Weasel 5

Itachi entered a gloomy dark room to see the people he expected within.

His chakra senses were sharp, but sensing the little life left in the third person within the room was hard.

"You have it?" questioned Itachi to his two allies.

Nagato and Dela stood waiting inside the room and guarding their prisoner. They stood beside a metal table, upon it sat a special container. A dangerous and mobile one.

A brain floated inside with small wires connecting to it from the bottom that would allow it to speak with the assistance of specialized computer in the base of the container.

"Akatsuki," said a robotic voice emanating from the container It sounded angry.

All its attempt to escape had been fruitless. No amount of planning and plotting would help, unless it could somehow get outside help. The signals within the room were being blocked, leaving it helpless.

"Hello," greeted Itachi with a small nod. His sharingan glowed crimson red and spun softly within his charcoal black eyes. Taking in every little detail about the living brain, it was his first time seeing something so unusual.

"Why have you kidnap me?" questioned the brain. Surely they didn't believe they could interrogate it, as if they could get anything out of it. It was a brain that thought on a higher level than simpletons, it would never break under torture.

Itachi waited letting silence fill the room before answering. "You know what we want."

The brain answered with confidence.. "You won't get anything out of me."

"Your cooperation was never needed, just your presence," replied Itachi and opened its container. He activated his bloodline to become the Rinnegan just as he touched the brain. Knowledge flooded his mind and he felt his body shudder as he learned decades worth of information within seconds.

"A very ambitious mind," stated Itachi before letting Nagato do the same. It had planned to play hard to get before feeding them false information to them. Had it known it would fail it would have activated its suicide switch, but it was much too cowardly to have done that.

Nagato took several seconds to extract everything from the brain before giving Dela and Itachi a nod.

Itachi nodded back. It was time to erase their trails.

Nagato's left arm sparked in blue lightning and electrocuted the brain. He made absolutely sure it was dead before stopping. To the point that it turned to goo.

"It was quite hard to take him from Mallah the intelligent ape," said Dela looking at the Brain's remains in disgust.

Nagato nodded in agreement. It had been a very interesting fight. That was the second Ape that they had taken down. Mallah had truly turned dangerous once it had been cornered, but like every villain that faced them, Mallah fell.

"Now we know where the members of the Brotherhood of Evil are," stated Itachi. His Rinnegan back to the standard Sharingan form. A habit he used to conserve chakra.

"Should I send the information to Root?" asked Dela and pulled out a pad ready to hear the information. Her black hair flowed beautifully in the cloak and her green eyes glowed with a deadly glint.

"No, not yet," replied Itachi. Nagato nodded in agreement. They had time to handle the Brotherhood later on, for now rushing the operation could be its downfall. Haste made waste.

"I won't be defeated like that again!" growled Supergirl. Her pride had been hurt badly. No one had ever beaten her so soundly before. Not Darkseid, not Superman. She had lost within seconds like she was not even a threat.

"Calm down Kara it happens," said Batgirl. She sat on the edge of a rooftop watching the stars.
Kara opened her mouth to reply, but instead snapped it close quickly.

"I never been beaten with such ease before and what was worst was I couldn't do anything. It wasn't a trap or anything, I just lost seconds after I confronted him," said Kara.

"I use to lose a lot, but with experience I became better. You can't just suddenly be the best. Losing is just practice to prepare you for winning besides both Batman and Superman did not do much better when Itachi was first confronted," replied Batgirl with a small grin.

"Your right." admitted Kara softly.

Itachi stood still in concentration. He was in a training room that he designed to be able to take damages.
He tapped a boulder that had been in front of him, it shattered as if a tiny explosion from within.
Itachi let a small satisfied smile grace his face. There were many more techniques to recreate, but it was a start.

"You figured it out," commented Nagato.

He stood with Dela watching Itachi recreate the Godaime Hokage's legendary strength.

Itachi nodded and started practicing until he could do it with just a thought.
He paused to create a clone that would explain it to the two. With it their fighting power would greatly increase.


Itachi jumped from building to building.

He leaned forward slightly as he ran.

He would run along walls to roofs taking the shortest path.
Someone thought they could defeat him with a united front. To show Akatsuki's power to villains, he decided to do this alone where the enemy could see the power a single Akatsuki member possessed.


Supergirl flew pass cities in just seconds. She would get there on time. She needed to stop him.
She stopped her flight creating a pulse with her sudden stopped and checked where the trouble was. Her floating form was seen by the citizens of the city and they started pointing.
Supergirl found her target with her x-ray vision and shot downward through the sky. A shockwave exploded from where he had been creating a gust of wind.

Supergirl smashed into her target. Itachi Uchiha was sent flying into a building, but halfway there he exploded into plumes of smoke. Her arrival had at least saved someone's life.

"Run Catwoman!" shouted Supergirl. She didn't know what had possessed Catwoman to rob a store in broad daylight, but it was obvious she was regretting it.

Catwoman nodded and jumped on top of a building leaving.

Supergirl frowned, Superman wouldn't make it in time to help her and Batman was somewhere in Gotham. She just needed to buy time.

She searched for Itachi and found him standing perfectly calm on top of a half destroyed car. She noticed that there were several buildings destroyed meaning a large fight had already occurred. She couldn't see any civilians meaning she could go all out without accidentally hurting someone.

Itachi was looking at the direction Catwoman had gone, but decided to let her go and turned back to face Supergirl. His eyes were activated taking in the sight of the blond heroine. He could see anxiety flow through her rigid movements. He released his KI.

Supergirl prepared to fight, but her confidence shook as something overwhelmed her. Suddenly the man looked so dangerous, his black cloak of red clouds form seem to grow and his crimson eyes grew more menacing. She felt a chill from the cold blank expression that she received. She felt small and weak as if she was before Darkseid again. She found herself sweating just being in his presence. It was the feeling of being strictly the prey in his presence, that all her power would not change the situation in her favor.

"You shouldn't interfere," said Itachi and lifted his right hand to keep her from attacking just yet.

"What gives you the right to kill villains!" shouted Supergirl. Her fist tightened in anger and fear. "You killed an innocent woman just like them when Batman first confronted you, you're just a hypocrite!"

Itachi remained unfazed. He did indeed kill an innocent woman, but it had been out of fear and caution that he had done it. He didn't kill civilians unless he truly didn't know what to do or suddenly finding himself in a unknown place. He might as well have been in Iwa when he had awoken that day. A shinobi can't rely on morals when in an unknown location and they have a mission to complete…for all he knew at the time, lives depended on him getting a handle on the situation.

When he killed it didn't matter if the person had been a coward, brave, dark or light. All that he could agree with certainty was that he was taking a life and sometimes the life of a few had to be sacrificed for the many. It was reality and the young Kryptonian still didn't know what true anguish was. To kill your own family or hurt a brother you loved so dearly, when faced with no other options.

"I did what was necessary at the time, witness pain and when we next meet again I hope you have been enlighten to the harsh reality of this world," replied Itachi, his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan captured her gaze and she fell into the world of Tsukuyomi.

The method Kabuto used to revived him healed his blindness and with it he had a perfect Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan without a need for Sasuke's eyes. He could use his eyes without any worries of losing his sight.

Supergirl fell hitting solid concrete with a thud. She was as hard as steel just like Superman himself.

Itachi moved his gaze to where Catwoman had run off to.

Supergirl found herself standing in a dark alley with dumpsters aligned against the walls. It was night. She heard panting and a muffled scream come from one of the dumpsters. She felt a foreboding feeling, before she walked into the alley and came upon a gut wrenching sight. Behind the dumpster a man was raping a blond woman who had tears streaming down her eyes. The man had a knife in his hands forcing her to cooperate. A slapping sound came from his forced intercourse with the woman. He kept grunting in pleasure.

Supergirl could hear the whimper and the disgusting smell. The man's lustful laughter.

Supergirl tried to move to help, but found she was unable to. She stood helpless as the woman screamed, but no help came. Minutes went by until a dark shadow appeared and stopped the man. The man dropped unconscious with the lady curling into a ball and hastily trying cover herself. She was damaged and it showed. Her eyes were on her own hands and didn't even notice her savior.

Supergirl saw crimson eyes before the shadow disappeared leaving her in darkness. She watched in horror as the scene replayed itself. She heard the rapist laugh over and over in glee as he forced his victim to pleasure him.


Itachi caught up to Catwoman, but stopped when he realized that she was waiting for him on the roof of a building. Next to her stood Batman. The Dark-knight was looking apprehensive.

"Where is Supergirl?" questioned the Dark-knight. He pulled out a bat shuriken.

Itachi remained stoic and eyed Catwoman before giving Batman his attention. He would get her after Batman let his guard down.

