Title: Who Said It Was Easy? – Part 1
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Ron and Hermione during that first year after Hermione is back form Hogwarts.
Word Count: 787
Beta: exartemarte
Warnings: Implied nudity.
Summary: First morning Ron and Hermione wake up together as a couple doesn't go quite as planned.
A/N: Originally written for urbanmama1 who bid for this on the community helpbrazil2011. I'm terribly sorry this is so late! Hope I can make up for it. Here's the first part and there's still more to come.

Who Said It Was Easy? – Part 1

An annoying beeping sound woke her up.

Beepbeepbeep … Beepbeepbeep … Beepbeepbeep

Hermione kept her eyes closed, slightly arching her back against the mattress, wishing the noise would to stop.

Beepbeepbeep … Beepbeepbeep … Beepbeepbeep

No, it wasn't going to stop. So, reluctantly, she started opening her right eye, as if afraid of the bright morning light. However, the blinding sunlight breaking through the window would be the most insignificant concern in her life in just a second, when a big hand came right into her face.

"Ooww!" she cried as the huge palm hit her nose, pushing it slightly upwards.

Sheets ruffled as someone struggled against them. She didn't care. Hermione could only cradle her nose between her fingers and fight back the tears that instantly welled up in her eyes.

"Wha'? Shhhhhit. Hermione, are you okay? I'm so sorry. The- the alarm w—I thought. Fuck. Sorry. I didn't mean—Crap, is that blood?" Ron asked hastily in practically one breath.

Hermione looked at him through blurry eyes and now bloody fingertips. She couldn't answer. To her chagrin, more tears came to her eyes. Why wouldn't they stop?

"Oh, no. Don't cry. I'll fix it. I'm sorry!" he said, bouncing off the bed and running to the bathroom. "Oh, buggering bollocks," she heard him mutter right before he dashed into the room again carrying an old dark blue shirt.

Kneeling on the mattress, he softly laid one hand on her head as if he was afraid she would break like her nose probably had, and prompted her to press the shirt against her nose. When she did, he started frantically looking around, searching for his wand.

"Use mine," Hermione said, her voice unusually nasal. With wand in hand, he looked helplessly at her. "Episkey."

"R-right. Episkey," Ron muttered under his breath, waving the wand around her nose, trying to control the shaking of his hand.

She noticed the bleeding stopping instantly and the pain fading away after two deep breaths. With a sigh, Hermione relaxed and smiled reassuringly at a very shaken Ron before taking her wand back to clean the dried blood with one swift motion. Only when he saw her without any trace of blood did Ron relax and put both hands against her cheeks. Leaning forward with much more care than he would under other circumstances, he pressed his forehead against hers letting his long nose touch hers ever so lightly.

"You forgot I was here," Hermione said resolutely.

He opened his eyes and looked guiltily into her. "I- I..."

"I cannot believe you, Ron," Hermione reproached, snapping his hands away from her face. "This is the first time we wake up in the same room and I end up with a broken nose and a bloody face!"

"I didn't mean to! I was asleep and that bloody alarm just wouldn't stop-" Ron couldn't go on. His girlfriend suddenly burst into a fit of laughter, her mood changing in a heartbeat. He looked at her dumbfounded, running his words in his head over and over again in an attempt to find what could have made her end up in this state. This had happened before. More times than he could count, Hermione hadn't even smiled at his intended jokes, but she seemed extremely amused at things he did without even meaning to be funny. "What is so funny?" he finally asked.

"We must be quite a sight," she said, chuckling and drying the tears from the corner of her eyes.

They glanced at each other, their eyes lingering on the other's naked body. Ron's shirt and his old, cotton sheets stained with Hermione's blood pooled around her hips.

"We are, aren't we?" Ron said in a hoarse voice, fighting the blush that made his ears burn.

Then, he grabbed her legs and pulled her down, her back hitting the mattress. She looked so happy, laughing hysterically with her bushy hair framing her face in a crazy disarray, that Ron couldn't help but smile as he climbed on top of her and kissed her slowly. Hermione moaned and quickly slid her arms around his neck, burying her fingers into his hair.

"Good morning, love," Ron whispered against her cheek, kissing softly the corner of her mouth.

Hermione looked up at him and smiled that smile she reserved just for him. "This is how I want to wake up every day of my life," she said with a happy sigh.

"This is how you'll wake up every day of our lives, then." He chastely kissed the tip of her nose. "Unless you sleep on my side of the bed and I break your nose trying to turn the alarm clock off," Ron finished, laughing.

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