A/N Just to recap, Blaine cheated on Kurt with Sebastian the same night Kurt hears Dave sing for the first time. Later, Kurt asks Dave out on New Year's Eve as friends, and eventually they decide to date.

Dave and Kurt just had their second date. Afterwards, Kurt gave Dave a massage and it got out of hand with Dave tackling Kurt – and Dave professed his love. Paul gave Dave 'the talk,' and Burt grounded Kurt for the night for violating 'the house rules.'


"I can't believe you brought all that stuff." Dave said to Kurt as he drove them to Chloe's house. Dave had wanted to be there right at noon, but Kurt had to stop back by his house and gather everything he'd need for the pool, or the pool area if he decided not to actually swim, and they drove together in Dave's truck. Since he was transitioning from day/swimwear to evening wear, Kurt ended up essentially packing a suitcase. It had the usual beach towel, sunscreen and moisturizing lotions, and an extra 'after-sun' moisturizing cream that Kurt planned on using later, after his shower, along with extra clothes. When Dave looked over for an answer, Kurt just shrugged his reply. Dave wondered if Kurt was ever in the Boy Scouts because he was definitely always prepared.

Dave hadn't even planned past the pool. He was just going to wear shorts over his swim trunks and a tank. When Kurt asked what Dave would do if he got sunburned or if he got cold, Dave just shrugged and rubbed his thumb over the back of Kurt's hand and said, "I guess that's why I have you around – I'm sure you have something to dull the pain of a sunburn in that suitcase, and as for getting cold…" Dave squeezed Kurt's hand and said, "We'll think of something." It was obvious that some sort of snuggling was in their future.

Dave was still reeling from Kurt's recently professed feelings. Sure, Dave said it first, but he was so nervous that Kurt wouldn't be on the same page and want to slow down or worse. The fact that Kurt not only returned his feeling but did so emphatically was reassuring. Dave tried hard not to think about the condoms in his wallet, a 'gift' from his dad.

When they arrived at Chloe's, Kurt was surprised how big it was. It was even bigger than Dave's house. Dave told Kurt that it was called a 2-1/2 story. The third floor was Chloe's parent's master suite, which was off-limits. Apparently Chloe's older brothers had parties before, and people ended up having sex in their parents' bedroom, hence the 'no sex in the master bedroom' rule. Dave didn't understand the draw. He'd be happy to have sex just about anywhere, as long as he was with Kurt and Kurt was happy.

Chloe had told them to just come in the front door and to head straight back to the patio doors, out to the pool. As they walked in, Kurt was taken by the décor. There were lots of browns and tans but also splashes of color. It was tasteful without being too elegant. Before they reached the kitchen, they were met by a bikini-clad Chloe.

"Kurtie!" she said sprinting over and wrapping her arms around him. Kurt could swear this girl had no manners when it came to wrinkle-free clothing etiquette.

She proceeded to give Dave the same greeting before showing them around, ending back in the kitchen. When Kurt asked about her family, Chloe told them that they had agreed to stay away for the weekend, leaving Jackson in charge. She said Jackson was currently barbecuing burgers and brats, and Patrick had just finished baking the chocolate birthday cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and was cleaning up.

Hmm. Again – Dave would have figured Patrick would be barbecuing while Jackson baked cupcakes. Sure Dave liked to cook, but baking? He'd just have to make a concerted effort to blur the lines of gender roles he'd grown up with. After all, if Patrick could happily bottom, why should cupcakes be a surprise?

Chloe was explaining to Kurt that there was a pool house, so there would be a shower, restroom, and a shaded area besides the couple of umbrellas around the beautiful in-ground pool. She also explained that Jackson had forbid alcohol. Considering Puck was the only one who really cared, Kurt knew it was probably a good decision. As Dave looked outside he could see a huge patio area that encompassed the decent-sized pool, and included a few smaller tables and a huge twelve-seater. The backyard must have been an entire acre. Beyond the concrete, Dave could see a well-manicured lawn, trees, flowers and a white, muscle-bound dog barreling toward them…holy crap, is that a pit bull?

Just as the dog reached the closed sliding-glass door, it stopped, jumped up on the glass and barked. It was a faint bark through the nearly sound-proof patio door.

Chloe looked at the dog, and clenched her hand into a fist, and pointed it toward the dog, thumb side up, "Sit." She whispered. "Sit." She repeated.

"I don't think he's going to hear you." Dave said.

Just as the dog sat back on its hind legs, looking at Chloe expectantly, she said, "He's deaf." She motioned to the ground and said just as quietly, "Down." Dave and Kurt both looked at her in awe as the dog laid down. They'd never known a deaf dog before, "His name is Beacon – do you want to meet him – he's a total teddy bear."

