly taking Cissy offering to have her for the night.

When the room was empty apart from Draco, Harry and their youngest daughter who Harry and had now put in the small crib by his bed, Draco drew Harry into his arms and and gave him a loving kiss. "I love you so much Harry."

"I love you too Draco. So much." Harry replied before capturing his husbands lips once more.

The end.

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