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Two Marshals and a Baby

"Let me do that." Marshall took the dishes out of Mary's hand.

"I'm not an invalid." She rolled her eyes and picked up some dirty plates that had been left on the table.

"I know but you look tired." He replied, reaching for the plates and then setting them down by the sink ready to be washed.

She turned to grabbed some more when she felt his arms circle around her waist and she automatically settled back against him. He rested his chin on her shoulder and placed his hands on her pregnant stomach. With nine weeks left, Marshall knew the pregnancy was taking its toll despite her protest.

"Our families are probably wondering where we are." She commented, although didn't move away. It was the week before Thanksgiving and they were having an early celebration.

"Jessica is keeping them entertained."

"Speaking of which…It's getting late, if she doesn't go to bed soon, she'll be cranky tomorrow."

"Ah and we don't want that." Marshall kissed her cheek before stepping back. "Okay, here's the plan…We get her to bed, get everyone else coffee and then once they've gone, I'll run you a nice hot bubble bath and I'll clean up in here."

"What if I don't want to have a bubble bath alone?" She turned to nice him, this time it was her who looped her arms around his neck and got as close to him as her stomach would allow.

"I don't think we will both fit."

She pulled back to look up at him. "Did you just call me fat?

Marshall opened his mouth but then paused for a second, knowing his response could get him into more trouble.

"If I promise to give you a back and foot rub later, can we drop this conversation?" He offered.

"Deal." She pushed herself up onto tip toes and pressed her lips against his.

He grinned and followed her out of the kitchen to re-join their families. They had decided to try for a baby after their conversation when Jessica started calling Marshall, Dad. After speaking with doctors, they were told it might take a while. Typically, they were different to most people and Mary got pregnant straight away so they decided to postpone their wedding until after the baby was born. They had also been planning on travelling to Phoenix to visit his family over Thanksgiving but that was also cancelled and his parents, brothers and their family visited them instead. Although Mary and Jessica had met his parents a handful of times, they had never met his brothers but so far things were going well and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

They both paused in the doorway and watched the scene in front of them. Four of Marshall's youngest nieces and nephews, Jamie, four, Nicola seven, Lucy eight and Mitchell nine were fast asleep, curled together on couch. While his teenage nephew Justin tapped away on his cell phone, looking bored.

On the other side of the room, Jinx was sat with Marshall's older brother Nathan and his wife Kathy, giving them advice on getting Nicole and Lucy into a dance class. Mary rolled her eyes when she saw Brandi flirting with Marshall's eldest and newly divorced brother, Stephen.

Jessica was squeezed between Marshall's between parents on the second couch, a photo album that they had brought with them open in her lap.

"It's time to say goodnight, Princess." Marshall put an arm around Mary's waist and guided her into the room.

"Noooo…" She whined, looking up at them.

"It's way past your bedtime." Mary added. "You'll see everyone tomorrow."

She crossed her arms and pouted but didn't move. Seth couldn't help but chuckle at her response and reached over to take the album.

"You get to choose who tells you a story…" Mary offered although she already knew the answer.

"Daddy…" She scrambled off the couch and ran towards him.

Marshall still grinned widely at hearing her call him that and lifted her into his arms. "Say goodnight to everyone."

"Good night everyone." Jessica repeated, giving the room a wave making them all laugh lightly.

Marshall tucked her in and looked towards the bookcase, hoping he could get away with readying a short story so he could rejoin everyone else.


He looked back to her. "Yeah?"

"Where did the baby came from?"

Marshall froze and his eyes widened slightly. He had not been expecting that question. Since they told Jessica about the baby, she had been excited to have a little brother or sister but didn't ask many questions.

"Well, you're Mom and I talked and we decided that we would like to give you a brother or sister."

"Oh…." Jessica thought about what he said. "So, did you give Mom the baby?"

"Kinda…" Marshall said slowly, really hoping he wouldn't have to go into detail. "Hey, do you want to know a secret?"

"Yeah!" She sat up excitedly.

"You can't tell anyone…And you can't tell Mom I told you." Marshall replied, knowing he would probably get into trouble if Mary found out but he would do anything to stop going into more details about the baby.

"I promise!"

"Okay, do you know what we're doing tomorrow?"

She shook her head, rapidly and was almost bouncing in the bed.

"Well, Mom and I are getting married."


"Yep, we are going to surprise everyone…no one else knows." He whispered.

"Do I get to be bridesmaid?"

"Of course..." Marshall assured her. "We got you a pretty dress to wear."

She squealed and jumped into his lap, hugging him tightly.

He laughed. "Okay, quiet or everyone is going to wonder what is going on."

"Oh." She mimicked zipping up her lips.

"Right, now how about that story?" He suggested, lying her back down.

He ended up reading her two stories because she was too excited to sleep but by time he finished the second, she was out. He kissed her forehead gently and then quietly left the room.

He was surprised to find his father in the kitchen doing the dishes.

"Dad, leave that…I'll do it later." Marshall told him.

"The longer it gets left, the harder it will be to get the food off." Seth commented. "You can dry if you want."