They both agreed, though Kurt was still wary of a huge pit bull, especially one that couldn't hear his master telling him to not eat the guests.

In minutes, Dave was on the ground with Beacon on top of him. Chloe was right; he was like a teddy bear, a teddy bear that wanted to lick your face off. While Dave was getting what can only be described as a tongue bath, Kurt was tentatively standing near Chloe. It wasn't so much that he was afraid of Beacon, but rather he didn't like getting licked by dogs.

After a few a minutes or so, Dave got to his feet and brushed himself off while Chloe took Beacon into the utility room and fed him. Dave still had the smile on his face brought on by the unconditional love a dog could give when he leaned in for a kiss. Kurt leaned back and put his hand on Dave's mouth.

"I know you're going to wash your face before you kiss me." Kurt said.

"Oh come on. It's just a little saliva – just think of it like sweat."

"No – it's dog saliva. You don't know where his mouth has been. He could have just licked his butt." Kurt countered.

Dave dramatically licked his own lips, "Nope."

"That is disgusting – and you will not be kissing me until you wash your face – and your tongue." Kurt demanded.

Dave nodded, and turned toward the direction of the utility room, "Chloe?" Dave yelled.

"Yeah?" She said walking back.

"Where's the restroom?"

"When you're outside, just use the pool house, but since you haven't gotten wet yet, you can use the one down the hall, last room on the left." She said pointing.

"Oh – it's not for me." Dave said smiling slightly at what he was about to do. "It's for Kurt – he's got dog saliva all over his face."

He said it quickly as he grabbed Kurt into a hug and rubbed his still-moist face all over Kurt's face and neck.

"Na-" was all Kurt could get out before being held against his will as Dave's stubbled-jaw molested Kurt's cheeks, neck and jawline. As much as Kurt hated the idea of dog saliva on his face, Dave's scruffy face elicited a separate reaction in Kurt's pants, but he didn't dare let on.

As Dave pulled away satisfied with a grin, Kurt's face was in a definite scowl. "Do not do that again – or there will be consequences."

As Kurt trudged to the bathroom with a smile only he could see, he could hear Chloe instructing Dave that the cupcakes were for later, and they were not to be eaten now.

In the restroom, Kurt found basic hand soap and hand towels, but no washcloths. It was a half-bath, so there wasn't a shower to check for a washcloth. He decided to just wet the edge of the towel and wipe his face. If he knew Dave, there would definitely be more where that came from, so why bother with a full routine that would be ruined multiple times that day?

As Kurt reemerged into the kitchen, he saw Dave wiping his face thoroughly with a wet napkin. He figured Dave must have been trying to clean himself off at the kitchen sink. It was sweet. Dave knew Kurt wanted him to wipe off his face and took the opportunity while he was alone.

"Where's Chloe?" Kurt asked.

"With Beacon, I guess." Dave said shrugging.

Kurt could tell that Dave was acting like he'd just been caught. He reminded Kurt of a cute little boy. As he walked over to Dave and leaned up for a kiss, Dave pulled away slightly.

"I thought you didn't want to kiss me after the dog." Dave said flatly.

"It's okay – I saw you cleaning your face. I think it's sweet that you'd do that just because you know I'd want you to. I know I can be kind of a pain in-" Kurt's sentence was cut off by Dave's mouth. It was hot and strong. Dave's hands were cupping Kurt's ass and squeezing the muscles in Kurt's butt. Dave's kiss was firm and then his tongue peaked through. His tongue was warm and sweet. Dave's whole mouth tasted sweet, sweet like…chocolate…

Kurt broke the kiss and asked, "Why do you taste like chocolate?" Dave's eyes darted to the side as Chloe walked in.

"What?" She said loudly. "What did I just say?"

Dave just shrugged and looked at Kurt with guilt. "Sorry." He said sheepishly.

"Outside Karofsky." She said. Even when she tried sounding forceful, Chloe always sounded cute and perky. "No more cupcakes for you!"

Dave looked sad, but Kurt could tell he was just playing the part. As Dave reached the door, Beacon appeared, wanting out.

"Can Beacon come out with us?"

"Yes. Sunscreen is in the utility room."

"I'm good," Dave said just about to open the sliding glass door.

"Not for you, doofus. Beacon – it's getting hot, and he gets sunburned." Chloe said.

"Oh." Dave said, "Come on, Beaky." He motioned the dog and he followed Dave.

After he disappeared, Kurt decided to ask, "There's dog sunscreen?"

"Yep. It's spray-on, and it's waterproof, lick-proof and 100% safe to eat." She replied.

A few minutes later, Dave reappeared with Beacon, "Come on Kurt – let's get in the pool while it's not crowded."

