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Summary: After Harry receives a letter from his best friend, Kagome, Harry is all too interested to begin to help out his best friend and her relationship with Inuyasha.

But when the headmaster hears of this, he strongly disagrees and tells Harry to concentrate more on defeating Voldemort. And just when Harry was about to accept that he would never be able to see Kagome yet, Hermione and Ron exclude him from their friends list, believing that he shouldn't hang around with non-famous people; could this get any worse? Apparently yes.

Draco sees that the other boy is friendless and tries to persuade Harry a second time around to be friends. But as Harry has no one else to talk about this with, he agrees.

Lies, Deceit, and nothing but trouble after trouble, will Kagome and Harry ever catch a break?

Pairings: Kagome/Sesshomaru, Draco/Harry(Slightly), Inuyasha/Harry(Main pairing)

A screech in the middle of the day caught Harry Potter's attention as he was chatting with his friends, Ron and Hermione. They had all just finished eating their breakfast in the great hall and decided to talk a while in the Owlery. Hedwig was persistent to getting her owner's attention. She squawked again and this time flew onto his shoulder, letting Harry know that she had come back, this time with a letter.

"Look's like she's got something, Harry." Ron and Harry both laughed to each other as they had already noticed the letter in the bird's beak as soon as it landed on his shoulder.

Harry took the letter from Hedwig's beak and ripped it open hoping it would be from Ron's mother. It wasn't. It was a letter asking him for help. His friend, Kagome Higurashi had just gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, Inuyasha and was now currently…on her way there?

"Kagome?" Ron and Hermione both glanced at each other to see if the other knew her or not.

"She's a friend of mine. She's seems to be running away from trouble…as usual." Harry folded up the letter and patted Hedwig on the head and gave her the last of his breakfast.

Ron and Hermione chased Harry down the stairs and bumped into his back as they were just rounding the corner of the stair case. They looked over Harry's shoulder and saw a girl standing in front of them. Her hair was black like Harry's and her skin was paler than theirs but other than that her complexion was fairly beautiful. But she looked depressed and upset.

"Kagome! How did you get here?" Harry asked, looking questionably over the girl's shoulder to see how it was possible for her to get there so fast just seconds after getting her letter.

"I uh…sort of had a fight with Inuyasha and well…he kind of kicked me out…" Harry sighed and gave his friend a warm hug as she cried quietly into his arms.

"Harry, we're just going to leave and find…Fred and George…" Hermione wasn't very good at lying but Ron had to give the girl credit for trying.

"You sure leave a rotting stench behind, don't you, Kagome?" The said girl flinched at the very voice who had called out her name.

Harry held her tighter showing his friend that she wasn't alone like she thought she was. The man laughed at this scene but hesitated when a white owl flew to Harry's side, landing on his shoulder with grace.

"Watch out, kid, you're next!" Inuyasha turned and left like a wild animal running on foot and headed into the forbidden woods.

Kagome's tears stopped flowing as the white owl hooted and gave her a peck on the cheek. The girl laughed off her previous argument and told Harry all about what happened the other night.

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