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"One more time." Santa said as if he were speaking to a three year old.

"Santa, I think he gets it." Curtis said, sighing in boredom. Santa looked over at him and then at his head elf, looking for his opinion.

"With all due respect, sir, I believe he understands what you are trying to say." Bernard said, bowing his head in respect.

"I just want to make sure he doesn't-"

"Corrupt her innocent mind! We get it!" They all said in unison.

"Santa, chill out already! I will not try and brainwash your little girl when she arrives. No problem." He said innocently, truly not interested in meeting Santa Claus's little angel.

"Good. Just remember that if you cause her any trouble or even bother her, Frost, I'll-"

"I got it the first time, Santa!" Jack Frost said as he laughed at the fat jolly elf man.

"Alright then, Comet should be back with her any minute." Santa said, sounding much more nervous than he had been for the past week.

"Santa, calm down. It's not like it's the first time you'll be seeing her. You have nothing to worry about and we have you're back." Bernard said, trying to calm Santa down.

"I know but it's just been so long and-" There was a loud crashing sound coming from outside. They all exited Santa's office in a hurry and rushed outside to see someone face-down in the snow and Comet was laughing his antlers off.

Santa rushed to her side. Curtis and Bernard helped him lift her up. Jack watched from afar with a sly smirk on his face. That smirk vanished when he laid eyes on the beauty that was Santa Claus's daughter. Her pale skin and rosy cheeks, her long, wavy blonde hair with icy blue highlights, her crystal clear blue eyes, her nice petite form with other certain attributes Jack did not fail to notice, she was a goddess. He just loved her sense of style; a tight fitting sweater with baby blue and white stripes, white skinny jeans with a few rips, black boots with faux fur on the top and a pair of puff balls hung from them, a black knit cap and a black scarf wrapped loosely around her neck. He nearly purred in delight, he was going to enjoy having her around.

"Hey, Santa!" She said happily as she embraced the big man clad in red tightly. She knelt down in front of Curtis and hugged him tightly, "Curtis, you look cute as ever!" She said, pinching his cheeks and he smiled sheepishly. She hopped up to her feet and planted a long kiss on Bernard's cheek before hugging him tightly, "Bernard! Still rocking the curls, I see." She said playfully as she tugged on one of his curls. "Oh, I missed you all so much!" She exclaimed.

"And we missed you too, honey. We are all happy to have you back," Santa turned to his elves who were gathering around, "Aren't we?" He exclaimed. They all agreed in perfect sync. That always freaked her out a little. She giggled.

Jack smirked, straightened his coat and practically skipped over to them. He stopped in front of her, smiling nicely. She smiled back awkwardly, glancing at her father for introductions. He seemed to roll his eyes, "This is-" He began but he cut him off.

He took her hand and placed a kiss on her hand, "Frost. Jack Frost." He said, barely lifting his lips off her hand. Shivers ran down her spine at the cold of it but it made her warm for some reason.

"I-I'm Belle. Nice to meet you, Mr. Frost." She said shyly.

"Oh, please, call me Jack." He said with toothy smile.

"Alright," Santa clapped his hands together, "let's get you settled in and then we can all go for some hot cocoa!" He said excitedly.

"Santa! Santa!" Two elves yelled as they ran toward them frantically, "Santa!"

"What, what? What's the matter?" He asked worriedly.

"There's a problem in the factory! One of the machines has caught fire!" They said frantically, again perfectly in sync.

"What machine?" Bernard demanded to know.

"Teddy Express!" They said before running off toward the Toy Factory or Work Shop, as others call it. Santa, Bernard, Curtis and the rest ran after them quickly. When they came through the doors it was complete chaos. Teddy Bears were flying everywhere, elves were running around in terror, the fire elves were nowhere to be found and the fire itself was huge.

Belle started to cough, her asthma acting up. She covered her mouth with her hand tightly so her dad couldn't hear her coughing. If he heard her, he'd panic. He always froze up when she had her small asthma attacks. Belle waved her hand in front of her to clear the smoke but that didn't work very well since she started to wheeze.

