Chapter One: My Best Friend's Boyfriend Is Hot

Briiing briiing! Briiing briiing!

The annoying chime of a phone rang throughout the luxurious penthouse of the famous novelist, Usami Akihiko. Grumpily, he slouched out of bed and dragged his body down the stairs, to the obnoxiously loud cellular device. Picking it up without checking who it was first, he slurred, "What?"

"I'm calling to make sure you're awake, Bakahiko." By the offending nickname and the signature irritated voice, Akihiko didn't even have to ask who it was…it was obviously Hiroki. So much for an easy going morning…

"Why? It's ten in the morning. I'm not coming over until four…"

"I know that! But if I don't wake you up now, it'll be practically impossible to later!" Hiroki yelled through the phone, most likely taking away five years of his friend's hearing.

"Calm down. I'm awake now, aren't I?" Akihiko amusedly replied, while running a large hand through his soft silver-blond hair.

"Well, you better not be late today!"

"Why are you so anxious for me to be on time, Hiroki? Do you miss me that much?" the handsome author smirked. It was just too fun teasing his best friend.

"NO, IDIOT! I just…don't want you to leave a bad impression on my…boyfriend," he mumbled the last word, flustered. Akihiko still caught what he said though.

Oh that's right. Hiroki invited me over just to meet his new 'special someone'. I've been busy writing my manuscript, so it must have slipped my mind. He's been dating this mystery man for quite some time now…I still can't picture a love struck Hiroki…, Akihiko chuckled at the thought of his childhood friend fawning over someone like a teenage girl.

"Don't laugh at me baka!" he roared at him.

"Oki-san, stop yelling! I hate seeing you in a bad mood," Akihiko heard a tender man's voice through the phone in the background. Hah, that must be his little love toy, he thought.

"Oki-san? Aw, Hiroki how cute," Akihiko commented, laughing.

"Shut up! Just be here on time!" Hiroki boomed down the phone before he hung up, saving any more of the conceited man's jokes from his ears.

Once Akihiko put the phone up he immediately, but begrudgingly, started on an unfinished manuscript. Well, it was more like a letterbomb. Considering how late it was, Aikawa was going to murder him anyways.

Hours flew by as did beautifully placed words from Akihiko's mind. Soon enough it was time to drive to Hiroki's. Happy with his finished manuscript, the author made his way to his friend's residence.

Akihiko pulled up to Hiroki's apartment. He was a bit early, which was rare for him because most of the time he was late. None the less, he walked out of his expensive red sports car and pressed the 'lock' button on his key holder before advancing up the stairs to Hiroki's door. He rang the door bell twice and stood expressionless, waiting for the door to be opened from the inside.

A few seconds passed before he heard fumbling at the lock, and finally saw the door fling open with a scowling Hiroki. Nothing unusual. "Hmph, you're early…that's weird," the brunette murmured.

"I'm as surprised as you are," he replied while shuffling passed the door, into the house, "Well, where's your little brat?" Akihiko asked with a sly smile.

Hiroki immediately shaded red at the mention of his lover. He turned around to lock the door, using it as an excuse to hide his heated face. "He's still in the shower. He should be out soon…"

As if on cue, the sound of the bathroom door opening was heard. The musky smell of humidity spread throughout the apartment. Seconds later, a petite young man casually walked out of the hall way. Akihiko's eyes widened and he, for the first time, blushed at the sight before him. The man looked very young, and was without a doubt a gorgeous piece of eye candy. His messy, shoulder-length brown hair hung damply around his pretty face. His eyes resembled fresh summer leaves, green and bright. There was no doubt he was attractive, but what really did it for Akihiko was the fact that the only thing that bared this gorgeous creature's body was a towel tied loosely around his waist, showing of his tan, caramel skin, hip bones, and two creases that became more defined the lower they went and would eventually lead to his groin if it weren't for the offending cloth shielding it. A few drops of water drizzled down his abs deliciously, from lack of drying himself off well. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck, the now awed Akihiko thought, for lack of better words.

"Hey Oki-san, do you know where I put my-" Hiroki's boyfriend stopped in mid-sentence when he noticed a tall, handsome man staring at him. "Wah! You must be Usami-san. I'm so sorry, I had no idea you'd be here yet! I-I'll be right back!" And with that he sprinted to where Akihiko could only assume was now Hiroki and his lover's room.

