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Chapter 1: Tending the Animal

" it's drive three more miles and then turn...left? Nono...right!" A teen murmered as he drove his way through town. "Goddammit I hate maps!" He groaned as he threw the atlas onto the floorborad of his truck and sighed. Spiky orange hair popped out from under his hat as he made a too-sharp turn and barely made it in time before the light went red. "Ugh!" I need a damned Garmin or something... As he drove, he then saw a large sign that said 'Karakura Zoo' and he sighed. "Finally!"

As he parked, a young man around his age rushed out to his truck, his red braid swinging back and forth. "Uhh...sorry I'm-"

"You're ten minutes late, and this is your first day!" The red head snapped, smacking the teen on the back of the head. "Grow a sense of time, Ichigo!"

"I left my house fifteen minutes early!"

"Then grow a sense of direction!" He scolded and grabbed Ichigo by his hand. "C'mon, the boss wants to show you who you'll be taking care of."

More like who is he feeding me too...Ichigo thought.

Ichigo's first impression of his boss was 'crazy and definatly not stylish in any way'. He had a white and green striped hat, clog like sandals, and was waving a fan in his face. "Ah, so this is the newbie, huh?" He pulle dout a small clipboard and began scrolling down it with the tip of his fan. "Kurosaki Ichigo, yes?"

"Yeah, sorry about being late and all." Ichigo nodded. "I live out in the country so-"

"Then you'll feel right at home with all the animals!" His boss announced.

What's that got to do with anything?

"The name's Kisuke Urahara, but you can call me Kisuke if you wish." He held out his hand and Ichigo took it, shaking it firmly. "Hmm, nice grip, but save your strength, you'll need it."

"Huh? What for? You're not gonna make me wrestle with lions, are you?" Ichigo chuckled, but his co-worker's loud laugh nearly drowned him out.

"Ya ain't that lucky, rookie!" He laughed. "You get ta deal with Shiro." Ichigo gave the red head an awkward glance.


"Man, you sure you didn't just pick the job because it was avalible?"

Well...kinda yes and no. To be honest, Ichigo loved animals. He had wanted to be a vet rather then a doctor, yet he needed money first before college. So when he had heard the zoo in the city had an opening, he all but jumped and skipped at the chance.

"He's the meanest cat we got; he doesn't get along with many of the other keepers here." The red head admitted. "All rookies have to try him out. Believe me, it sucks."

"That's because you were tackled, Renji." Kisuke said with a smile as they approached a large pit. Ichigo looked into the pit and felt like he would fall in. It was filled with fake ledges and rocks, a few trees here and there for shade. A small lake was near the center, with an island of rocks in the middle. It was there that rested the largest living cat he'd ever seen. The animal was pure white, long tail dangling off the edge of the rock it was laying on.

"Is that...Shiro?"

"Yup! He's an albino leapord, not a snow leapord. He has almost no spots on him! Really rare creature." Kisukle said as they walked away. Just as he started to follow, Ichigo couldn't help but feel like a set of burning eyes were watching him.

They reached a small gate that lead to the inside of the pen. "Uh...I'm sure as hell this isn't safe." Ichigo grumbled.

"Nonsense! Shiro here is practically a housecat, only six times larger!" Kisuke grinned, unlocking the gate. "Just stay calm, ok? He won't hurt you...just spook you a bit." Ichigo honestly couldn't believe that a zoo owner would allow this.

Then again, said zoo owner opened the damned gate to begin with... he reminded himself. He walked in, feeling everything tense up around him. As soon as he entered the open pit, something heavy slammed into him. He felt a large, snow white paw press down on his chest and he looked up into the oddest set of eyes he had ever seen. Pure gold, surrounded by ebony stared into his widened brown eyes, as if trying to read him. There was a low growl and the white tail was swishing wildly. He knew this meant agrivation. "Tsk, what are you so pissed about huh? I'm the newbie here."

The large cat snorted, slapping snot onto Ichigo's face. Ugh...nasty. It then riased it's lips and what Ichigo at first thought was a snarl, but as the large cat purred, which was odd considering large cats weren't supposed to purr, he figured he was laughing. "You're an odd one, huh? Guess we've got something in common then." The large cat pressed on his chest a bit more before getting off and hopping onto one of his large ledges, curling up and watching Ichigo from a distance.

"My my, he seems to have taken a shining to you." Ichigo all but squeaked as Kisuke's voice sounded right next to him.

"Don't do that!" He snapped.

"I expect you hear tomorrow around six. The zoo closes at nine, so you'll be in charge of cleaning his pit tomorrow. If you have a day shift, you're in charge of feeding and watching him." Ichigo stared at the man and he waved his fan in his face. "Come now Ichigo! It isn't every day you get to work with a rather...difficult animal." He turned and looked at the large cat, his eyes locking with the feline.

...Difficult doesn't even half explain it... Ichigo blinked and shook his head at the forgein voice and sighed.

My imagination? Whatever... He turned and watched the large cat yawn, disregarding him and couldn't help but feel a bit irked. Oh, ignored by a cat? We'll fucking see about that one...

Chapter 1 end

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