Marshall joined him at the sink to start drying and for a few minutes they worked in silence.

"I'm glad you made it out here…" Marshall said. "It's nice to see everyone."

"It's about time we all spent some time together and you're mother has been bugging me for a weekend away." Seth shrugged it off.

"Well, I know Jessica loves having you guys here."

"She's a sweet girl." Seth commented. "It's nice to hear her call you Dad."

Marshall grinned again. "Yeah, it is…"

"You seem happy."

"I am."

"Thanks, Dad…" Marshall replied, a little bit surprised.

They both feel silent again, not use to having this kind of conversation but it only lasted a few minutes before Seth spoke again.

"Come on, move a little quicker or did you want to spend all night washing these?"

Marshall rolled his eyes but couldn't help but smile still.


"I can't believe you told her…" Mary grumbled as Marshall and she waited for their family to arrive.

They had arranged to have the ceremony in a private garden and then they would go to their favorite restaurant. They hadn't wanted a big wedding and had only come up with the idea a few weeks ago when they found out Marshall's family were visiting. With the baby and work, they didn't know when they would have time to plan a wedding and didn't want to wait much longer so decided to just go for it. It had been pretty exciting just the two of them knowing.

"Hey, it was either that or tell her about the birds and the bees."

"God, you're such a girl."

"I'd like to see you do better."

"When is everyone getting here?" Jessica turned to them. "I want the wedding to start!"

"They'll be here soon, Princess." Marshall assured her.

Brandi and Jinx arrived first then Marshall's family. They still didn't tell them what they were doing there because they wanted to wait for Stan and Delia.. They had been told they were going to fancy restaurant and they all needed to dress up but they were all confused why they were there and not getting something to eat.

"Sorry we're late…" Stan said as Delia and he joined the group. "You know how work can be…"

"So, are you going to tell us what is going on now?" Nathan questioned, keeping an eye on the younger children chasing each other around.

"Okay, well…We have a surprise." Marshall announced an arm around Mary. "Do you want to tell them?"

"Daddy and Mom are getting married!" Jessica exclaimed before Mary had chance to say anything. "And I'm bridesmaid!"

Everyone exploded with questions, asking when and if they were serious.

"Okay…." Marshall raised his voice to be heard. "Yes, we're serious and yes, we're getting married today…Here"

"Oh my god!" Brandi exclaimed.

"We didn't want to wait." Mary continued. "And we thought we could surprise everyone."

"Oh this is so exciting!" Marshall's mother gasped and hugged them before Jessica pushed her way between them and grabbed her parents' hands.

"Come on….I want to be a bridesmaid!" She stated, pulling them towards the entrance.


Mary sat, half listening to Stan telling everyone a story about her and Marshall when they first became partner. She had heard it many times and Stan seemed to elaborate more and more each time he told it. She looked toward her partner…her husband and couldn't help but smile as he was adding his own version of story,

She then turned her attention to Jessica who was sat on the next table with the other children but she looked deep in thought. She stood up and walked towards her daughter, sitting in the empty seat next to her.

"Hey…What's going on over here?"

"Nothing…" Jessica shrugged. "Just thinking."

"About what?"

"Daddy said that he gave you the baby…"

"Well, yes…in a way, he did." Mary replied, instantly regretting giving Marshall grief about this earlier now that she was in the same situation.

"Like a gift?"


"So, where is it now?" Her eyes moved down to the baby bump. "In your stomach?"

"Close enough, yes."

"Hey, how are my girls?" Marshall joined them at the table.

"Daddy…" Jessica turned to him. "Mom ate the baby!"

Mary groaned and Marshall smirked at her. "Told you, it wasn't so easy."


Nine weeks passed quickly and unlike Jessica's early birth, this baby decided to stay put for another week after the due date but he finally made his arrival at 3:14am on Christmas morning.

"He's so tiny…" Jessica whispered, sat beside Mary on the hospital bed and looking at her little brother.

"You were smaller when you were born." Mary told her, adjusting the blanket so his face wasn't hid.



"So, what do you think, Jess?" Marshall asked, sitting on the other of Mary on the bed and put his arm around his wife.

"He's cute." She shrugged. "What is he's name?"

"He hasn't got one yet."

"Oh…Do we have to call me Jesus because he was born on Christmas day?"

Marshall laughed. "No, we don't…"

"Who gets to decide his name?"

"We do." Marshall told her.

"You know, when you were born I asked your Dad to pick your name…" Mary informed her then glanced at her husband. "I think he did a good job."

"Yep!" Jessica grinned in agreement. "He should pick again."

"What do you think?" Mary said to Marshall. "Any ideas?"

"Well, how about Jacob?" Marshall suggested; it had been a name Mary and he discussed and knew that they both liked it.

"He needs two names!" Jessica insisted.

"Jacob Joseph?" He looked to Mary who was watching their son.

"It suits him…" She whispered, running a finger down his cheek.

"Can I call him JJ?" Jessica asked.

Marshall laughed lightly. "If you want."

"Okay…I like it." She announced and leaned down to the baby. "Hi JJ…I'm your big sister, Jessica!"


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