Akihiko decided to snap out of his little twilight zone once the ravishing man was out of sight. "Where. The hell. Did you. Get. A guy. Like that?" he questioned, gawking at Hiroki.

Glaring in return he answered, "None of your business…and don't even try to charm him, he's mine," he blushed, quickly realizing what slipped out of his lips, "uh, I mean…"

It was surprising to see Hiroki get so defensive and protective over someone else. It didn't scare Akihiko away though, it just made him even more curious to know what was so special about this boy, other than his unbelievable looks.

A few minutes later, Hiroki's very appealing boyfriend trotted out of the room completely dry, wearing clean clothes. His hair was still a bit damp, but it was starting to exsiccate. Akihiko still couldn't stop staring at him with lust tainted eyes. He was really hot. Hell, he was a sexy little tyrant! And it was rare for the author to think that of someone, or to even be interested in anyone other than Takahiro. Takahiro was a fairly cute man, but nothing compared to this hunk.

The young male walked up to the older men, supple lips curving upwards as he approached them. "I'm really sorry about that, Usami-san. I just wasn't really expecting you to be here until later," he explained, nervously scratching the back of his head, "otherwise, I would have taken a shower earlier…"

"Idiot," Hiroki huffed crossing his arms, "You wouldn't have been able to anyways. You're on the swim team so you would have gotten back at the same time either way."

"I would have still tried to hurry it up though," the green eyed beauty mumbled mostly to himself, "Um, well anyways…I'm Takahashi Misaki, but please just call me Misaki," he stated grinning attractively.

"Takahashi?" Akihiko asked. His eyes widened. Wasn't that Takahiro's last name?...No…this can't be Takahiro's younger brother. They don't even look alike.

Hiroki interrupted his thoughts. "Yeah. I've been meaning to tell you…" he started apprehensively, "you know Takahiro has a younger brother, right? Well, he goes to M University, where I teach,…and, uh, that's where I met him."

"Wait, you're going out with Takahiro's brother?" Akihiko bewilderedly asked.

"Yes…?" he responded, sounding more like a question.

The atmosphere was more than tense. It was intensifying.

Uhhhhh- WHAT? Akihiko's train of thought automatically went to 'derp mode'.

Hiroki, Akihiko's best friend, was going out with Misaki, Takahiro's younger brother, who was also the so-called love of Akihiko's life and friends with Hiroki. It was just too awkward, not to mention the incredibly unholy thoughts that were recently running through the author's mind about Misaki. To put it bluntly, it was a rather fucked up situation.

Finally, Misaki spoke up, breaking the uneasy silence. "Um…is there a pr-problem?" he questioned innocently.

Simultaneously, Hiroki and Akihiko swiftly turned their heads around and yelled, "NO!"

"Oh…uh okay then," Misaki replied caught off guard, "good," he smiled, green eyes unrealistically sparkling. Adorable, both older men thought concurrently.

"Well I should start making dinner now. Would you two like some tea while I'm at it?" Misaki asked.

"Yes, please," Akihiko politely replied, still eyeing the boy's lust-able body. Noticing a familiar tight feeling in his pants, he mentally slapped himself, I should have worn a baggier pair of pants…

"Yeah. Make sure not to-"

"Yes I know, Oki-san. 'Tea shouldn't taste sweeter than my Misaki-kun.' You don't need to remind me," the younger rolled his eyes, cutting Hiroki off. Afterwards, he practically skipped to the kitchen to boil the water for their tea, completely missing the hilarious sight of Hiroki's embarrassed, flushed face.

When Misaki was gone, Akihiko turned to Hiroki and smirked. "Well, he seems to know you well," he teased.

The young professor could have chosen to bombard his friend with a million profanities followed by a book or two…or fifty, but instead chose to keep his irritation locked up (…well, there's a first time for everything. Right?). "Yeah…" he whispered, looking down to hide the small smile that formed on his lips. Just the thought of Misaki being emotionally close to him made his chest feel warm in ways Hiroki could honestly say Akihiko never did.

Now, this left Akihiko incredibly confused. What the hell…of all the years I've known Hiroki, I've never seen him smile so…so…adoringly.

Akihiko began to feel an almost sinister emotion creeping into the back of his mind. The mean, boiling feeling started to take over his conscience as he felt something he never thought he would towards his long time best friend. The pretty author tried to hide it away, but he couldn't help but let it take over his sane state of mind. What he felt was none other than the abhorrent sixth deadly sin…dirty, dirty jealousy.

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