Ruby Gloom

Gloomy Fathers' Day

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Chapter 5
"Oh,I am probably the worst daughter in the entire world!"Jealousy muttered under her breath.

"Jealousy,with or without a gift,you still love him,right?"Ruby reminded her.

"Of course I do!He was the one who taught me my first spell,poor mum!"Jealousy smiled at the thought of the father-and-daughter antics.

"And the gift is a token of appreciation,right?"


"Then it does not have to be ostentatious or extravagant,what is most important is your sincerity!"Ruby said,"And since you express yourself very well musically...!"

Jealousy was struck with realization and the cogs in her head began to churn.

"Little cousin of mine,you are a machine!"Jealousy squealed as she ran down the halls,calling out for Frank and Len.

'Well,now there's only one person left to cheer up!'Ruby thought to herself.

"You do not look like you belong to the human race!"Mr Gloom scoffed.

"Well,I am a skeleton!"Skull Boy retorted as his eyes narrowed.

Skull Boy tried to hold back the temptation to kick him out of the house...

If it weren't for the fact that he is Ruby's father.

He was worse than Vulcan.

At least Vulcan respected Skull Boy's feelings.

"Nobody dares to speak to me like that!"Mr Gloom hissed.

"Maybe someone should!"

"Insolent fool!"

"How could you even be the father of such a kind,sweet,cheerful and beautiful...I mean nice girl like Ruby?"

"Hi dad!Hi Skull Boy!What are you two up to?"Ruby asked with a cheerful smile.