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Shadow- how r u?

Amy- I'm good, thnx for asking

Shadow- I didn't see Sonic this morning

Amy- He spent the night…it's a long story

Shadow- I see

Amy- lol yea

"Last night was something else huh?"

Blaze, Cream, and Amy turned to stare at Silver.

"Looking out the window it is then!"

"I had fun!", Cream said to try and change the subject.

"Yeah me too, it was definitely something to experience."

Amy sighed.

"You guys don't have to lie…"

Blaze spoke from the front seat.

"We're not lying. Just because a couple of surprises happened, doesn't mean the whole night was ruined."

"Yeah, it was a great time for me if you're worried about that", Cream added.

"I really hope so 'cause I feel terrible. All of the bad things happened because of me…"

"Amy, say that one more time and see if I don't get Silver to start talking."

Silver looked over at Blaze with the (-_-) face.

Instantly, all three girls started to laugh.

On the rest of the way home, conversation flowed and everyone was laughing having a good time.

However, no one dared to touch on the subject that they all wondered about the most…

Sonic the Hedgehog.

About a week had passed since the birthday trip to the city and Amy had indulged herself in her regular working routine again.

She went to work from 9-6, came home, took a shower, ate some dinner, watched the news, texted Cream, Blaze, Shadow, and Sonic, went to sleep, and then started the cycle all over again.

The only thing that made it all tolerable was him.

She hadn't felt so giddy and excited to receive texts in such a long time. It honestly made her days so much brighter.

On her breaks he would call her if he was free and she would be giggling in the employee bathroom.

Sometimes when she was behind the kitchen counter she would check for texts and burst out laughing or even blushing at something Sonic had sent.

At night it was even worse because they both kept each other up most of the night.

However, this cycle was interrupted soon enough.

It was about the third week since things had finally started going right.

When Amy woke up, she couldn't help but feel a bit…off.

Sonic- GM Ames =-*

Amy- GM Hedgehog =)

She felt heavy and she even felt a bit nauseous but there were many mornings when she woke up like that.

She reasoned that maybe her period was going to come. After all, it was due.

Sonic- Getting rdy for work?

Amy- Yeah… =(

Sonic- Don't worry, I'll cheer you up. I always do ;)

Amy- lol

After a shower, Amy tried to eat some breakfast.

She was still nauseous even after her shower. The shower actually made it worse.

She didn't really have a big appetite but she knew she had to manage to eat something because she had work.

The diner food was definitely not on her mind either. Just the thought of the greasy foods started to turn her stomach.

She finally decided on corn flake cereal and milk.

Once she sat down and chewed on the cereal she suddenly paused.

The texture of the food in her mouth and the smell of the cereal completely turned her stomach.

She ran over to the garbage and spit everything out.

She was almost…worried.

However, she had no time to ponder. She had work so she really had to go.

She knew she couldn't just leave on an empty stomach so she grabbed a pack of saltine crackers that she had in her cupboard and went to take the bus to the diner.

All throughout the bus ride her condition got no better. She even had to open a window to keep herself from really throwing up.

When she arrived at the diner it was as if she flipped a switch.

She greeted everyone happily and tied her apron around her waist as if she didn't feel sick at all.

She was immediately off to her first table, with her pad in hand.

Lately she had to write things down because her mind was always elsewhere and by elsewhere it was always on a blue hedgehog.

"Hello, my name is Amy and I'll be your waitress today. Would you like to start off with some beverages?"

She looked up with a million dollar smile and was shocked at who she saw.

"Oh my God! What are you guys doing here?"

"Oh, I don't know...Maybe getting some breakfast?"

Amy had the (-_-) face.

"Shut up Silver."

Silver and Blaze laughed.

"Good Morning Amy baby!"

"Morning Blaze honey!"

Silver sighed.

"You girls are making me a bit uncomfortable. I just wanted to sit down in a diner and eat some bacon without any of this hanky panky."

Amy smiled.

"What would you like bitch?"

Silver gasped.

"Wow, I'm definitely writing a letter to your manager. I didn't know they hired such verbally abusive staff."