Kurt was about to get up when he remembered something, "Wait a minute. When you were wiping your mouth earlier – you weren't cleaning your face for me – you were trying to remove evidence." Before Dave responded, Kurt continued, "…and when you pulled away – you just didn't want to get caught – knowing I would taste the chocolate."

"But I still kissed you anyway…and it was totally worth it." Dave said smiling.

"But you still purposely let me kiss you with dog-face." Kurt retorted.

"Oh – come on Kurt…seriously? You already kissed me…" Dave whined.

"No whining – minor foul. Two-minute penalty, goal doesn't count." Chloe interjected in a lower almost monotone voice.

Dave hung his head and he and Beacon headed outside. Kurt's jaw dropped.

"Oh my god – what was that?" Kurt asked.

"When Jack used to get too frisky, I would use hockey penalties, and he would literally have to not touch me for two minutes – five if it was really bad. I know Dave was there at least once when I did that."

"You are so going to have to teach me those." Kurt said excitedly.


Kurt had just finished meticulously applying his moisturizing sunscreen when the doorbell rang. He knew everybody was either outside, or gone. Patrick had gone home to get Xander and Jackson was out running errands for the birthday party itself.

He quickly checked himself over in the mirror and pulled on his tee shirt before heading to answer the door. Of course he wouldn't know anybody, but letting them stand there was rude. Upon opening the door, Kurt was met with a thin guy who had curly brown hair. He was just a bit shorter than Kurt and wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

"Hi. I'm Kurt," he said holding out his hand for a greeting. "Come on in - everyone is out back."

"Charlie." He said meeting Kurt's hand shake.


After taking a dunk, Dave started playing Frisbee with Beacon – man that dog could book. He would run so fast to catch the disc that Dave couldn't believe it. As he waited for Beacon to return after each throw, Dave could feel the sun beat down on his bare back. It felt good, especially for January. He felt a slight itch on his cheek and realized that he forgot to shave. He would just have to deal with it; shaving cream and a razor were not things you ask for at a party. He was sure Kurt would understand. He just hoped that his scruff, along with Beacon's affinity for licking Dave's face wouldn't deter Kurt from kissing him lots tonight.

Beacon returned with the Frisbee, but dropped it and took off behind Dave, back toward the house. Dave turned to see Nik Griffin coming in the side gate. As the pit bull reached him, Nik put up a fist and the dog sat immediately before the giant-of-a-guy squatted down to pet the waiting pit bull. Dave knew that Nik was best friends with Jack, and Chloe was dating Jack. Nik knowing that Beacon was deaf shouldn't have been a surprise. Dave had to admit he was impressed at the dog though. Growing up, pretty much all the dogs he knew weren't half as well behaved as Beacon or Xander.

After petting the dog, Nik made his way toward the patio, and Dave jogged to meet him. Reaching the concrete, Dave could see Chloe sunbathing on the opposite side of the pool. Nik was wearing a white Cleveland Cavaliers basketball jersey, matching shorts and carrying a small duffle. They made the obligatory head nod followed by the requisite "sup." As they made a rather muted fist bump, Dave noticed Nik's class ring. It was white gold with a green stone. That made sense since their school colors were green and white.

"Hey…uh…before you go inside…" Dave said feeling almost nauseous at what he was about to say. After all, Nik was usually the first to tease a guy and call him a 'homo,' and he's like six-foot-six, so Dave's pretty sure he can't take him in a fight. Dave stood there for a second looking up at his team mate. This was probably the first time he had really looked at Nik. His blond hair was just long enough to start curling under the ball cap he was wearing, and his eyes were a pretty, pale blue. To be honest, he'd be attractive if he wasn't so freaking tall.

"Yea?" Nik said stopping, and moving the duffle from his shoulder to the ground next to him.

"Look. I'm just gonna…I'm gay…and…I don't know…I just…"

Nik's face was scrunched in confusion for a moment before breaking out in a wide smile. "Dude…you almost had me…seriously I totally believed you…I"

"It's not a joke, dude. I'm not messing with you." Dave said defensively.

"What?" Nik said, eyes wide.

"Look. I'm sick of hiding who I am. You don't like it? I don't care, but I'm pretty sure Chloe and Jack would have a problem with you if you did." Dave said .

"Dude. Slow up. I'm not mad." Nik said. "I'm just surprised is all." A smile spread across Nik's face. If Dave wasn't mistaken, it almost looked as if Nik were happy or even relieved. "So…why the sudden lack of a closet?"

"Well." Dave said. He could tell Nik wasn't mad, and that helped him relax. "Let's just say… I met someone...and he showed me how to..." Dave swallowed. He wasn't quite sure how to put it. Patrick was such a huge influence on him. "...be who I am, and...just...not be so afraid anymore."

Dave was about to say more, but was distracted by Beacon barking and heading over to the same side gate that Nik had just entered from, this time it was Puck, Finn, Artie, Sam and a few other people from New Directions whose names he couldn't remember.

"Hey man," he said turning back to Nik. "I'll catch ya later after you change, Imma go say hi to these guys, alright? They're friends of Kurt's."

"Is that the guy that was holding the sign during our game against Duchesne?" Nik asked, and Dave nodded. "Is he your...are you two guys..."

"Yea...we are." Dave said noticing that Nik didn't just blurt out an 'is he your boyfriend' comment. "And listen, they all know," he said referring to Kurt's friends, "but no one else on the team besides Jack knows, so..." Dave said tentatively. He planned on telling everyone tonight, but he didn't want to say that to Nik incase he chickened out.

"Yea. Cool man." Nik said before grabbing his duffle and turning back toward the door.

Nik went inside to change and stow his duffle, and Dave greeted Kurt's friends before going back to Beacon and his frisbee. He was working on getting up the nerve to tell everyone on his team, and he hadn't planned on just stopping Nik and blurting it out, but he wanted his closest friends to know first. Nik was more Jack's friend, but he was still closer than most of his other team mates.


"Seriously?" Kurt asked. He and Charlie had started comparing notes on ex-boyfriends. Charlie had confessed that he had a tiny crush on Dave in the few minutes before he knew that Dave was not only gay but had a boyfriend. However, unlike Sebastian, Charlie was apologetic and genuine. It probably didn't hurt that Dave just mentioned in passing that Charlie was a new student from England who was introducing Dave to some new sci-fi series and hadn't shown any interest other than that.

"Yeah, mate. I like 'em bigger, I guess," Charlie responded referring to Dave's larger build. Kurt noticed how expressive the boy's face was, and how easy it was to have a conversation, even about tastes in guys. It was similar to how he could talk with Blaine but without all the history between them. Well that and the fact that Charlie not only genuinely liked Dave but had a bit of a crush on him as well. Kurt considered bringing that up in private later. He figured Dave might get a kick out of it.

"You know I'm going to tell Dave, right?" Kurt said it more like he was asking permission. As much as the crush was sexually appropriate considering their orientation, it would still be like if someone had told Finn about Kurt's crush early on.

"No worries, yeah? Dave's a good guy. He's got to know how really adorable he is, right?" Charlie said.

Kurt was about to say 'not really' when the sliding glass door opened, and Nik walked in with his duffle. Considering Nik was well over six feet tall, Kurt kept his eyes on Charlie. If this was a cartoon instead of real life, Kurt guessed that Charlie's eyes would have popped out of his head and his tongue would have rolled out of his mouth onto the floor.

As Nik passed the two boys and headed for the restroom, he smiled and nodded a hello. He stopped just for a moment. and looked at Kurt a bit closer.

He pointed at Kurt and said, "Sixty-eight to dominate, right?" He was obviously referring to Kurt's unfortunately phrased rally sign for Dave's last game, the one he'd been so proud of before he realized it had a double meaning.

Kurt just nodded, unable to move his mouth for the sheer embarrassment. Surely, he'd now have to explain the comment to Charlie.

"Kurt, right?" Nik asked holding out his hand for a proper shake.

"Um..yea...It's Nik isn't it?"

"Yea." Nik said before finishing the shake and extending it to Charlie. "And you are?"

"I'm Charlie. Friend of Chloe's" Charlie said shaking the larger teen's hand.

"British?" Nik asked.

"London...not Liverpool." Charlie said referring to the way Chloe always introduced him.

Nik smiled and nodded, "Charlie from London, not Liverpool."

After he was safely out of earshot, Charlie immediately asked who that was. Kurt only remembered Nik because of his extreme height and that he was on the hockey team with Dave. Charlie asked if he was gay with hopeful eyes, but Kurt shrugged and said not that he knew of. Dave would surely have mentioned it, if not, Chloe would have. Nik didn't seem gay to Kurt, but then of course neither did Dave. Kurt made a mental note to ask Chloe later. She seemed to know these things.

After Nik had gone back out to the patio, Kurt and Charlie continued their conversation. It was fun getting a new perspective. Besides Blaine, Dave had really been Kurt's only other gay friend, and he never really talked about crushes. If Kurt didn't know any better, he would swear that Dave was only gay for Kurt. After thinking about it, Kurt liked different types of guys. Probably the single trait they all shared was a cute face. Of course, Dave brought out his inner beefcake fetish, a pretty face and a muscly body.

