Brother's Obsession.

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Chapter 13


"I got a little change in my pocket going ching-a-ling-a-ling", I sang quietly folding my clothes and putting them in a neat pile. I spent a great time cleaning the house trying to keep myself occupied and a better use of my saturday.

Wanna call you on the telephone, baby, give you a ring

But each time we talk, I get the same old thing

Always, "No huggee, no kissee until I get a wedding ring"

"My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf…" I stood up and headed to my room. I gently put each pile of clothing inside the cabinet when a voice started singing in a southern accent.

"She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself""The accent reminds me a little bit of Jasper when he sings southern music. I turn around scared of the intruder in my bedroom. Edward stood there looking like a god… like he didn't belong in a quiet small town but instead somewhere in a Greek mythology book. He seems like his in a good mood he showed his perfect white teeth and his vibrant green eyes matched with his outfit…where did that come from? Alice is starting to get to me. Edward sat on the corner of my bed, he toyed with a cute stuffed lion toy. I hum to the beat of the song Keep Your Hands To Yourself, for days Edward would sing the song out loud and the song stuck in my head! Gosh his irritating but the lyrics is pretty catchy.

"Ooh, baby, baby, baby, why you gonna treat me this way?" I can't help but smile but his voice sounded a bit… sad?

"My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf", I sing along.

He guffawed,"No no no my love, the song goes something like this…" I didn't hear his footsteps but he was suddenly at my side leaning against the cabinet he smiles happily.

"You know I'm still your loverboy, I still feel the same way"he wiggled his eyebrow suggestively smirking in a weird disgusting way.

"Okay Mr. Song-Know-It-All" he laughs and takes a strand of my hair and plays with it.

"Hmm but I do know the song by heart, I listen to this often because it reminds me of a certain couple" I narrow my eyes feeling like the "certain couple" might be me and him but I quickly brush off the thought it can't be us because we are NOT a couple… thank god.

"Aw forever alone Edward?"I joked. I walk to the kitchen remembering the cookies I put in the oven a while ago. I hope they're not burned.

"Yes for now but I won't be "forever alone" for too long" He added air quotation around the words 'Forever Alone'. I don't have any idea of what his talking about but decide to play along like I understood him.

"Okay" I turn around and reply to him.

"So how's Charlie?" That was out of the blue I'm surprised Edward's even asking about Charlie seeing as his not giving a single fuck if his caught associating with me. I put on oven mitts and take out the batch of cookies in the oven.

"Uh, his doing good why?" I put the cookies on a plate to cool down, I take a small bite of one of the cookies silently enjoying the taste.

"Nothing… just wondering if his still mad at me" He sounds very sincere like he really cares what Charlie thinks.

I turn around and looked him straight in the eye looking for any indication as to why he suddenly care what Charlie has to think about him.

"Ed… Charlie was never angry at you he was just very disappointed"Edward thought deeply looking down at his shoes he furrowed his eyebrows.

"But why?"

"Edward… I'll admit that sometimes you get on my nerves and you do things that make me uncomfortable but other than that you're good. You're a good person, sure you're a bit hard to control at times but Charlie expects you to act a certain way, ways that will not embarrass him or draw negative attention to him I mean US his family and the family name. He loves you very much sure he doesn't show it but his him! His Charlie. His disappointed that you got in a fight involving me…you're his only son and as his only son you're suppose to be more responsible" Edward's facial expression turn from sadness to anger.

"But Bella It wasn't my fault! That guy was…" I cut him off.

"That "guy" was what Edward? He didn't do anything to you!" I feel myself getting angry now, I just don't understand why Cauis and Edward hate each other.

"He was trying to get in your pants" His hands are in a fist at his side his breathing rough and fast.

"Stop it! Stop looking at me like that and no he was not trying to get in my pants. His just trying to be friends with me!" He looked pained his eyes look so depressed.

"A guy like him can't be friends with a girl like you" jesus christ! what is he talking?

"What do you mean a guy like him and a girl like me? Guys and girls can't be friends now?" Now he looks pissed he strides angrily his shoes hitting the kitchen floor loudly. I'm afraid but I don't want to move… or I can't move. I want to be not afraid of him anymore but its frightening.

"I don't like him I will never like him got it? Next time I see you and him talking together it won't be fucking pretty, understood Isabella?!" I quickly nod my head and respond in a quiet small voice.

"Yes " all my courage to stand my ground is all gone now I feel my face turning red and tears forming in my eyes. I turn around and start washing some plates and mugs in hopes of calming my fast beating heart. Deep breaths Bella… come on, breath in… and breath out. My hands are shaking a little as much as I try to steady them they keep shaking. Minutes past each one of us unwilling to talk first. We stayed in the kitchen for quite sometimes, it might've been an hour before he said

"Shit…" Edward mumbled to himself then he got quiet.

"Want to come with me Bells?" he asked from behind I take a glance at him just to see his mood now his sitting down with a half eaten cookie in hand. I groan mentally, I don't want to go anywhere with him god knows where his going to take me. But making Edward angry is just stupid! When Edward doesn't get his way he'll most likely start throwing a tantrum until I agree with him. I don't answer still feeling uneasy.

"Bellaa please?" he whined like a little boy asking for a cookie.

"I don't know… if Charlie finds out I-"I started reasoning.

"He won't I promise"his voice is exited now. I turn around and face him.

I gulp feeling a hard lump in my throat I finally answer him in a quiet voice "fine but you promise me you won't get us in any trouble" He smiled wickedly and agreed. I got change in decent looking clothes, party outfit as Alice my say it. We walked to his silver volvo around the corner from our house. The walk is awkward… but his smiling like his enjoying it.

"So-" we both say at the same time.

"Sorry go ahead"I said feeling even more awkward.

"No no you go ahead" Edward takes a hold of my warm hands stroking it with his cold ones. My eyes widen in surprise my stomach is feeling uneasy but I quickly remove my hands from his.

"How is Carlisle doing?" I wonder if Edward is staying at his old room. We reach the car and like a gentleman he opens the door for me and close the door gently then he goes to the drivers side. He turns on the heater and the radio starts playing a slow classic music then we start driving away.

"Carlisle is doing great actually I think his banging this chick-" My face heats up, I didn't mean to ask about Carlisle's sex life how embarrassing " I think her names Elizabeth his been seeing her for a while now, they go out to dinner and stuff so I have the house pretty much to myself which is sweet so if you want to come and give me a visit sometimes" he smiled at me and put one hand on my knee. Edward's disgusting side is starting to show I want to remind him I'm his sister but he never listens to me… like it doesn't matter we're related and I have a feeling it really doesn't make much of a difference.

I push his hand in disgust"Oh thats great I think... but a little too much information don't you think?" I laugh nervously.

"Hm I don't think so you asked how his doing and I told you what I know, at least his happy now right?"he kept his head straight at the road.

"Right…" I have a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach I can't help but ask him.

"Where are we going again Edward?"

"You'll see soon my love"he turned to smile at me. I shivered not feeling cold but feeling sick, goosebumps rise to my arms and neck.

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