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

Blaze laughed and then told Amy she wanted some toast, a fried egg, and some sausage.

"Well I'll have some scrambled eggs, some bacon, some sausage, some ham, pancakes, and hash browns."

"I hope your stomach bursts…"

"What was that Ugly?"

"Would you like some warm maple syrup with that?"

Silver smiled brightly.

"Yes, certainly!"

Amy rolled her eyes.

"I was hoping you would recognize us Amy.", Blaze smiled.

"I should have noticed earlier. I guess I'm just a little out of it today."

"So why didn't you take the day off?"

"Can't afford to…"

Blaze looked at Amy with concern and was about to say something before Silver interrupted the moment.

"NO TIP! Conversing on the job!"

Amy laughed.

"Shut up Silver! I'll be back with your grease."

Amy went back to the kitchen to give the order and smelled sizzling bacon and other hot greasy things.

Amy- Blaze and Silver are having breakfast here :-X

Sonic- Silver ordered a feast didn't he

Amy- Yes (-_-)

Sonic- lol

She paused and suddenly covered her mouth.

She quickly ran to the bathroom, slammed open a stall, and threw up in the toilet.

"Amy? Are you alright?", a fellow waitress asked.

"I'm fine Arielle."

"You're sick…"

"It's just the smell of those foods. "

"But you smell them all the time…"

"Well, I don't know. I have to get back to work."

"But Amy-"

Arielle didn't get to finish what she was saying because Amy already walked out the door.

Amy returned to Silver and Blaze with their orders. The whole way she had the food's scent under her nose and it took all of her strength to hold down her stomach acids.

Once she saw Silver digging in, it loosened her restraint and she held her mouth once again and ran for the bathroom.

Blaze slipped out of the booth and ran after her.


She could hear violent coughing and straining from the first stall.

Cautiously, she opened the door and saw Amy hunched over the toilet. She walked up behind the slumped pink hedgehog and rubbed her back soothingly.

"What's wrong?"

"I really don't know. This is the second time I've thrown up for the morning."

"You're not working today, we're going to the doctor."

"But you can't-"

"Stop! Come on, get your stuff!"

Blaze pushed Amy out the door and pointed for her to go. She allowed no time for Amy to even say anything to her boss but fortunately Arielle had already seen Amy leave with her forceful friend, so she was already covered.

"Amy Rose? Doctor Whall will see you now."

Blaze gave Amy a warm smile before she walked off into the room. She sat down on the medical bed and waited for the doctor to come in the room with her.

"Hello Ms. Rose , How are you this morning?"

"I'm not ok doctor."

"Would you care to share your symptoms?"

"Well, I woke up this morning feeling very nauseous and I couldn't even eat my cereal without feeling like I was going to throw up. I went into work because I thought it was just the occasional morning nausea that I feel from time to time around my period. But then the smell of the food made me throw up . I served my friends and then the sight made me throw up again."

"Are you expecting your period Ms. Rose?"

"Yes but it's just a bit…late."

The doctor looked at her with such an expression that she instantly thought about the worst possible reason for all of this.

"No…No that can't be it.

"Ms. Rose? Are you ok?"

Amy kept shaking her head in a daze.

"I'm going to do a standard check up on you ok?"

Amy didn't respond. She was barely alert at this point.

Dr. Whall laid Amy down and put her stethoscope to her chest.

"Your heart is beating fast sweetheart. Are you sure that you're ok? Talk to me."

When Amy didn't speak, Doctor Whall looked at Amy sympathetically.

After she checked Amy's blood pressure, took her height and weight, and checked her mouth and ears, she concluded that nothing was wrong in the most physical aspect.

"Ms. Rose, I'm going to ask you to urinate in this cup and fill up this vile up to the red line."


Amy came back to the room shortly and handed the doctor her vile.

Upon looking in her eyes, Dr. Whall could clearly see that the young hedgehog was on the brink of tears.

Expecting to be released, Amy stood up from the medical bed and walked towards the door.

"Ms. Rose? Wait just a few minutes please."

Amy looked straight at the doctor and couldn't control the way her eyes glossed with emotion.

She was visibly trembling once she saw Dr. Whall putting a long familiar stick into her vile of urine.

