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Ok so here I am, sitting in my auditorium next to two morons talking my ear off on every senseless thing in this world.

It's really hot under this robe. It's really too hot PERIOD!

Meanwhile, some guest speaker woman is talking about closed doors and opened doors. All I really hear is "blah blah blah". I stopped paying attention to her a long time ago.

Funny, I actually see a couple of students on their phones. But wait, where did they keep those things?

"And now I would like to introduce to you all today our valedictorian with an average of 98.74. Our valedictorian is a hardworking young lady who goes above and beyond on assignments to ensure her academic success. She'll be attending Mobius College in the fall on a full scholarship, your valedictorian Amy Rose."

Oh Shit

"Amy! Get your pink tail up there!", one of the morons yelled.

Amy was seated at the left end of the row where she sat at every graduation practice. She knew she was going to be the high school valedictorian a few weeks ago. Ever since then, she spent the rest of the school days going over her speech with her English teacher after school. She rewrote the speech many times and would stay cooped up in her room rewriting her rewrites.

She practiced it so many times that she basically had the whole speech memorized. It should be a piece of cake!

But it wasn't.

Amy awkwardly walked up the stairs and across the stage. She held on to her white graduation cap that kept slipping off of head.

She specifically wore elegant sandals for the fear that she would trip in high heels and fall like many girls she had already seen and heard about. \

Nevertheless, she gave a poster smile to the audience below as she took her place at the podium and adjusted the microphone to her height.

When she looked into the crowd, she felt such a swell of emotions that she was sure that she would have a heart attack.

This would be the last time she could ever make an impact on her high school advisers, peers, and audience. As she looked down at the simple and eloquent speech in front of her, she realized right then and there that the speech she had practiced and even memorized was safe.

It was probably like all of the other speeches before. She had written it in hopes of satisfying her teachers and the expectations of the adult audience but it simply did not tell her story.

Amy inconspicuously turned her crisp, stapled speech over and took a deep breath.

What she was about to do was risky, especially since she was nervous as hell.

She looked up, with a shot of adrenaline running through her veins, and saw hundreds of wide eyes.

With her heart pumping wildly and her throat getting dryer by the second, she decided to speak.

"From the time that I stepped foot on this campus I had NO idea I would be standing right here today. To be perfectly honest with you all, it came as a shock to me when I was announced valedictorian of my graduating class. I mean, sure, I worked hard in school and always wanted to do my best and even do better than my best, but I never considered reaching this point in the process. However, that's not to say that I don't feel incredibly honored and proud of what I accomplished."

At this point Amy's English teacher had eyes that were visibly larger underneath his glasses. He knew very well that this was not the speech Amy had prepared.

"I know there are many other students right in front of me who are smart enough to be up here in my spot but they probably just didn't try. That goes to show the significance of effort because at the end of the day, I'm actually really similar to my graduating class.

I like to hang out with friends, talk on the phone late at night, and I would have liked to go to parties. I was a little shy but then I broke out of my shell when I got to know everyone.

For those of you who may not have known, my mother died a little over a year ago. She would always tell me 'Amelia, the future in within your grasp if you have the heart and mind for it'."

Amy's voice shook as she spoke and she knew she would cry. She blinked several times to stop herself but to no avail.

"Sometimes it went through one ear and out the other but now that I had time to reflect on it I can tell you all what it meant. Graduating class, you may or may not have plans for the future. Some of you may want to be doctors or lawyers and some of you may have no clue but when you think something is too hard, just remember that all you need is the heart to push you and the mind to guide you."

Just as Amy sniffled and was about to speak again, she heard a faint sound of applause. Soon enough, it turned thunderous. She smiled through her tears and met the eyes of her family.

"LOVE YOU AMY.", her Aunt mouthed to her.

"I feel great to know that I can speak on behalf of my graduating class. I only have one last thing to say to you all. Definitely enjoy life but know that college is going to take hard work but as long as you know your own efforts and apply yourself, then life will take care of the rest. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2011!"

Surprisingly enough the whole graduating section stood up for Amy and cheered. Claps, whistles, and shouting erupted in the room.

The school's principal handed Amy a beautiful glass plaque with her name engraved in it below the word "Valedictorian" with the school's name and the date.

I did the right thing...It just feels right.

As Amy took her seat, the principal stood by the podium and began to say the final words.

"Now is the special moment my students. Now is the moment where you take that first step into adulthood. I ask you now to move your tassel to the left side-"

As the graduating students moved their tassels, they didn't even wait for the principal to introduce them as official graduates. They were already in the process of throwing their hats up.

Hats of white and dark blue graced the room flying in all directions.

OWWWW! I knew this would happen to me. Of course I would be the one to get hit in the face with a hat. I hope I'm not bleeding or anything.

Amy held and rubbed her nose where a graduation hat hit her amidst all the excitement. She had forgotten to throw hers but then again she didn't want to deal with the troubles of finding it later.

As everyone in the auditorium made their way outside to take pictures, Amy struggled to find her Aunt and Uncle. She was shorter than most girls. If she had a normal position in the graduation line from shortest to tallest, she would be the fifth one in line. It didn't help that she wore sandals while every other girl wore heels either.

"Amy! Amy!"


"AMY! Where are you! Oh there you are honey! You did a great job! I'm extremely proud of you and I always have been!"

Amy smiled.

"Thank you."

"You did a great job on your speech sweetie. She's proud too."

Amy could feel the tears in her eyes but this time she was able to control it.

"Today is such a great day and I want you to be happy. We all love you so much and I can't even tell you how proud we are."

"You've said it quite a bit Aunty.", Amy laughed.

"But you know what I mean!"

"HEY AMY! COME TAKE A PICTURE WITH US!", one of Amy's friends yelled out to her.

Amy jogged off as her Aunt followed after her with the camera.

She took some pictures with her white robe on and then she took it off to reveal a simple, yet elegant white dress. It hugged Amy's curves in all the right ways, showing that she was a mature young woman yet covering enough to show her elegance.

Her long waist length quills blew lightly in the wind and her shiny, green eyes sparkled in the summer sunlight as she smiled for each click of a camera.

Flash. Smile. Click. Flash. Smile. Click.

"Amy look here!"

Flash. Smile. Click. Laugh. Flash. Click. Hug. Tear. Flash. Click. Laugh. Talk. Hug. Look. Ex-Boyfriend…wait a minute. EX-BOYFRIEND! WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE!