Well, ones are equal in life, and equal in death, so even a youma deserves love and friendship. Would those senshi ever understand this? -By OTOMOL (as the author).


The story:

I was hiding in the shadow, and nobody had sensed my being nearby.

When his boomerang was rebounded back by Sailor Moon, how I wish I could shield off that boomerang for him, even that meant my own life. However they were in a space created by Kunzite-sama. I could see them but I could not reach that space.

All I was able to do was watching his look of pain at the moment he was hit. Yet, the pain suddenly appeared in his silver eyes were far less than that one of a million when Zoisite-sama left him.

Perhaps just like the others guessed—this man who had lost his lover was only thinking of being killed by someone else instead of facing a meaningless fight, so that he could be with the boy he loves again. Even at the last second of his life he was still calling the name of Zoisite…

Kunzite-sama begged for being lead to the world Zoisite was in. He enjoys his happiness… perhaps, at least he had enjoyed that, since the one he loved so much had deeply loved him.

Then what could I do? What could I do except being jealous and despaired? Kunzite-sama, that glacier had never noticed my being there even till his death. My love to him might be not less than that of Zoisite, but it was doomed to be hopeless. I suffered even more tragic than Thetis and Grape.

Thetis had made a perfect project for collecting energy from human, and it was close to succeed unless suddenly appeared the Sailor Senshi; and Grape, she had done even more for Zoisite, she helped him get the kurozuihou, not mention that she had killed the man who disturbed his working on the mission.

But I had done nothing for Kunzite-sama, and all I could do for him was to give the revenge to the Sailor Scouts for him, and also for the boy he loves.

When hearing Queen Beryl-sama said that the great ruler Queen Metallia-sama needed a little more time to revive, I thought at once about whether the shitennou would also revive and stand in front of the chariot like what it was like during the previous life.

Well, whatever. At least I could give the revenge to the Sailor Brats for that man I loved…and that was also all I could do for him.

My four sisters knew clearly my thoughts. They promised to stand beside me, without a single second's hesitated, and needed no reason to do so. "That is what a friend for." They said to me, in a relaxed but serious voice.

I felt something in my eyes, yet, I managed to fight back the tears at that moment. It was definitely not the time to cry, no matter what for.

Also I had asked my sisters, whether was I too selfish when I drew them all into such a trouble facing the Sailor Scouts including a princess with the ginzuishou. But their answer made me feel calm and steady:"Whatever, we cannot get rid of death if the Sailor Scouts attack us with the ginzuishou, why not die fighting?"

That was correct. Since whatever we couldn't get rid of death, I preferred to die doing that last thing for him.

Hence, when Queen Beryl-sama asked who were to prevent the Sailor brats from approaching the Dark Kingdom, I stood out without hesitated for a single second. The Queen didn't stop me this time, perhaps she indeed needed someone to stop the enemies at that time.

Facing the cold wind with snow on the land of North Polar, we appeared on the ground covered by snow and ice. The icy, crystal-like white filled my sight, and again reminded me of that man with snowy silver hair and icy silver eyes, that glacier who melted only for that boy who was like copper golden fire.

He must had found his lover in that world, since he was so powerful that nothing would prevent him from doing anything he wanted.

Had he bothered a single glance at this world he had abandoned when holding his copper-haired beauty in his arms, he might see me pouring the craziest revenge to the Sailor brats for him. However, I wished for nothing. Neither a single thank, nor a single smile.

Sailor Scouts, because of you, he had to watch the one he loves leaving in his arm; because of you, I had to watch the one I loved so deep though he had never noticed me leaving following the one he loves to another world.

Sailor Moon, all the bitterness you had given him, given me, I would pay you back more than double.

Soon you would understand what the feeling of seeing beloved dying was like.

I used the magic of illusion. Was it silly? Would Sailor Moon really believe that painfully dying figure was her Tuxedo Kamen?

But she believed. Stupid girl, I knew she would believe. Thanks to her, I had tasted that hopeless and helpless feeling of witnessing the beloved one dying as well. It was a kind of hurt that almost impossible to fight back, not especially could a simple girl with little wisdom such as Sailor Moon.

And Sailor Jupiter, who didn't believe in my illusion at first, but she as well hesitated when seeing the man named Furuhata Motoki, and left us the chance to kill her.

Sailor Jupiter chose to sacrifice herself to kill us, and I lost two of my sisters. However, I clearly knew that it was not the time to feel pity of them.

I was not that fragile as Sailor Moon. That stupid cry baby in a sailor suit was crying and wanting to give up. Wasn't it too early to give up, Sailor Moon? My revenge was just beginning!

Sailor Mercury waved goodbye to the rest of the senshi and stood tried to fight us. I had to admit that she was too calm in emotion, and the illusion I created was useless to her. Well, it doesn't matter, I had millions of ways to kill her.

What I hadn't expected was her destroying the crystal on my forehead when she was dying. I lost the ability to create illusion without that crystal. Yet, it made almost nothing different, the D point of the North Polar was our place, and Sailor Scouts, you had no chance.

Sailor Venus was just as annoying as Sailor Mercury. I had attacked Sailor Moon just in time, but that Sailor Venus pushed her away. Well, then I would start with you, Venus, that Sailor Moon could live a few more minutes.

It was said that you had kind of affection on Kunzite-sama during your previous life, was that true? As a youma I didn't really knew about that, neither did I care.

However if that were true, then you were also a loser as I was. We had both lost to that pretty boy with copper hair and emerald eyes. We share a similar hopeless love which was doomed to be with no result.

While thinking about that I felt pity for us. At this D point of the North Polar, you, Sailor Venus was one of our enemies whom our Queen ordered us to kill; and we were the enemies who were standing on your way for the life of your princess. Perhaps one of us would win the battle, but we had both lost the love.

Such thoughts made my mind wandered for an instant. Just within one single second Sailor Venus got her chance, and I lost another sister, although Sailor Venus dead as well.

Only Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon left. Perhaps…perhaps I had done all I could, but not very longer forward.

In the end Sailor Mars and I both perished together. At the last second of my life, I saw tears in the eyes of Sailor Moon staring at the destination where her fellow shenshi had dead. Again I thought of my sisters, I thought of the man I loved, and also the boy loved by him.

Was that revenge enough, Kunzite-sama? Well, maybe you even didn't care since you were always that cold to whoever other than Zoisite.

His soul must had met his beloved beauty in another world, and where should my soul go?

I was really tired to see the happiness and sweetness of them. Well, it was true that I loved him, but the jealousy and despair would tear me into pieces seeing him…seeing him with that boy.

Perhaps I'd better to find Thetis, Grape, and my sisters and stay with them, wander around void together. There doomed to be no result for the love to a tennou as a youma. Thetis, Grape, we share a similar destiny.

However, if we had got another chance, still we were willing to love the ones we love—although only one-sided love, with our whole lives, as what we had done before.