After about 3 minutes of sitting in agony, Amy was finally brought out of her dazed stupor when she heard the doctor speak.

"Ms. Rose…Congratulations!"

"Amy, how did it go? Did you find out what's wrong?", Blaze asked.

Amy stayed silent in the car.

"Amy, something is wrong.", Silver said.

"What happened? Please tell us Amy."

Amy still stayed silent but her eyes dripped with tears.

When Blaze looked in her rearview mirror to see Amy crying she gasped and drove even quicker.

She didn't drive Amy back to her apartment; instead she drove to her own house.

Silver walked out the car and into the house, knowing that the two girls needed privacy for whatever they were about face.

"Amy, what did they tell you?"


"Amy, what's wrong. Please tell me! You can tell me anything!"

Suddenly, Amy started to bawl. She slipped down to her knees and placed her hands over her face. She was hysterical on the side walk.

"I'm pregnant Blaze…I'M PREGNANT!"

Blaze's eyes went wide. She was moved to silence.

She knelt down and put her arms around Amy.

She cried in Blaze's arms for what seemed like an hour before she settled down and Blaze suggested that they go inside.

Silver looked at Blaze for a sign of any explanation but all Blaze did was shake her head.

"Sonic is the father isn't he…"

A few more tears fell from Amy's face but she wasn't as hysterical as she was before.

She nodded and that was when Silver looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

"It's going to be ok Amy. We're definitely going to be here for you all the way. But you have to tell him, maybe not now but really soon."

Amy was hysterical again.

Everything was happening so fast and there was no time to slow down.

Amy had soon managed to cry herself to sleep on Blaze's couch so Silver to lifted her to their bed.

Blaze and Silver were seated in the living room with the TV on.

"She's pregnant?"


Blaze sighed.

"And Sonic's the father?"

"I knew something happened between them."

"Well, he actually hinted that they had been intimate when we texted but I really didn't expect this. No offense to Amy, but he's done this plenty of times and I've never heard of this ever happening. "

"That's because we all know how Sonic is! Why would he want a baby?"

"Blaze, let's try not to jump to conclusions."

"You're right, but you don't know how Amy must feel. I don't even know how she feels. I can only imagine how hard it is right now."

"We can only support her right now and wish for the best."

"I know her Silver, and I have the feeling that she won't tell Sonic. She knows how he is just like we all do. She knows him even better than us."

"You keep assuming things. We have to give her the chance to tell him on her own."

"She won't Silver…unless he brings himself to her."

"What are you suggesting?"

"Call him and tell him to come here, right now."

"I don't think that's such a good idea Blaze, seriously."

"Maybe it's not but the sooner he knows, the sooner she'll know what to do and get over all this pain. I can't see her suffer for so long."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure."

Silver stood up from the couch, pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed Sonic's number.


"Hey man, what are you doing?"

"I'm chilling actually. Why what's up?"

"You want to come over?"


"Amy is here…"

"She is? I haven't heard from her all day. Is she alright?"

"Well, umm…Not really."

"What's wrong with her?"

"We don't know. She's been crying all day."

"Crying? You're serious?"

"Yeah, she cried herself to sleep actually."

"I'll be there."

"Alright man seeya soon."

Silver hung up the phone and sat next to Blaze on the couch.

"I really don't think this is a good idea."

The doorbell rang.

Blaze looked at Silver and Silver looked at Blaze.

It was Silver who got up to get the door.



"Where is she?"

"Well hello to you too Sonic!", Blaze yelled from the living room.

"Sorry, hey Blaze."

Sonic walked into the living room with Silver trailing behind him.

"She's not in here with you guys?"

Blaze shook her head.

"So where IS she?"

"She's in our room.", Silver answered.

Silver walked up the stairs, guiding Sonic. He opened the door and allowed him to walk inside.

Before even waiting to see any kind of reaction, Silver walked back down the stairs and sat on the couch with Blaze again.

"I suggest we mentally and physically prepare ourselves for this."

Blaze leaned against Silver, waiting for whatever was about to occur.

Sonic saw that Amy was under the covers sleeping.