Later, when Patrick walked through wearing a royal blue box-cut Speedo with white vertical stripes on the side and a towel draped around his neck, Kurt thought Charlie would lose it. Kurt had to admit that even though Patrick was a bit too old for him, he did envision Dave looking like that when he got older, and it turned him on. Kurt could tell that Charlie was anxious to get outside now that most of the people were here, including the New Directions and Dave's teammates.

Outside it was bright. Kurt was happy that he remembered his sunglasses. They were also nice for hiding his eyes when he wanted to scope. Just as he was stepping onto the patio, Kurt saw Dave pop up out of the water, shaking his head to remove the excess water. Dave was looking around, so Kurt put his hand up for a quick wave. Dave's face spread onto a wide smile. Kurt watched him move to the pool's edge and use his arm muscles to pull himself out of the pool. As Dave stood, Kurt could see the water rolling off of him. For an instant, it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Kurt stood there and imagined dave wearing Patrick's Speedo...

"I'll be right back guys," Dave called over his shoulder. It looked like Nik, Puck, and a few guys Kurt recognized from Dave's team were playing some sort of water game.

Dave was walking toward him and Kurt couldn't stop staring. If Kurt didn't know any better, he would have thought that Dave's arms and chest were even more developed than they were just yesterday.

"Hey babe." Dave said, standing about a foot away, careful not to get Kurt wet.

"What were you guys playing?" Kurt asked, still gawking at his own boyfriend through his sunglasses.

"I dunno. Something like bobbing for quarters." Dave said. "Puckerman made it up."

"Hmm." Kurt managed.

"Kurt?" Dave said smiling again.

"Um - yea?" He said, looking back up to Dave's face. Kurt was pretty sure Dave caught him looking but so what?

"It's a pool party. Are you gonna take your shirt off?" Dave asked. "I mean I wanna show off my boyfriend."

"To who?" Kurt said. "Everybody that knows about us already knows me."

"That's a funny story." Dave began, leaning in for a kiss. Kurt instinctively pulled back, but Dave held on to Kurt's shoulders and whispered, "It's okay, watch." He closed the distance and soon Dave's lips were bushing Kurt's.

Kurt instantly noticed how cool Dave's lips were. He was trying to concentrate, but he was quickly distracted by hoots and hollers from everybody around the pool. As Dave was finishing, Kurt could feel him smiling against his lips.

Dave turned and faced the pool where most everyone was still watching. With his arm around Kurt's shoulder, he said, "Guys - this is Kurt Hummel... My boyfriend."

The response was a mixture of 'Hey Kurt,' 'Hi Kurt' and at least one 'Go get some Karofsky' to which Dave nonchalantly gave the middle finger.

Before Kurt could ask how or why, Dave said, "Okay - so there's this thing called Facebook." He continued his smile while he explained. "Apparently, some guys from McKinley posted some stuff and...well...all these guys already knew."

Kurt was surprised that they took it so well. McKinley didn't seem so progressive. "They knew?"

"Well, technically, they knew it was a rumor. One of the guys asked Jack if he'd heard about it, and Jack just told me that they knew."

"And they don't care?" Kurt wanted to make sure he understood.

"Nah - the only one I was worried about was Nik, and I told him myself before everybody got here."

"Wow." Kurt said.

"Now, come on. Take off your shirt and let's get you in the pool."


A few hours later, Kurt was inside getting some iced tea. Dave open the sliding glass door and walked up behind him and surrounded him in a tender hug.

"What was that for?" Kurt asked, not that Dave needed a reason.

"Nothing. Everything. I mean - I just..." Dave squeezed harder and kissed Kurt ear and down his neck. "I guess that..."

Kurt turned to face Dave. He could see that Dave's eyes were a little glassy. Kurt recognized the look. Dave was happy. "How does it feel? To be out."

"I thought it was going to be so bad...I mean...like pitchforks and torches." Dave said.

"And everybody thinks I'm the drama queen." Kurt said sarcastically.

"What did you just say?" Dave asked in a mock-offended tone. He had that look in his eye.

Kurt knew he was about to get it but decided to push it anyway. "If the high-heel shoe fits - that's all I'm saying." Kurt said smiling, standing his ground.

Dave pretended to nod in agreement before discretely moving his hands down to Kurt's hips. Before Kurt realized what was happening, Dave had jabbed his fingers into Kurt's side tickling him, and Kurt was squealing. Soon Dave was chasing Kurt around the kitchen.

They played cat and mouse around the large island before Dave acted like he was going to climb over it. Kurt took a chance and scampered into the living room where the staircase was located. He bounded up the stairs giggling the whole way. By the time he got to the first bedroom, Dave had caught up with him and closed the door behind him. Dave tackled Kurt, and they landed on one of the guest beds. Dave instantly straddled him and was pinning him down. It was very reminiscent of the massage table incident, except they were both shirtless, and Kurt's dad wasn't anywhere around.

