Hello everyone, Littlefearie here

Now I haven't been around for a long time and sadly I know there have people who want me to complete "Babysitting Is Fun". Well I have some good and bad news about the fic.

Good News:

Babysitting Is Fun will be continuing at some point. It's been a while since I last was invested with Fairytail so forgive me if my writing of any of the characters might be old.

Also if I can remember correctly as to where my old notes where; there is about 5 - 6 chapters left to finish off the story. maybe. They might be shorter compared to the old ones though sorry

Bad News:

All my old notes on the next chapters were on my old laptop and ipod both which are broken and I can't obtain the notes anymore. So the new chapters will be updated very slowly.

But I wanted to thank everyone who is reading and reviewing this story and my others still! At some point I might move to AO3 but I'll keep you all updated on that!

Keep smiling~