He went over to the side that Amy was sleeping on. He knelt down so he was face-to-face with her.

Dried trails of tears cracked against her cheeks. Her eyelids looked red, puffy, and swollen. Her quills were lifeless and damp. Her skin was clammy to the touch.

Just what had her so worked up?

Sonic lightly caressed her face.

When Amy slowly opened her eyes and saw blue she sat up in shock. The tears immediately filled her eyes and she started to panic.

"Whoa! Ames, what's wrong?"

Amy started crying once again.

"Amy, please tell me what's going on?"

Amy only cried and her noises were starting to drown out anything Sonic had to say.

"Amy, baby, talk to me. I've never seen you like this before."


He had his arms around her in an instant.


Sonic couldn't have felt more confused.

"Why would I go? I'm not going anywhere!"

"DON'T GO!", Amy screamed with fear.

Sonic didn't understand Amy's behavior. He wanted her to tell him what was wrong. Why would he leave her?

His shirt was now soaked in her tears.

"Why do you think I'm going to leave Amy? Tell me baby…"

"SONIC! YOU CAN'T GO!", she screamed again.

"I won't go! Just tell me!", Sonic yelled back.

Amy cried even harder and immediately Sonic felt bad for raising his voice.

"Amy, I won't go. I'm not going to leave, please trust me…please tell me what's wrong."

Sonic held Amy closer and kissed her forehead.



"Something happened."

"What happened?"

"I went to the doctor and…"

Sonic looked straight at Amy with wide eyes.


This was bad.

"Sonic, I-"

"Amy please don't tell me what I think you're about to tell me."

Amy's heart pounded so hard she felt it in her throat and ears. The tears turned into waterfalls all over again. This was so bad.

"Sonic, please-"

"Are you pregnant?"

He watched her and she made no move to deny anything.

Sonic's eyes popped out of his head and his grip had loosened on Amy.

When Sonic let go of her, she grabbed for him.



"No, NO! Please don't do this to me! Can't we just talk about it? PLEASE!

"Amy…I can't."

Sonic loosened Amy's hands from their grip on his jacket and walked out the door.

Amy didn't have a second thought. She got up out of the bed and chased after him.


Blaze and Silver could hear the commotion.

First they saw Sonic come down the stairs and then hysterical Amy behind him.


Blaze and Silver painfully watched on as tears fiercely spilled from Amy's eyes .

"Amy, I need to go right now."


"I'm sorry Amy. I can't…I can't deal with this right now."


Sonic wouldn't look at anyone. Though he said he needed to leave, he stood right there listening to Amy.

Blaze almost had tears fall from HER eyes. It was a bad idea after all. She felt very responsible for everything and she instantly regretted the whole idea.

Silver held her and tried his best to mind his business.

Then suddenly without warning, Sonic opened the front door and shut it behind him.

Amy opened the door a few seconds later and tried to follow behind Sonic, yelling for him, but Blaze went after her and held her back.

Amy cried hard and strong, letting the whole neighborhood know of her pain. Blaze even spilled some tears holding her.

Silver came out behind Blaze seconds later and started to pull Amy up.

He led both of the girls inside and shut the door behind him.


Blaze continued to hold Amy and tried to soothe her but it wouldn't work.


"Shhh, it's going to be alright Amy. Don't worry about him."


So that was it then.

He didn't want any part of it. He left.

She learned that very day that she would never let him in again.

Sonic the Hedgehog would be dead to her.

You had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart

Never really had luck, couldn't ever figure out

How to love

How to love

You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever

Now you're in a corner tryna put it together

How to love

How to love

For a second you were here

Now you over there

It's hard not to stare, the way you moving your body

Like you never had a love

Never had a love

When you was just a youngin' your looks were so precious

But now your grown up

So fly it's like a blessing but you can't have a man look at you for five seconds

Without you being insecure

You never credit yourself, so when you got older

It's seems like you came back ten times over

Now you're sitting here in this damn corner

Looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulders

See you had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart

Never really had luck, couldn't ever figure out

How to love

How to love

It certainly has been a pleasure to write this and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it

Sequel: Hopeless Place

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