Still giggling, Kurt pleaded, "Give - Give. I give." He said the words, but he was having fun, and was completely turned on by the display.

Dave was laughing right along with Kurt, and was breathing hard. "Okay - but you have to pay the toll." Dave released his grip of Kurt's hands and leaned down. His face was only about an inch from Kurt's. The toll must be a kiss, so Kurt reached his head up and tenderly kissed Dave as the larger boy relaxed his position, so Kurt didn't have to strain so much. Dave's groin was slightly rubbing Kurt's. The entire situation was such a turn on for Kurt that he could feel himself getting hard.

Dave pulled back up and smiled. "Thank you...but...that wasn't the toll."

Kurt cocked and eyebrow, "Yeah? Then what is?"

"I released you hands...so use 'em." Dave smirked and nodded down towards his waist.

Kurt finally realized that Dave wanted Kurt to touch him...grab him...there. To be honest, the fact that Dave was a little forward was really a turn on. He kept the smile on his face and he reached between them and groped Dave's cock through his swim trunks.

"No." Dave whispered, leaning in for another passionate kiss. Afterward, he nuzzled Kurt's neck and jaw. This drove Kurt crazy. Dave's stubble wasn't scratchy; it was sexy and felt incredible. After a few more seconds, Dave leaned further into Kurt's ear and continued, "Pull it out." Kurt quickly nodded as Dave pulled his hips up and leaned forward to make it easier.

Kurt looked down slightly, so he could see what he was doing. After finally doing what Dave asked, he looked back up to Dave who was looking back grinning. Dave couldn't look more confident and sexy, Kurt had to admit. Without breaking Dave's gaze, he reached down and wrapped a hand around Dave's member. It felt nice. It was smooth and hot. The size shouldn't have surprised him since Dave's hands and feet were large, but somehow he didn't expect it to be so big and thick. As he stroked from the base up to the tip, Dave's eyes closed in pleasure, and he moved into Kurt's grip. After another stroke, Dave moaned. It was deep and masculine. It was breathy yet a little guttural, primal.

Kurt used his other hand to pull Dave back into a kiss. He simultaneously stroked and kissed Dave. Kurt was so turned on that he was straining against his own trunks. Dave must have guessed as much because soon he was holding himself up with one arm and using the other to grope Kurt's own erection.

"Mmm." Kurt groaned against Dave's mouth. "No..." He pulled away from Dave's lips and smiled. "Pull it out," he said mimicking what Dave had just said.

"You sure?" Dave said matching Kurt's smile.

"Yeah," Kurt said nodding.

Dave steadied himself with one arm again, and used his free hand to tug at Kurt's shorts.

"Wait." Kurt said quickly. Kurt scooted off the bed, and moved toward the door. Dave took the opportunity to rest and was lying on his side, propping head and watching Kurt.

After Kurt made sure the door was locked, he turned around to see Dave lying there on his side, his still mostly hard dick lying on the bed next to him, pointing toward Kurt. The thing that really caught Kurt's eye this time was that he still had foreskin. Kurt knew that Dave was half Jewish on his dad's side even though they weren't religous. It was just as big and thick as Kurt thought it was. It was certainly bigger than Blaine's or his own.

Seeing Kurt's momentary pause, Dave asked, "What?"

"Are we going to talk about that?" Kurt said motioning to Dave's dick.

"What? The Fury?" Dave asked.

"The Fury? I thought that's what you named your fist?" Kurt asked.

"Why'd you think that?" Dave said smiling. He was obviously flirting.

"I just..." Kurt stopped to rethink that previous conversation. 'The Fury's gonna find you' takes on a whole new meaning. "...I just wasn't expecting it, that's all."

"Come on Kurt, it's not that uncommon for Jewish guys." Dave said.

"Jewish?" Kurt asked confused.

"Yea," Dave said. "I heard Jacob Israel's the same way."

"Eww. I don't even want to imagine that." Kurt said moving slowly back to the bed.

"Me either, but I was premature, and even though my Grandpa Murray wanted it, my Mom wouldn't allow the Bris." Dave said. "Israel was the same way."

Kurt had reached the bed and half kneeled on it with his other leg dangling off the side. "Wait - you're talking about being uncircumcised?"

Dave's face scrunched up, "Why? What did you think I was talking about?"

Kurt let out a half sigh - half chuckle, "I though you were talking about...about...you know..." he motioned the length of Dave's now-somewhat shrinking dick. All this talk about Jacob Ben Israel took it's toll on Dave's erection.