"Where on earth are those Fire Elves? Has anyone seen them?" Santa called over the screaming elves. No one seemed to hear him. "Curtis, go look for the Fire Elves!" He ordered. Curtis gave him a nod and ran off to find the Fire Elves.

Belle was having a hard time breathing. She felt like she wasn't getting enough air into her lungs. She knew she should leave but she wanted to help her father with the crisis. She coughed some more, hacking when she tried to catch her breath. Bernard saw this and grimaced at her. He pushed past some elves, being taller than most, and grabbed her wrist. Jack and Santa noticed this and were confused.

"Belle, what are you doing here? You know your asthmatic! You have to get out of here, now." He said sternly.

"B-B-But..." She coughed, "I can-" She gasped for air, "probably help." She sputtered.

"Not when your having an asthma attack." He barked. He looked at Santa, "May I?" He asked. Santa nodded and shooed them with his hand.

Bernard started to pull her out of the factory, using a bit of his force since she was resisting. He pulled her far enough and sat her on a bench. She immediately put her head into her hands and gasped for air, coughing violently.

"Where's your inhaler?" Bernard asked. She shook her head. "You don't have it with you? Your supposed to have it at all times, Belle." He scolded.

"I haven't," She swallowed the lump in her throat, "had an asthma attack in years, Bernard." She said, still breathing heavily.

"Still, you're supposed to have it at all times in case something like this," He pointed back at the factory, "happens." He sat down next to her and rubbed small circles on her back, trying to calm her down.

"Alright, I'm sorry." She breathed, choking on the air, causing her to cough again.

"Are you feeling better now that you've got some fresh air?" He asked her. She nodded her head, laying back into the bench wearily.

Curtis came running back into the factory, bumping into Jack who was watching calmly by the sidelines. Jack was waiting until the machine was damaged enough to step in. He watched as Curtis frantically told Santa that the Fire Elves were nowhere to be found. Of course they weren't, Jack told them that Santa had said they had the day off. It took him a while to finally convince them but he had done it all the same. Santa began to panic slightly when the giant machine started to spit sparks around and the fire grew higher, not nearly reaching the ceiling but it was dangerously high. By now people started to cough and Jack had a hard time breathing. He cleared his throat and walked up behind Santa, tapping his finger on his shoulder. He looked back at him with questioning look.

"Need a hand there, Santa?" He asked calmly. Santa gave him a look of confusion. "Seriously?" Jack asked as if it were obvious, which it was yet Santa still had that dumb expression on his face, "Yeah, hi, I'm Jack Frost." He tried to hint the clueless man. His expression finally changed as he understood.

"Oh, yeah, that would be great." He clapped his hands to get the elves attention, "Everyone, stand back! Jack is going to take care of this!" He said as everyone scrambled away.

Jack inhaled a lot of air, his face turning blue and then blew it all out on the flaming machine. The fire wasn't exactly put out, it was more like put out and then frozen. Hard ice was covering the machine almost entirely and the smoke was rising high up, consuming everything in the place.

"Come on, someone crack a window!" Santa said as he started to cough. Some elves got right to that as the rest of them exited the building. They all looked at Santa with an expectant look. He cleared his throat, "Alright everyone, we'll wait until things clear out in there and then we'll get right back to work. I'll get some elves to work on the Teddy Express right away." He said, dismissing his elves until further notice.

Curtis pulled on Santa's pant leg and he looked down at him. "I don't mean to be a Bernard but Christmas is just two weeks away, sir. Don't you think we should try and speed up the process?"

Santa chuckled, "Relax, Curtis. We're ahead of schedule actually and I would like some time with my daughter, thank you very much." He said as he looked around, searching for his daughter. Instead, he spotted Bernard and Judy running up to him with no Belle. They looked worried. Santa groaned, "What now?"

"It's an emergency, Santa," Judy said.

"And that wasn't?" Santa asked, pointing back at the smoking factory.

"This is much worse, Santa, much, much worse than that." Bernard said, sounding as much as a pushover as he usually sounded like. Santa raised an eyebrow, indicating that he was waiting for the bad news, "We just received word that there have been five, count them, five new entries into the Naughty List, sir."

"Oh no, how could that be?" Santa asked, sounding very disappointed. "Well, who are they?" He asked, almost afraid to know.

