Criminal Minds

I own nothing but this idea for this story.

For my beautiful daughters because…

She was tired when she walked back into her room. So very tired, but she was getting better. The worst part of the withdrawal was over now she just had to work on the psychological need for the liquor. But still at times she wanted a drink craved it, but

as they said in class the real work was just beginning.

She had to admit that she was feeling a bit better too, the exercise that they made the patients do as well as the well balanced meals. Had a lot to do with it along with the eight hours of sleep that she got each night.

Seeing a box on her bed she was curious as to what was inside, she hadn't asked for anything and wasn't expecting anything either. Opening the box with care she was surprised to see several skeins of pale green angora yarn a booklet and a pair of knitting needles and finally a note.


This yarn is very forgiving it can be reworked and knitted until you get it the way you want it just takes practice and hard work.

Your friends, yes you really do have friends. We are forgiving too and we are rooting for you to succeed in overcoming your addiction.

A new start is always full of promise and hope. And that is what we all wish for you.

I look forward to seeing you return and wearing your new sweater on a cold winters day.

Love ~ a friend.

She hastily wiped a tear away that had fallen on her cheek. Picking up the yarn she held it close to her face. It was soft and the color was perfect in fact it was her favorite shade of green.

She picks up the booklet the needles and one skein of yarn before settling into the comfortable chair overlooking the patio in her room.

"I can do this." she thinks I have never been afraid of hard work, and practice never hurt anyone it only made the work easier in the long run.

Opening the booklet she starts to read the first page….