The Intoxicating Ice

Author: OTOMOL

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Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the KunZoi pair, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The story:

The day in which the ginzuishou reappeared was so special and unforgettable to me that it had been deeply carved in my memory. However, it wasn't because of that said-to-be special crystal.

Although I was a youma directly under Queen Beryl-sama's command as well as the leader of the DD girls, I was in fact no more than a common youma in the Dark Castle compared with the dark generals such as the shitennou or Endymion-sama. It was Queen Beryl-sama who wanted that crystal so badly, and youma at our grade actually had little interest on the ginzuihou.

It was only Kunzite-sama's tears that were engraved on my mind.


He was the tennou of space, but we called him ice king in private. We called him like that not only because of his silver hair, icy grey eyes with light silver-blue in them and pale cape, but also because of his freezing cold sight and his stony cool expressionless face.

Had there anyone to whom he had ever showed his warmth and emotional part, it would only be Zoisite-sama, who was one of his fellow tennou as the king of wind and fire. The icy coldness in his gaze melted for nobody but Zoisite.

When I saw Queen Beryl-sama put that feminine beautiful tennou to death, a multitude of feelings surged up to me. I thought I would have been happy, since I was so jealous to that boy who has copper hair and emerald eyes.

Sometimes I couldn't help think about one thing: What if I were his student as well as his fellow tennou while you are a youma? Would I be the one who had won his love instead of you then?

Yet, still I had to admit that you are really beautiful, you are prettier and more graceful than me, than Thetis, than any other youma in our Dark Kingdom, and even than Queen Beryl-sama or the moon princess, whom we had only seen in the books and documents.

Well, perhaps you were more than your good-looking face, but whatever, you're a male while I am a female!

When I was taken by jealousy I was so eager to cause that sissy some trouble.

I had thought about helping Nephrite-sama with his searching for the ginzuishou, or perhaps I could prevent that boy from collecting all the nijizuishou so that Her Majesty would punish him. It was not difficult to me, since he was that simple and almost unable to hide whatever he was thinking invisible to anyone.

Yet, I did nothing. Whatever harm I did to him and however hurt he felt would be magnified to thousands times when projecting on the heart of Kunzite-sama.

Kunzite-sama cared about even every slight movement and emotion of his little sakura, then how could I be hard-hearted enough to do harm to that boy, since I loved Kunzite-sama so much, though I had never dared to show my love?

I thought I would have been happy when seeing Queen Beryl-sama killing that sissy. It was that pretty young man with emerald eyes and copper hair who made me suffered the completely hopeless one-sided love. Had he disappeared from our kingdom, would Kunzite-sama notice me for even one single glance?

After all I was one of the most powerful ones among the direct-commanded youma of Queen Beryl-sama. I had a higher grade than most of the youma, I could use the power of illusion just as what was used to be used by Jadeite-sama, and my fellow girls had different kinds of abilities. Perhaps we were the most powerful next to only Queen Beryl-sama herself and the Shitennou when we worked as a team.

The boy was still calling the name of Kunzite when he was hit by our Queen. At that moment, the man being called suddenly turned with an expression of shocked—he couldn't believe in what he saw, as if he had never thought that Queen Beryl-sama would do such thing to her tennou who had his mission done.

He had never let his expressions visible in front of the others, except his little pet, perhaps. It was the first time he acted so impetuous, and it was for that boy…

There was even a hint of hatred flashed through his deep, charming silver eyes before the following sight of compromise to Her Majesty. I didn't feel happy when recognized how the death of that sissy affected him, thought I thought I would have been happy with the death of my enemy in love…an enemy I had almost no hope to defeat.

Kunzite-sama held that barely breathing boy in his arms and watched him dying in his embrace. I don't know why…I don't know why I didn't feel jealous at that moment at all, all I felt was the limitless feeling of sorrow flooding into my mind.

Finally the youngest tennou died beautifully in the arms of his lover. Nobody would ever knew that there was a me outside their beautiful illusory world spying on them with all sorts of flavors mixed up in my heart.

At last, Kunzite-sama released that delicate pretty boy who made me so jealous even after his death, stood up and paused before finally left without a single turn-round.

Still he didn't notice me, of course, since he had never paid attention to anyone other than the Queen and Zoisite-sama, neither human nor youma.

His cape was floating in the air, so elegant and handsome. Yet, I could see tears hiding in his silver pupils, and the crystal like tears were flashing sadly like ice and snow under the sunlight in the polar day of the North Polar.

"Kunzite-sama…" I murmured in the corner hiding myself in the shadow, and no one heard me.

My memory flashed back to long long ago, during when my best friends, Thetis, Grape and the two sisters of her, were still alive. However, they left me one after another.

We shared similar feeling at that time because we were all in the hopeless one-sided love to a tennou.

Thetis was the bravest of us, perhaps. She was more hopeful than Grape and me as well. Thetis loved Jadeite-sama, and he had never attracted by anyone.

Grape's love to Zoisite-sama was just the same as mine to Kunzite-sama. We are loving the different men but we share the same feeling of the bitter hopelessness. Both of us could understand that from the way the two tennou gazing at each other.

Even though we knew that, we had never even thought of turning back.

Thetis melted and dissolved in the ocean, and Grape had dead being cut into piece under the attack of "Moon-Tiara Action".

The both left, left only me alive with my four sisters. But were they happier than me? I had no idea. Well, at least they had strived for their love.

Thetis got a promise at last, though it heard not that willing and even not worth mentioning; Grape got a true smile, though the man she loved left for his lover with the kurozuishou in his hand after smiled to her.

What more could a youma expect from a tennou?

What about me? I was confused. Both Thetis and Grape were much braver than me.

The only thing that made me feel a little comforted was, I had my four sisters. They treated me as not only a team leader but also a friend, and the friendship we shared was stronger and truer than that among the Sailor Scouts. Well, the Sailor Brats were not the only ones who understood the word "friendship", there were lots of people—or youma—had a far better understanding on it than them.

My friends could give me nothing but warm, encouraging words, and that was enough to me. My homegirls contained not only Thetis and Grape, I knew I was not alone even after the death of Grape and her two sisters.

The day of the final battle came so soon, he had to face the five sailor brats including a Sailor Moon who had the ginzuishou all by himself. However, there was no fear in his sight. He was far more powerful than the sum total of them, but the ginzuishou…

How I hoped I could help him! Even if only to stop an attack with my own life. I asked for a battle assignment from Queen Beryl-sama but was refused by Her Majesty who didn't even bother to give me a reason.

I was such a coward that I dared not to insist like what Thetis had done before.

I saw him stood up to the princess who owned the ginzuishou, even the most powerful warrior was not powerful enough. In the end he was hit by his own weapon, still calling the name of that beautiful boy.