I lounged in my room, bored out of my skull yet again. I stared out of my lone window, waiting for Hedwig to come back. It was only halfway through summer break and I had already exhausted my supply of entertaining things to do. I must have read 'Quittich Through the Ages' a dozen times already. I sighed, forcing myself up and jamming my feet into my shoes. I walked quickly and quietly down the stairs, hopefully escaping notice of my relatives.

"And just where do you think you're going?" I heard Aunt Petunia's shrill voice call. I shrugged, "out. Do you have a problem with that?" She marched over to me, anger written all over her face. I had to look down on her because of my recent growth spurt. It wasn't saying much considering she was only five foot-six. I sighed and walked past her, ignoring her screeching voice.

I walked into the cool twilight air. I loved the night, I always have. A lot of people were afraid of the night, but they weren't, they were afraid of the unknown.

I took my favorite rout to a small, overgrown playground that had been abandoned years ago. I would come here to get rid of Dudley as a child and still came here to leave the world.

I heard something fall in the dark and immediately had my wand at ready. I silently berated myself, For the love of Pete, I was almost sixteen and I was still jumping at strange noises.

Suddenly a cat jumped out of some bushes, meowing. I let out a breath that I didn't know I had been holding in. I reached down to pet it, "hey little guy, do you know how much of a fright you gave me?" I asked it.

It meowed again and took a hold of my sleeve, tugging. I frowned, it didn't seem to want to play, what was making it freak out like that? Suddenly I felt dark magic enfold me as someone walked up behind me. Before I could raise my wand or even turn around, I felt two strong arms wrap themselves around me.

I heard a silky voice whisper in my ear, "that's not what you need to worry about." I felt a distinguished wand tip against my back and a whispered 'stupefy' before my dark world went darker.

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