Disclaimer : Naruto © Kishimoto
Genre : Humor/Fluff
Pairings : NejiTen and KibaHina
Word Count : 654
A/N : I was having a little trouble getting started so I thought I'd try something a little different...


"Arf arf arf!" the little kitty barked, wagging his fluffy tail happily as he played with his new friend. 'Akamaru' was the name of his big buddy, or at least that's what the nice girl with the two brown buns on her head had called him when she and the warm man with the long hair brought him to the park to play.

"WOOF!" Akamaru loudly replied, falling on to his back as Gufuu, the little kitty, pounced on to his stomach.

Gufuu, that was the little white kitten's name. He'd never really had a name until recently. Gufuu had spent most of his short little life out on the streets. He didn't really know how he got there, just that one day he woke up in a fluffy cold pile of snow. A big black dog had sniffed him out and barked at Gufuu, but the little kitten hadn't been afraid. He was too young to know about fear. And of course, much too cold. He'd shivered and sneezed and the big dog had barked again. Gufuu thought it was a funny sound, so he decided to do it too. But the dog had seemed less than pleased, and a bit confused, leaving Gufuu alone again.

The days were so lonely, and the night so cold. But everything changed one day when the man with the long hair came. Gufuu spotted him before the man did, and so he had started making all sorts of noises. He thought the man with the long hair looked nice. And he was right. The long-haired man picked Gufuu up and took him home. He'd carried Gufuu in his warm winter coat. The man had smelled so good. But not nearly as good as the food he gave Gufuu later. And definitely not as good as the bun-haired girl that the man took Gufuu to see next. She was really nice. And a pretty girl too. Gufuu liked her right away. And the long-haired man seemed to like her a lot too. Even after he gave Gufuu to the bun-haired girl he had gotten to see the man lots of times. He always came to see the girl almost every single day. And he always spent a lot of time looking at the girl, especially when she wasn't looking.

"Arft!" Gufuu happily rolled on to his side, looking over at the girl and the long haired man as they played on a frozen lake, dancing on top of sharp blades, next to the man with the red markings and the girl with the blue hair.

Beneath the little kitty, the big white dog mischievously smirked, swatting playfully at his furry little friend, as he growled a few grumbly noises. Both furry friends were looking at their humans and watching as they played in the snow.

For some reason, the long-haired man kept slipping and falling. It wasn't that he was uncoordinated though, he just hadn't noticed that the man with the red markings on his cheeks kept putting things in his way at the last minute to trip him up. For some reason Akamaru seemed to find this very funny. Gufuu thought it was pretty silly. Humans were strange creatures, the little kitty thought. But they were funny too. Although he didn't like seeing the long-haired man getting hurt, Gufuu did think it was pretty amusing to see the funny faces the long-haired man kept making each time he hit the solid ice beneath him. And the bun-haired girl looked really cute too whenever she tried to hide her laughing face behind the thick red gloves she was wearing. The other two were also giggling behind the long-haired man's back, but they weren't as good at hiding it as the bun-haired girl was.

Even though they had only recently met, Gufuu really loved his new humans. And his big buddy Akamaru too! "Woof!"

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Oh and Gufuu (whose the kitty from the previous chapters) means Tornado/Twister