"What?" Dave asked. He was serious. Kurt said they needed to talk about Dave's penis, and it wasn't about foreskin. Kurt must have been expecting bigger. "Look - I know it's only average, but-"

"Average?" Kurt interrupted. "Are you kidding me? That thing is huge."

"Stop it, Kurt." Dave said seriously. "If you think this is huge, you obviously haven't watched enough porn."

Kurt scoffed louder than he meant to. "Porn? You mean the industry that makes it's money on small and average size penises?" he said, sarcasm dripping from his tongue. "Didn't you take Sex-Ed? Don't you remember they said four-to-six inches was the average size?"

"Yea," Dave began, "...but I thought that was just to make the smaller guys feel okay about themselves."

Kurt smiled and shook his head. Dave scooted back so Kurt could lie on his side, facing Dave. "No, believe me," Kurt put his hand on the underside of dave's cock and tugged slightly, "this is way above average."

"Mmm, the way you do that feels way above average." Dave said slightly mocking Kurt, eyes fluttering closed.

"How can you play sports for so many years and not know?" Kurt asked, still slowly stroking.

"Mfh - I just never peeked I guess," Dave said as his breaths became shallow. "Can we not talk about that right now?" Dave proceeded to lick his lips.

Soon, Dave was just as hard as before, and he took the opportunity to use this time to slowly slide Kurt out of his own trunks. Dave almost couldn't contain himself. The feeling of Kurt's hand stroking him, and seeing Kurt's cock spring back and slap his abdomen. It was glorious.

Dave immediately reached over and pulled at Kurt's hard cock. It fit perfectly in his hand. He just squeezed gently and pulled up. The web of Dave's hand between his thumb and index finger rubbed the underside of Kurt's cock. The best part was the look on Kurt's face and the groan he released. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever felt or heard.

Dave had no idea what he was doing. This was the first cock he'd ever touched besides his own. Sure, he'd watched porn, and he also knew what felt good to him, but everybody was different. However, if the look on Kurt's face was any indication, Dave must have been doing something right.

Dave was distracted from what he was doing by what Kurt was doing to him. He wanted to concentrate on Kurt. It was more important to him for Kurt to get off first. Sure, it was his first time with a guy, but when it came to Kurt, his needs were secondary. Maybe, it was more like he wanted to savor these two events separately.

Dave rolled Kurt onto his back and scooted up next to Kurt and proceeded to kiss Kurt while tugging at his cock. Kurt moved his hand to reach Dave's erection, but Dave used his elbow to block kurt's hand.

"No," Dave said between kisses and suckles. "You first - I wanna watch."

As much as Kurt didn't understand anyone wanting to watch just him, he wasn't going to argue.

After a few more strokes, Dave pushed Kurt's cock down with his thumb and let it bounce back and slap Kurt's abdomen. That motion seemed hotter in his head, but it was still a turn-on. Dave tried varying the pressure he had on Kurt to see if it made any difference. Personally, Dave liked it firm but not too firm. After another minute, Kurt's moaning grew louder as his breathing became shallow and quicker.

Without pausing, Dave got up to his knees and used his thumb to caress Kurt's cheek and lower lip. Kurt's mouth was parted and his lips were pink and swollen, his eyes were mostly closed. This was the hottest thing in the entire freaking universe, and Dave was causing it.

Dave's eyes trailed down Kurt, his supple moistened neck down his tight abdomen. His eyes stopped where Dave's hand was busy pumping Kurt. The combination of Kurt's size and Dave's larger hand made it easy for him to quickly jerk back and forth with a minimum of exertion.

He moved his free hand slowly down Kurt's jaw and shoulder to his pert rosy nipple. Knowing what it does to him, Dave decided to use his thumb and ring finger to twiggle Kurt's nipple. It must have worked, because after a few seconds, Kurt's sounds became unintelligible word fragments.

"Muh...Ah...Gah..." Kurt's head rolled back and his hips bucked into Dave's fist. "Ah..." Finally, words just devolved to primal grunts.

A moment later, Dave could feel the base of Kurt's cock start to contract a little. Suddenly, Kurt was spurting thin milky cum. The second spurt got on Dave's chin a little, but he didn't care - it was hot. Kurt just kept going...and going and going...eight spurts in all. Dave couldn't believe it.

"Oh my God." Dave finally said, smiling.

Even though he was still in the afterglow, Kurt sighed, "I know. It's pretty gross."

"Are you serious? No." he said shaking his head. "That? That was freaking hot." Dave wiped his chin with his hand, then down on his shorts that were still around his shins.

"I guess, but I mean...ugh...the mess...every time." Kurt said.