"Angelica Edwards, Robert Jones, Donnie Ruiz, Sean Watson and Jay Alva." Judy informed him.

"What? That can't be right, Jay has been on the Nice List for six years straight and the boys' eighteen. And little Angelica wouldn't be naughty, she's only two!" He said in disbelief and disappointment.

"I'm sorry, Santa but we don't make mistakes." Judy said.

"I know, I know and I suppose you need me to sort some things out in the office, right?" Santa asked sarcastically. Judy and Bernard both grimaced and averted their gaze. "Of course I do. There always has to be something keeping me from my daughter. Can't fail." He said sarcastically. He turned back toward Curtis but he was no longer there, instead Jack was standing there. Santa grimaced sourly, "Jack, do me a favor and..." He swallowed the bile that rose in his throat, "go along with Belle." He choked out.

Jack smiled maliciously, "My pleasure." He purred as he walked off to where Bernard and Judy had came from. It didn't take long to spot her sitting on a bench with her head in her hands all alone. He straightened his coat and walked over to her coolly, "Well hello there, Miss Claus."

Belle flinched at the sound of his voice and looked up in surprise, "Oh, Jack! You scared me." She said as he giggled awkwardly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Miss-"

"Call me Belle." She corrected.

"Belle. Such a pretty name for a pretty girl." He said sweetly. He liked the way her cheeks turned red.

"Y-You really think I'm pretty?" She asked, pushing some hair behind her ear to avoid eye contact with him.

"Well, of course I do. Who wouldn't?" He asked innocently.

She scoffed, "Pretty much anyone that isn't from the North Pole. It's probably because it's dark out. I'm really not that pretty." She rolled her eyes. "Thank you." She said, referring to the compliment.

"It isn't a problem to speak the truth." He said simply, sitting down next to her. He glanced at her, "And I bet you can sing too." He said, chuckling.

Her cheeks flushed again, "Oh, no, I'm a terrible singer and I'm not being modest, I truly can't sing to save my own life." She said, laughing at herself.

Jack gave her a nod, "Then you must be able to dance." He said as he hopped up from the bench. He grabbed her hands and stood her up, pulling her to him for a slow dance. She giggled a bubbly kind of giggle that sent chills down Jack's spine. He shook it off, he wasn't going to get attached to Santa's daughter, it would ruin everything he stood for.

He swayed them side to side slowly, pulling her closer with the hand he had low on her waist. She gasped in surprise and then giggled so he chuckled along with her. He was actually enjoying this very much. Dancing under a simple streetlight with this beautiful girl to no music in particular. It was rather peaceful around the area as well.

"You are a wonderful dancer." He complimented honestly.

"No, you are, Jack." She said, giggling.

"Oh, why don't you let me compliment you?" He asked, pretending to be annoyed by this although he was smiling.

She laughed. It was like jingle bells sounding off. "I'm sorry, Jack." She managed to say between laughs.

He released her waist but kept a hold of her hand, "Would you like a cocoaccino? It's my own special recipe."

"I would love that." She said with a radiant smile. Jack smiled back and gently pulled her along, hoping she wouldn't notice the hold he still had on her hand. Luckily, she never noticed or at least she didn't do anything about it neither was there anyone in the kitchen when they arrived.

When they entered the kitchen, Jack swiftly let her hand go and went to the cabinets as if he hadn't been holding her hand at all. Belle wouldn't mention it, she liked holding his hand. It felt nice although the coldness of it left her hand feeling a little numb. She thought he was awfully nice and a complete gentleman. He was funny too, she liked that. She also loved his hair, it was amazing.

"Have I mentioned that I love your hair?" She asked randomly as she watched him prepare their drinks.

"No." He said simply.

"Oh... Well then I love your hair. It looks amazing." She said, stifling a laugh.

"Thank you. I freeze-dry." He said as he poured the hot drinks into festive mugs. "I love your hair. The color in it really brings out your eyes which are beautiful by the way." He said as he handed her the mug. "Careful it's hot." He warned as she took it carefully into her hands.

"Thank you." She mumbled before taking a sip. She loved the sudden flavor she got, "Mmm, minty." She said before taking another sip, "Very ...hm- Refreshing."