"Physically she's just fine where I left her," replied Itachi.

"What did you do!" growled Batman. He never liked it when one of his allies was hurt.

Itachi contemplated whether to tell or not, but decided to be cooperative.

"I showed her the harsh reality of this world. That sometime simple killers aren't the worst in this world," replied Itachi and lifted a hand to point at Catwoman. "Goodbye Catwoman."

A sharp hissing sound was heard and Catwoman was split in half. Her body seemed to fall apart from its other half. Blood erupted from her hips. Her eyes widen as she realized what had happened.

"No!" screamed Batman and ran toward Itachi. He threw the bat shurikens at Itachi.

They hit their mark. Itachi's neck were pierced by the razor sharp metals. Batman hadn't been aiming to capture Itachi, he had been going for the kill.

Itachi's body exploded into a swirling vortex of crows. The Crows all moved together onto another buildings rooftop. Itachi appeared from within the group of Crows as they disappeared.

"We'll meet again," said Itachi. His body exploded into a plume of smoke.

Batman ran back to Catwoman. He stayed still looking at her dead gaze before he closed the eyes. He felt the wind shift behind him. Only one person arrived like that.

"I'm sorry," said Superman who arrived silently behind.

"This wasn't your fault. Go find Supergirl she's injured, I'll take care of this," replied Batman. His voice hardened.

Superman nodded and flew off rushing to take care of his cousin should she be injured.

"You should have stayed in Gotham. He was monitoring you all," said Batman as he tried to rationalize why Catwoman had revealed herself so publicly. Did she try and make a deal with him?

Superman arrived to find Supergirl lying unconscious in the middle of a street. He took in his surrounding and realized that Catwoman's fight must have taken place where he stood. There were clear signs of bombs that had gone off in the street. Cars that were turned over and destroyed stores.

Supergirl hadn't fought, it was obvious since she didn't have a scratch on her, but there had been a major battle before her arrival. It seemed Catwoman and several villains had banded together in hope to lure in their enemy. They had obviously failed to remove the threat of Akatsuki. He could see the dead bodies in the rubbles of crushed buildings.

He moved to pick Kara up, but stopped when her eyes opened. She forced herself up with a groan before locking eyes with him.

"Are you okay?" questioned Superman.
Kara blinked. "Yeah physically…."

"You should go to HQ and have yourself checked anyways," suggested Superman sympathically. He didn't like to force Kara to do anything due to her nature in being a free spirit.

Kara smiled before replying, "Maybe later I have something to check."

Superman nodded and watched her fly off. He turned to the destroyed buildings and decided to investigate who had plotted with Catwoman.


Kara flew across cities and towns within seconds and arrived at a small city. She used her X-ray vision to help her find what she was looking for.
She entered Deltra Prison and walked into to the accountant. A slightly overweight man who immediately became attentive upon seeing Supergirl in person.

"Can you give me the file of a prisoner here? His name is Eric Gurdsey," informed Supergirl. Her knuckles turned white as the man hurriedly pulled out files before handing her one.

She flipped it open and a picture of the man was provided. Her anger boiled and she nodded before returning the file to the accountant, she left the prison. The ground she stepped on cracked as she jumped into the air. She flew up into space and stayed just out of the earth's atmosphere. The cold seem to stop her wild rage until she felt a complete calmness. She stayed still in space trying to come to term with what she knew.

Batman had organized a funeral for Selena Kyles. He had broken off his relation with Selena, but seeing her dead made him feel a pain that he had wanted to avoid. A part of him always wondered "what if" about their relationship…if things had been different, could they have had the typical family life with marriage and children?

He vowed to use everything he possessed to bring in Itachi Uchiha to face Justice. Whoever's belief won would be justice as it had always been in history and he could not allow Itachi's ruthless beliefs be accepted by the world.

The winner would be portrayed in good light and the loser would be the dark evil and foolish. Justice was always with those who held power and Akatsuki/Root was slowly gaining that power. It was just a matter of time until the world had it and would unite against a common threat or split choosing sides.


Superman grew worry when he didn't see Supergirl in HQ. He went off to find her, but didn't have any luck. After three days of searching he found his answer and he didn't like it. She had been hidden up in the clouds keeping the Watch Tower's satellite from finding her, but that wasn't the worse of it.


