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This chapter was inspired by Motorcycle's "As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix)"

All I see is red. In my eyes, on my hands, on the walls, on the cold, tiled floor. Bloody, burgundy, violent, red. I want to clean it, make it the gray color it once was. I don't like this color. There is a throbbing in my head, a consistent pounding, that doesn't stop. A symphony of drums, echoing longingly in my brain. It's melody pouring it's song into my soul.

I am on the floor. I wonder how I got here. Did I fall? Did I crawl? I can't see anything, my eyes are too full with blood. I am in a heap in the floor. I feel my knobby knees against my bony elbows. I stretch my hand out and feel warm liquid. Did I leave the bath running?

I try to push up with one hand but it slips in this unknown liquid, so I just end up back where I started. I cry now, I am useless, and cannot move. I am trapped in this endless red. I blink rapidly, and nothing changes. My hands slip through this liquid and I bring my dripping hands to my face and try to rub my eyes. Smear this blindness away.

Why can't I see? Why is the only sound that of my heartbeat, and thunder?

"Katniss!" I hear through the fogginess of my brain. I press my head against the floor and try to locate the sound.

"Katniss!" More clearer. I sob now, wanting to know where I am, what they are going to do to me.

"Katniss!" I feel hands grip my shoulders and shake me into oblivion.

"Peeta," I wail, and blink back the blindness. But I'm not blind. It's just blurry beyond reasoning. I have feeling in my eyes, too. A burning, tingling of saltwater tears.

"Katniss, baby," Peeta croons, wiping his thumbs under my eyes, close to my tear ducts. I am not eyeless anymore. I see him, blonde hair flopping over his forehead, large shoulders with prominent collar and shoulder bones.

I breathe deeply, wanting to get back to reasoning. I am not dying. Death is not at my door, Prim is not waiting for me.

"Are you alright?" Peeta asks wearily, afraid of an attack or an episode. Nightmares usually induce a painful aftermath. I look up at Peeta who is shirtless in this summer heat, our bodies only clad in a thin white sheet.

"I'm fine," I say, and experimentally trail my fingers over his triceps and biceps, tracing the muscles there. I bring my fingertips back and forth, and stare in Peeta's eyes, as he gauges my reaction. This tenderness I am exerting is not normal after one of my nightmares.

"Kiss me, Peeta," I whispered, and dug my hands into Peeta's golden locks at the nape of his neck and forced his lips onto mine. Peeta felt like he was trying to convince himself before he finally let himself free in the kiss.

Peeta moved his hand slowly across my breast, barely applying pressure, but I felt my body react to the heat of his hand, and I pressed into his hand. He inhaled sharply, and I felt him harden against my side.

Then his thumb swept across the very center of my breast and I was enthralled. My body arched against Peeta, and pushed myself into him as hard as I could and I whined, embarrassingly, but owning it. Peeta's breathing was starting to become uneven, and he let more of his weight drop onto me, pressing into me harder. On of my naked clad legs crept, of it's own accord, up the side of Peeta's and around, using it to pull him closer.

He slid his thumb across me again, harder this time, as though to see if he would get the same reaction the second time. He did. I arched my back into his hand and without meaning to, bit down hard on his lip. I was immediately worried he would be turned off, but Peeta's only reaction was to exhale sharply into my mouth and kiss me harder so I guess I hadn't hurt him too badly. I let my tongue follow along the place there I had bitten, trying to sooth the hurt and was jolted by the taste.

I tasted like an Indian summer, and cool lemon water. Peeta massaged my breast harder, and moaned into my mouth and I couldn't stop. After a few seconds, a forced myself to. Peeta looked confused as I pulled back.

"Let it heal," I whispered. Peeta's tongue darted out to feel across his lip, brushing his fingers over his plump lip.

"I don't mind," He said, a little hesitantly, after a few seconds. "If you — if you like it, I don't mind."

Peeta was giving me permission to bite him. A reason to mark my territory.

"Another night," I whispered, then leaned up to continue kissing him. Heat seared through my body, and I pulled on his hair and arched against him, and caused him to growl deep in his chest. Peeta's fingers threaded through my hair, and then reached my hips, and pulled my hips flush against his. I groaned into his mouth. I forced my fingers to detangle themselves, and let my hands roam the expanse of his back. Feel his muscles as they dipped and moved as he grinded himself into me.

I let my hands dip into the dimples of his lover back, and slipped my hands to they could push his underwear off and to his knees. Peeta wiggled and kicked them off to the floor. Peeta's hands gripped the waistband of my shorts, and yanked them off in one pull and hand them flung on the floor where they belonged. It was too hot in here for clothing.

Peeta pushed himself into me in one thrust and I was clinging desperately to something I didn't have a name for. His breathing grew more ragged, and his body tensed, his hands only moving themselves, and me more frantically as I knew what was coming. I moved my body against Peeta', matching his rhythm, trying with the same franticness to help get him there.

Finally, Peeta's mouth stilled against mine, lips parted and he let out a deep groan into our kiss. His hands pulled me against him once more and then he held me there as his body tightened. I braced my back the best I could on the bed and let him devour me.

I knew Peeta's body — and mine — still needed the friction, so I rolled my hips in place the best I could. This produced a grinding sensation that brought another pleasurable noise from Peeta's lips and one from mine too.

I felt heat then, wet and filling my body. Peeta's hips jerked against mine and he groaned again. I rocked my hips more insistently as Peeta's heat washed through me, and then I was done too. I let my head fall onto the pillows, and Peeta let his head fall into the crook of my neck and I felt him kiss the thin skin there.

It was strong and intense, building in my spine as well as my belly and making me want to cry out. All of my love and my pleasure, but I bit my lips on the loudest of it so only a few whines escaped.

Peeta's hands left my hips to circle my holding me as I shuddered beneath him. Then with a deep exhale, Peeta's body went lax, mine following seconds later.

"I love you," I said clearly, smiling into his eyes.

"I love you too, Katniss," He said roughly, pulling me flush against his body. "I'm yours until you don't want me to be."