Hey, so this is my first twilight fanfic. Hope you enjoy it.

Summary:Edward and Bella are half siblings. Edward is obsessed and in love with Bella. Bella will do anything to get Edward off her life,but Riley,James,and Scott are there to help Edward make bella his. EdxB, RxEm, JxA. MAJOR INCEST. So don't read if this kind of things gross you out...don't say I didn't warn you.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own twilight or any of the characters. Stephenie Meyer does

Edward:18 years old

Bella:12 years old

Bella pov:

Alice and Rose were supose to come to my house to watch a movie, insted they bailed on me because they're going on a double date with Jasper and Emmett. So I'm stuck here at home with my brother on a friday night, which I don't mind.

I'm a bit nervouse being stuck at home alone with Edward. Edward is sitting in the couch watching me intently with a smile on his face while I did my homework. Charlie and Esme got a divorce when Edward was nine,soon Charlie fell in love with Renee Higginbotham the woman that gave birth to me ,the marriage didn't last long, Charlie was heart broken when Renee filed for a divorce. When I was eight I wanted to go to phoenix because I knew I reminded Charlie of Renee to much,I told Edward this and he went balistic, he locked us both in the bathroom and begged me to stay until I said I would stay.

"So bella, what do you want for dinner?" Edward asked

"Uhm...I think there's some spagetti left in the fridge, we could just heat it up"

"Kay" He responded getting up from the couch.

I followed him in the kitchen helping him heat up the spagetti.

"Why isn't dad here yet?" Dad usually came home around 6 o'clock.

"His coming home late" was the only respond Edward gave me. There was happiness in his voice.

When we finished dinner we went back to the living room watching The big bang theory my favorite tv show. I started laughing when Sheldon tells a joke that didn't make any sence.

"Bella come here" Edward patted his lap.

"Um..Edward i'm not sitting in your lap"

He ignores me and takes me from my spot and sets me down in his lap.

"Edward what the hell do you think your doing?"

He just chuckles and pets my head like a cat.

"Shhh...kitty" he coes

"Edward I'm not a cat" I say getting angry.

He shrugs and moves some hair aorund my shoulder to get access of my neck, he starts kissing around there and his hands starts to roam around my stomach.

"Edward! what do you think your doing?" I scream.

"Bella keep quite, we don't want the neighbors to hear!" he hissed in my ear.

I get off his lap and slap his face hard while tears blur my vision.

"Edward! were siblings we shouldn't be doing this kind of things"I cry out

Edward stands up and walks over to me. He bends down put his lips in my ear and whispers

"You tell anyone about this, someone is going to get hurt Bella" he says with venom.

And with that he walks away. My knees shake making me fall to the floor, I don't hold back the tears and break down right there.

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