Jack and Guides are stunned silent by Sara's quiet declaration. She stands up, practically vibrating with fury and her grip almost painfully tight on Mercy's hand. "Shen was my friend and she tricked me. She played on every weakness and sucked me in with her lies. Mercy saved me, and I'm proud to say that I'm just as much to blame for that bitch's death as Mercy is."

"She was a garou of the Nation!"

"It was a servant of the Wyrm!"

Mercy and Guides look on with eyes and jaws similarly wide open, as the argument grew more heated than the sauna they were already in. One-liners fly back and forth, both turning red with rage. Then Mercy's heart drops as the last of Jack's comments fell into a resounding silence.

"I bet you didn't even try to save her!" Jack spits venomously. "I bet it was just too hard, just like with Viktor. Both of you fight so hard for him and the moment you have him," he snaps his fingers, "just like that, kicked to the curb."

Sara's eyes narrow, and Mercy hears and sees the vicious retort forming on Sara's tongue. Mercy grips her arm, her knuckles white and face flushing red.

"Well why don't you ask him how many garou pelts he's saved up and see how long you stick with him!"