New story, new idea, get used to it ;p Now it's an Ed, Edd, and Eddy sorta story... It's the first time writing anything for them so please excuse the OCC-ness of the character's... Personally I don't really like Nazz, but she's a really popular character and I could care less about the Kanker Sisters. Not to offend anyone really, I'm only doing this story for fun and if you are a fan of the Kanker Sisters I apologize since I don't really like them and I might include them in the story.

Be warned I am using an OC in the story, her name is Kay, she's Nazz's cousin and is only a year older than her. And just so you know, no I'm not ripping off Nazz's design and style, Kay isn't just a character that I made up all-of-a-sudden, Well, the name of her is, but the character design of her isn't something new.

Also be warned, if you ARE a big fan of Edd (Double D) and not a fan of the OC X Official Character I would suggest not reading this... Because this is an amateur story with an OCXOfficial Character coupling, also... I'm a sucker for Double D, he's really cute, socially awkward around girls, he gets flustered so easily and is just cute to me c:


All in High School (except for Sarah and Jimmy, of course) Kay is transfered for a couple months. She's a Junior with Double D (He's so smart, why the hell not?) while everyone else are still Sophomores.

Maybe a multi-chapter story, maybe not, but for now it's a one shot.

"Hey guy's, I have some awesome news!" The fifteen year old Nazz announced as she bounced into the cafeteria, spotting her ever-so-awesome boyfriend, Kevin. Along with his surprisingly best friend, Rolf. Even the "Ed's" have gotten closer to the group of friends ever since their trip to Eddy's older brother a couple month's back.

"What is it, bouncing blonde girl?" Rolf asked as he bit into the strange sandwich of his that consisted of beet's and something else. From Nazz's grinning features and the joy bubbling up inside of her, she exploded in uncontrollable laughter.

"My cousin is coming to stay for a couple months!" She finally said, her smile getting wider. Kevin coughed and chocked on his sandwich.

"Y-Your cousin, cousin Kay?" Kevin specified. This caught the attention of two out of the three Ed's. Eddy, and Edd (commonly known as sock-head or Double D)

"Kay? Who is this Kay?" Rolf asked, looking very confused as he looked to Kevin's almost "love-struck" look and from Nazz's over-joyous radiating smile.

"Who is Kay?" Kevin whispered once out of his trance, he slung his arm around his friend's shoulder and started to whisper in his ear. During this quiet conversation Rolf's eye's widened and his mouth turned into a small "o" shape.

"Really now?" Rolf said, scratching the light scruff on the edge of his chin slightly. "How interesting..."

"Yeah" Kevin agreed, nodding his head. "Hey, Nazz. When will she be here?"

"Any time now! She was getting settled and said she would catch up later when I left this morning" Nazz explained, sitting down and snatching one of Kevin's chips.

Double D gulped slightly while chewing on his sandwich. Kay was coming back. What would Marie think? Double D shuddered slightly, he didn't want to think about that... Or her... Either of them really.

The cafeteria's door burst open, everyone's attention was now focused on the new girl who strolled in the cafeteria. She was dressed strangely. She had shoulder length Auburn hair with bangs that swooped over her right eye, ocean blue eye's, a single neon green streak on the front of her bangs. She had black dye under her hair, like the under part? She also had black legging's, a black skirt that ended above the knee's, and electric green boots. Bulky head phone's hung from around her neck and they were a surprising yellow color. Her shirt that she wore fell off her left shoulder slightly to reveal black, thick straps underneath. Her shirt was also a hot pink with red lips on the front.

"Hey, hey, 'Cuz!" Kay declared as she strutted towards them. Her hips swaying as she walked and her chest having that bounce to it.

Kevin's jaw dropped, true he hasn't seen her in years, true she was different, but DAMN...

"Kay! You finally made it!" Nazz exclaimed, standing up to great her older cousin. Kay smiled and held out her arms. Nazz held out hers and the two of them did a certain handshake that was hard to follow.

"Kay, you remember Kevin right? Eddy, Ed, and Double D?" Nazz said, pointing down to her friend's after they were done. Kay blinked but nodded in turn.

"Yeah, I remember them. This one is Rolf, right?" Kay said, coming up behind the blue haired boy. Looking down at him while he looked up at her wide eyed, his head tilted back.

"It's a pleasure to meet you" He grinned, standing up and taking her small, petite hand, while shaking it. Kay was surprised by how tall he actually was.

"You are Kay? Yes? I have heard much!" Rolf said, his boyish charms making him cute. Kay gave a slight smile and nodded.

"Same here, Rolf." She nodded and looked down the row of familiar faces, her eyes landing on the three Ed's. Eddy's eye's were wide and roaming over her body hungrily. Ed was just staring at her with a goofy grin on his face. Double D was, well, trying his best to act invisible by chewing on his Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich quietly with his shoulders hunched.

Kay grinned evilly while walking up behind the trembling Edd. Her pale arms snaked their way around his neck, down his chest and her hands clasped together above the end of his tie. Edd's eye's widened and he gulped the rest of his sandwich down, he blushed brightly when he felt Kay push her chest into his back and rest her cheek on his sock-like hat.

"Ohh! Double D! How I've missed you so!" She cooed out, her lightly shaded green eyelids slid closed as she tightened her arms around him.

"I-I-I've m-missed you t-too, Kay" Edd stuttered slightly, blushing even brighter and pulling at the tie that he wore, it suddenly seemed to tight. Little beads of sweat found their way down from his temples and dropped off at his chin. "O-Oh my... D-Did it suddenly get much hotter in here?"

Eddy held his sides from laughing so hard, the rest of the table was in little chuckles and giggles, except for Kevin. Kevin's face reddened from anger. That should've been him she was cuddling and cooing to like that, not sock head. Rolf just looked on in confusion and Nazz was snacking happily on the chips she stole from Kevin without him noticing.

"Hey! Get away from my boyfriend!" A voice shrilled from across the cafeteria.

Ahhh... Drama.