"You like it?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes I do, it's delicious." She said with a smile. He smiled back at her, putting his mug down and crossing his arms, resting them on the counter.

"So, you like coming to the North Pole to visit your parents?" He asked, starting on his mission to get information out of her.

"Of course I do. I just love it here." She said.

"You don't mind the cold?" He asked curiously.

"No, I actually love it. Dad says I've always had a high tolerance for the cold." She said with a giggle.

"Oh, how wonderful." Jack stated randomly. He had no idea why he had said it but she nodded so no harm done. "And do you like it that your father is the Santa Claus?" He asked, back to business.

"Well, at first it had been a bit hard to handle. I didn't have him around very much before he was Santa Claus and when he assumed that position, he was completely lost. I didn't particularly enjoy coming to the North Pole at first but I started to get used to it and then I met Bernard. When I met him and we became best friends, my outlook on things changed and I loved it more than ever." She explained.

"You and Bernard are best friends, you say?" He asked, pretending to be interested. He needed to know so he could find a way to lace Bernard, Santa's head elf into his plans to take over the Christmas holiday.

"Inseparable." She said simply as she drank more of her drink.

"You can tell. There's a nice connection between you two. It warms my heart, really." He said that last part sarcastically. Belle giggled.

"But enough about me, tell me more about yourself, Mr. Frost." She smiled.

"What would you like to know?" He asked.

"Well, for starters, what are you doing in Christmastown?" She asked curiously.

"Oh, just making up for a few naughty things I did, nothing too bad." He shrugged, "It's sort of like community service." He explained.

"Do you hate it? Doing the community service, I mean."

"Well, community service is community service but I don't hate it. I love it here at the North Pole... so much." He said that last part toward himself.

"So can you actually do all that stuff that stories tell?" She asked.

"Well, that depends what the stories tell about me." He said with a smile.

She laughed slightly nervously, "The stories always make you seem like a bad guy..." She smiled at him when he frowned, "I've always said you were just misunderstood is all. Everyone always looked at me funny but that's what I thought." She shrugged.

Jack honestly smiled at her, "Really?" She nodded. "Well, thanks. It makes me happy to hear that for a change."

"It isn't a problem to speak the truth." She said, quoting him from earlier. They both laughed at that for a while. Jack reached over and grabbed her hand, giving it a light squeeze.

"You are a delight, Belle." He said, catching his breath from laughing.

"As are you, Jack." She smiled, putting her hand over the hand he had wrapped over hers. They shared a smile before they finished off their warm drinks. Belle was first to put her mug down, "I wonder how things are doing at the factory..."

"Oh, I'm sure Santa has everything under control. He has an amazing ability to keep things on track, it's amazing how he does it." Jack said to her, trying to keep her there.

"Yeah, mom says I inherited that from him," She laughed, "I don't think that's true, I can't even keep my room in order."

"Well, nobody is perfect, believe me you." He said as he finished his drink. He took the mugs and put them in the sink. Belle yawned. She tried to muffle it but Jack still heard it, "You must be exhausted." She nodded and suddenly felt her eyelids very heavy, "Come on, I'll walk you to your room." He said, hooking his arm with hers.

They walked in silence all the way to her room. When she opened the door, she turned back to him, "Thank you for everything, Jack. Good night." She said. She seemed to hesitate but then she quickly pecked his cheek.

"Good night." He said in shock. She smiled and closed the door. Jack touched his cheek, feeling a strong burning sensation there. He furrowed his eyebrows as he headed to his humble abode, elf sized no less. He mentally argued with himself, reminding himself that he could not get attached to the girl. He didn't want to admit it but he was already waiting for tomorrow so he could see her again... to put his plan in motion that is.

Whoa, what is going to happen from here on out? Is Jack going to use her for his evil plans or is she going to warm his heart and make him stop his evil ways? Will she find out what Jack is up to and where does Bernard come in to all of this? Where is Mrs. Claus and why am I asking you so many questions when I'm the one who's supposed to know? Well, find out in the next chapter to come! Please, leave reviews, no one seems to do that anymore! I enjoy reading the compliments very much... think of it as an early Christmas present to me :)