Dave's smile widened, "You cum like this every time?" Kurt nodded. "Awesome."

"...says the boy that doesn't have to clean it up." Kurt said.

"Oh yea?" Dave said as a challenge.

He reached down and fully removed his swimming trunks. He reached inside and pulled the inner part out. It was two separate pieces. Kurt knew that most trunks had an inner lining, but it normally wasn't removable. Dave tossed the lining on the floor and proceeded to clean up Kurt's mess with the trunks.

"What are you going to wear now? You can't just go around in underwear." Kurt said too late, as Dave was nearly finished. Either way, Kurt was too exhausted to argue.

"I'll just wear the Speedo." Dave said finishing up.

Kurt's eyebrows scrunched up. "That was a Speedo?" Dave nodded as he balled up his soiled trunks and tossed them off the end of the bed where his Speedo lay.

Kurt sat up, scooted off the bed, and pick up the abandoned Speedo. He held it up. It was similar to Patrick's, but instead of blue, it was solid white so it matched the lining of Dave's actual trunks which were black. It was a box cut that looked as if it would frame Dave's legs and muscular butt very well.

"What?" Dave asked over Kurt's sudden interest in Dave's bathing attire.

"Nothing. Just...why didn't you just wear this earlier?" Kurt asked.

Dave smirked, "I did."

"You know what I mean." Kurt glared.

Dave shook his head. "Too revealing."

Kurt scoffed again. "You're the hottest guy here - you should be wearing whatever makes you look the best...and these..." He held them up to Dave, "are really sexy."

Dave's tone turns joking, "You're joking right?"

"I never joke about fashion." Kurt said seriously.

"I mean...you really think I'm the hottest guy here?" Dave realized that he just came across as the most insecure guy around, like he's freaking Hudson or something. "Present company excluded," he added. Because after what he just witnessed...caused rather...Kurt was most definitely the hottest guy here.

"Oh yeah." Kurt said dropping the Speedo and pushing Dave back onto the bed. It was his turn to straddle Dave. He mimicked Dave's arm position where they were on either side of Dave's face as he leaned down to Dave's lips. "Hottest guy here-"

Kurt's words were cut off by Dave's lips crashing into his. Kurt slowly rolled his hips down Dave's abdomen. Kurt could literally feel Dave's cock growing against his lower back with each rolling motion. Soon, Kurt felt Dave's hands on either hip helping him rock. Kurt moved to a sitting position while one of his hands moved behind him and grasped Dave's cock. It was a bit awkward, but from the sounds Dave was making, he didn't mind.

Maybe it was because Dave already experienced Kurt's orgasm, but he could tell Dave was already moaning and grunting and his breathing had increased. Remembering earlier, Kurt quickly moved his fingers to Dave's waiting nipple while he rocked his hips and stroked Dave's cock. The combination must have proven a winner because soon Dave was grunting and cuming all over Kurt's ass and his lower back.

The mess should have grossed him out, but seeing Dave lay there beneath him, and his lips parted slightly and his tongue peeking out the side, Kurt was so turned on that he'd almost felt he could go again.

As Kurt slid off of his waist, Dave quickly got up and brought the unused part of his soiled trunks to clean off Kurt's back. After dropping his now completely soiled trunks back on the ground, Dave lay back on the bed and motioned Kurt to join him. Kurt snuggled into Dave's warm embrace. He could get used to this. Dave could literally keep his entire body warm.

"Thank you." Dave said softly as he kissed Kurt's hair.

"For what?" Kurt asked.

"For...for being amazing...and unbelievably sexy...and...gah...just...thank you...for making my first time...better than I could have ever imagined."

"Okay...well I...you're welcome..." Kurt said and then added under his breath, "...seems like a weird thing to say 'you're welcome' to..."

They stayed that way for a while longer before Dave relented in getting out of bed. Not only did he want to stay that way forever, he wanted the feeling to never go away, the feeling of Kurt. That and he really didn't want to wear the Speedo. After putting what little clothing they had back on, and Dave carefully holding the balled up pair of trunks, Kurt made him stop and turn around.

"Seriously. Hottest. Guy. Here." Kurt repeated.

Dave smiled before leaning in and Kissing Kurt's forehead. As he pulled back, he said, "you probably say that to all the guys you just had sex with."

After trotting back downstairs and depositing Dave's trunks in a spare pouch in Kurt's bag, they headed to the patio door, so they could rejoin the party. They were met in the kitchen by Beacon who was barking at the sliding glass door. Assuming the dog just wanted back outside, Dave casually opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, they were met with Chloe's piercing scream coming from the far side of the pool. As they rushed outside, they helplessly watched as Patrick, Jackson and Charlie pulled Nik's unconscious body from the pool.

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