I know I probably shouldn't be starting a new fic until one of my other one's is done, but I told my sister I would get this posted awhile ago, and I finally got it thought up, Pokémon is owned by Nintendo, Digimon is owned by Bandai


Darkness, that's all there is now.

Darkness, all because of them.

Those kids! And their digimon!

I will have vengeance!

The moon hung high in the sky above the peaceful place known as Pallet Town.

Professor Oak sifted through papers in his lab; he was working late trying to figure out what he thought might be a new breakthrough in understanding where pokémon's energy based attacks came from. He carefully looked over every word written down before looking back at his calculations, he smiled, the excitement in his eyes not deterred by his exhaustion.

Suddenly, without warning a nearby computer seemed to turn itself on, the screen glowing with bright light.

"What!?" Oak cried in shock as the whole room shook. Papers and books floating right off the shelves, the power that seemed to be emitting from the computer suspending them in midair, and then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. The computer went dark, and the papers and books fell to the ground.

Oak stood in awe at what just happened, he carefully walked over to the computer and looked it over. He knew he had to find out more about what just happened. Oak carefully pressed the power button turning the computer on; he braced himself for something else to happen, when nothing did he set to work; his previous work momentarily forgotten at the prospect of new discoveries.

The sun was high in the sky above Pallet Town, as a pokémon trainer known as Ash Ketchum; having returned home from his journey in the Johto region, was taking a break from traveling to spend some time home before he set off to the Hoenn region. Ash was right now enjoying a nice breakfast of pancakes, prepared by his loving mother.

"This is great mom," Ash said as he happily gobbled down the breakfast, as his mother; Delia Ketchum watched her son with a smile.

"I'm just happy to have you home sweetie," she said kindly. "Ash?" Delia questioned when she heard a coughing sound, her eyes widened to see that her son appeared to be choking "ASH!?"

"Pikachu!" Ash's faithful first pokémon shouted; tackling Ash from the back and knocking the piece of food he was choking on out of his throat; Ash sighed of relief.

"Thanks Pikachu," Ash thanked, giving the electric mouse an appreciated pat on the head.


"Ash, you really need to be more careful," Ash's mother said in some relief. "Pikachu won't always be there to help you, you know."

"Oh come on mom, Pikachu and I will always be together," Ash disagreed, without hesitation.

"Pikachu pi," Pikachu said with a nod, climbing up onto his trainer's shoulder. Delia was about to say something else, but the phone rang, she looked at it and shrugged before walking over to it and answering it.

"Hello, Ketchum residence," Delia greeted. Ash and Pikachu glanced at one another briefly before looking back at Ash's mother as she talked on phone. "Oh, ok. We'll be right over," Delia said after a few minutes, then hung up.

"Who was that?" Ash asked his mother, who smiled.

"Oh, that was Professor Oak, he says he's made an amazing new discovery and wants us right over," Delia explained, Ash nodded and stood up from his chair, eager to see what this amazing discovery was.

The walk to Professor Oak's lab wasn't very long. But it felt long to Ash; who was excited to see what it is that the brilliant professor had come up with. Pikachu chuckled at his trainer's eagerness, though he had to admit he was feeling a bit eager himself.

"Well, here we are!" the young trainer announced as he knocked at the door, Oak soon opened the door to let them in. "So Professor, what discovery have you made?" Ash asked.

"Pikachu pika pika," Pikachu said looking around, as Delia followed her son and his starter into the lab.

"It's over here, Ash," Oak said; full of eagerness himself, ready to show what he believed to be a discovery of amazing proportions. Ash walked over to where the professor pointed and stared blankly.

"It's a computer?" Ash questioned, feeling somewhat disappointed that what he came here to see appeared to be just a plain old computer.

"Pika?" Pikachu questioned; feeling something off about the computer.

"Now Ash, I'm sure there's more to it than just what you see," Delia said, walking beside her son.

"That's correct Delia," Oak said, walking in front of them and placing his hand atop the computer. "Tell me Ash, have you ever wondered if other worlds existed?" Oak asked Ash eagerly, the boy looked to be in thought for a moment before answering.

"Well maybe sometimes, but I've never really put much thought into the idea." Ash answered as best he could. Pikachu continued to stare at the computer screen intensely; he carefully jumped off of Ash's shoulder and began walking towards it.

"Well Ash, everything about the possibilities of alternate realities, or other worlds up until now has just been theory," Oak said before turning back to the computer. "But now I believe I may have made a ground breaking discovery, you see, just about a week before you came home something happened."

"Something happened?" Ash asked, not noticing Pikachu climbing up the chair in front of the computer to get a better look at it.

"Yes, you see, one night when I was working, my computer somehow turned itself on. It glowed brightly gravity almost seemed to be suspended within the short timeframe that this occurred."

"Oh my," Delia spoke with concern; she was surprised to hear about this supposed incident.

"I believe this was another world trying to make contact with our own; through the computer. I looked throughout my computers data after the incident and I think I found a change that may have been caused by this. I tried to access it, but I hadn't figured it out just yet, but now the computer seems to be acting as a link of sorts between the worlds," Oak explained as Pikachu sniffed at the computer screen, slipping a bit and pressing the power button in the process. "All we need to do is to learn how the communication works. This could revolutionize our very perception of reality; just think of-" Oak was saying when the computer began glowing brightly.

"Pika!?" Pikachu gasped as he felt the glowing computer screen drawing him closer to it.

"Professor, what's going on!?" Ash cried he immediately tried to grab Pikachu but the glow of the screen began growing in intensity; nearly blinding the three humans, who instinctively covered their eyes. Pikachu tried to reach out to his trainer, but he felt the pull from the computer getting stronger, Pikachu was soon pulled right through the screen.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu called out as the light faded from the computer screen. Ash, Delia, and Oak slowly uncovered their eyes and looked around.

"Pikachu!" Ash cried out for his missing pokémon, knowing something had happened to him.

Pikachu found himself floating in absolute darkness. He looked around in curiosity, he felt weightless, he then noticed something; hundreds-no-thousands, maybe even millions of little ones and zero's, floating all around him. He sighed; he didn't want to be here-wherever here was-he wanted to get back home.

Pikachu took another look around the darkness for anything that could possibly be an exit, but could find none, it was then that he caught site of something horrifying: his tail appeared to be dissolving. Pikachu gasped as his tail vanished, followed by his body, quickly working its way up to his head, Pikachu gave a cry as he dissolved completely.

There, don't know if it was any good, but I hope you enjoyed and give me pointers to help my writing, next chapter the digimon will show up.