The ragabash stood looking through the portal into Nevada Hive, her pack mates behind her on the moonbridge by a good fifteen minute run in lupus. Though no pack-link bound them together, Mercy knew that her lover was already in there, being held against her will. She cursed Unicorn in a dark corner of her mind for swearing her and the other Children of Gaia to silence about the fallen camp of drug-users, and cursed herself that she hadn't thought that the Black Fury would be in any danger, and cursed herself again for leaving her alone for even a minute!

"Sara..." she whispered, full of pain. She struggled to obey Double-Aught's orders to not go into the hive, but her heart was tearing itself to bits to leave Sara. Mercy had to admit that as soon as the rest were done mopping up the Spirals, they would catch up with her, and they would make her come back to River's Might... Without Sara.

And she couldn't do it.

Not for Double-Aught, not for Rowan, not for Winds... Not even if Donny himself showed up and begged her to come back to the sept with him could she countenance leaving Sara "Last Laugh" behind.

"I'm sorry, Ro. I can't go back without her." Mercy thinks, sending the thought back to her pack alpha. He protested loudly in return, begging her to wait.

But it was too late.

She stepped through.