Batman flipped his T.V off and sighed.
"I was right," he said to himself. He didn't think she would be the one to turn, but he should have seen it coming.
She was young and had just faced a mental attack. Their opponent was just too overwhelming for the typical teen superhero to come out of such a fight completely the same.


Itachi, Nagato and Dela sat in a dark room watching the T.V.

The large screen only showed a large building with fences surrounding it.

"This happened just several minutes ago on one of the cameras you ordered for me to place," said Dela to Itachi. She motioned to the tv before pressing a remote control. The scene unfolded.
The buildings were normal with nothing unusual until a red beam from above out of screen struck down and went through the building before disappearing.

"That was a heat vision fired from space or sky," said Nagato.

"Most likely mixed in with X-ray vision to find the target," said Dela as she replayed it. The beam had only hit once and lasted only three seconds. It had gone through the roof with no resistance.

"And the target was?" questioned Itachi. He had already knew who it was.

Dela took out her laptop and started typing.

"Eric Gurdsey," replied Dela.

"Do the media know who caused it?" questioned Nagato.

"No, but their already speculating," replied Dela and made the screen bring up a police officer on the news.

"There are only a handful of people who could do that. I think it was either a metahuman/alien villian or a laser weapon," said the officer. He pushed the camera and kept going.

"They don't want to acknowledge that a hero might have done it," said Itachi.

"Not yet," said Nagato.


Superman floated before Supergirl. The clouds drifted pass them and the chilly air had no affect on them.

"Why?" asked Superman.
Supergirl folded her arms on her chest.

"Why what Clark?" Supergirl's voice was calm.

Clark didn't like the sound of her voice.

"Why did you kill that man? Everyone knows you went to that prison after the death of Catwoman!" Superman's fists tightened as he fought to control his temper.

"What are you going to do about it Clark? Are you going to arrest me, I could always escape and do it again," replied Kara. Her expression was still calm.

"Your not yourself right now Kara. It's just like what had happened with Darkseid…you know Itachi possessed some form of mind control," replied Superman trying to sooth her mind.

Kara's eyes narrowed. "I made this choice Clark. I knew what I was doing, I know who that man was, I know his crimes and I took my time to decide what to do," said Supergirl. Her voice rising to show her anger.

"Its mind control Kara," replied Superman. He slowly backed away when Kara's posture changed to one ready to attack.

"Your not thinking clearly, you need to be checked out at HQ," he said again to try and get her to calm down.

"Its not mind control Clark. That man was a rapist, he even went as far as to rape girls, not even out of their teens!" shouted Kara her eyes glowing from heat vision, but she didn't attack.
"He was in prison Kara, he got what he deserved," replied Superman. He quickly realized it was the wrong thing to say when Kara smashed into him.

He was sent hurling down the sky. He stopped his fall and took a red beam to the chest. Heat vision smashed into him burning him and pushing toward the city below.

Supergirl closed the distance and smashed Superman's face with another powerful punch sending him into a building. She paused and flew off before Superman could come back for a second round.

Superman pulled himself out of the rubbles watching Kara fly off. The police arrived asking him questions.
He shook them off and started heading for Watchtower. Supergirl going bad wasn't good. Not good, it would definitely cause chaos. He hated Itachi Uchiha, the man must have known she was still young and still impressionable.

"Itachi Uchiha you'll pay," growled Superman as he reached the empty outer space and made his way over Watchtower.



Robin anxciously paced back and forth at the Titan's lobby. He looked at the large stream of date that Batman had sent him. It was all the compiled informaction that the Justice league had on Root, or Akatsuki as the leaders called themselves.

At first glance Itachi's powers weren't impossible to defend against, but Itachi had. His weaknesses very welled covered. A master of hand to hand, a strategic thinker, and master manipulator as seen with Kara's case.

"Dude what is all that!" shouted Beastboy upon entering the lobby.

Robin glanced at Beastboy before he resumed his pacing. He stopped. "Beastboy gather the team, we need to track down a rogue hero."

"Huh?" asked Beastboy.

"I'll explain later," replied Robin and startedsifting through the information that they had on Akatsuki. He really hoped they found her, before they got involved.

Sorry for having taken so long. My computer broke... No just kidding. I was actually confused, lost and empty of inspiration. Every time I tried to think a plot, nothing would come to mind. Before it had been so easy. I would have a idea, discard it and come up with a better onE, used to be like flipping through channels. Now it feels so dullwhen I try. I fear my story will become dull if I write it down.