This piece was written for several reasons:

1) I'm done my finals! 8D Goodbye University, hellooooo Christmas break! (and Daniel Radcliffe, whom I'm going to see on Broadway soon!)

2) To cheer myself up. I planned on asking out this really cute guy in my class on the last day of school, but he didn't show. I'll probably never see him again, meaning I lost my chance. I'm bummed about it, so I wrote about cute boys making out to make myself happy again. =3

3) Inspiration from the super awkward first kiss on that Virgin Weddings Show, lol. (I didn't actually watch it, but the clip was shown on the news, and then my fav radio talkshow peeps talked about it in detail during my rather long drive to Uni, so it was on my mind)

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Justice or any of it's characters. Nor do I own the idea of writing a story that's 10% plot, 90% kissing. . . other people do it all the time. =P

Robin the Boy Wonder didn't get nervous. Ever.

Dick Grayson did.

This was a fact as unfortunate as it was true. Even more unfortunate was the fact that Dick Grayson and Robin were the same person, meaning every once in a blue moon, an aspect of one would bleed over into the other. This was one of those blue moon moments.

Meaning Robin, the Boy Wonder, was nervous.

Thankfully, because he was Robin-the Boy-Wonder-who-never-got-nervous, his nervousness was really only noticeable to those who knew him better than they knew their own reflection. This small group included six people: John and Mary Grayson, who were dead; Bruce, Alfred, and (though Robin himself would deny it) Barbara, who were all in Gotham; and Wally, who was at Mt. Justice. With Robin. Taking note of his nervousness.

"Dude!" Wally whispered, ducking down so he was at Robin's level. Robin elbowed him in the gut.

"Later!" he hissed, for the fifth time that day. Wally had picked up on Robin's strange demeanor exactly 15 seconds after the boy arrived at the mountain, and he'd been bugging him about it ever since (the only reason it took even that long was because he was busy the first 15 seconds excitedly yelling his best friend's name and giving him a hug that nearly had them both crashing back through the zeta beam).

Wally huffed through his nose, crossing his arms and looking away dejectedly. He hated waiting and really, he couldn't wrap his head around why he was waiting. If Robby had secrets, why didn't they just walk away from the others? Rob was stuck up their butts like. . . like something that got stuck up butts really easily. Cheap toilet paper. Rob was being cheap toilet paper.

They continued on in this manner for about 5 more hours before Wally started to stop thinking about it and leave his best friend alone. Once it was completely out of his mind (or at least asleep in the back of his mind), he didn't think about it until midnight, when Robin hesitantly creeped into his room, wearing nothing but his sunglasses, some silk black boxers, and an oversized white t-shirt, the giorgio armani logo stamped into the front pocket. It was an ensemble Wally had seen (and made fun of) before; the shirt belonged to Bruce Wayne. Or it did, before it was stolen.

Dick Grayson stole clothes from people he cared about. It was just something he did.

Wally, clad in red sweat pants and a white wife beater, threw his comic book to the floor and sat up. "Hey dude, what's with the late call?"

If Robin had one fault, as a superhero (super partner, sidekick, whatever), it was his skin. Terribly pale, Robin's skin lit up like a Christmas light when he was embarrassed (faced with direct sunlight, he also burned faster than a marshmallow dropped inside a fire, but that was a different story). At that moment, his skin was once again proving his enemy and giving him away as his cheeks lit up pink and he pressed his back against the door. Wally raised an eyebrow, then remembered the events of the day.

"Is this about. . . you know. You being all. . ." Wally flailed his arms around, not really making any clear movement, but Dick understood him nonetheless. He scowled, his blush darkening to red in an instant.

"Hey, don't get all pouty on me!" Wally reached under his bed and pulled out a bag of chips and started munching on them idly. "You're the one who came to me. So spill. What's up?"

Dick sighed and turned his glance to the floor, nervously rubbing his elbow. Wally waited.

"I have. . . a problem. I think."

"Mm-hmmm?" he prompted, through a mouth-full of yum and salt.

Embarrassed and nervous as he was, Robin was never one to stutter and stammer. He liked words too much to do that to them.

His head lifted, chin jutting out confidently, he asked, cheeks still ablaze, "How many girlfriends have you had?"

Wally stopped eating. "Huh?"

"Girlfriends. Girls you've dated. How many have you had?"

"Uhh, not really sure where you're going with this man, but um, none, I guess? Girlfriends are kinda hard with the night job. Rumor has it girlfriends get mad when you keep secrets from them." With that cleared up, Wally started shoveling chips back into his mouth.

Dick's eyebrows furrowed together. "None? But-But you love girls!"

"Well yeah," Wally said, rolling his eyes, "girls rock. But dating girls and appreciating girls are two totally different things. What are you getting at, dude?"

Dick shifted, adjusting his position against the door. "You've made out with plenty of girls though, right?"

Now Wally found himself flushing slightly. "Err, yeah, I guess. Behind the school and stuff. . .on the bleachers. . ."

"So. . . you're a good kisser?"

Blush deepening, Wally brushed off the awkwardness. Rob would get to his point eventually. He always did. "Psst, of course! Just look at these lips! They're incapable of kissing poorly."

Dick looked at Wally's mouth, which was currently wide-open and chewing a handful of chips. He scrunched up his nose.

Wally swallowed and regarded his friend thoughtfully. "Come on man, what's bothering you? You know you can tell me."

"I have a date," was the whispered response. Wally's eyes widened slightly.

"With Zatanna," he continued, going scarlet.

Wally grinned widely, pushing his chips aside. "That's great! She's super hot!"

"Yeah. . ." was the less than enthusiastic response, as Dick's gaze went back to his feet. Wally raised an eyebrow.

"So, why does it seem like you're feeling less than asterous about it?"

The word brought forth a small smile as Dick raised his head. He put on a brave face, despite the fact that every molecule in his body was screaming SHY! OHMYGODIMSOSHY! "KF. . . you can't tell anyone."

Wally raised three fingers into the air. "Bro's honor."

A deep intake of breathe, then, "I've never kissed a girl before."

Wally was only mildly surprised. "Really? What about Batgirl?"

Dick's shy aura evaporated, morphing into disgust. "Babs? Eww, KF, that's disgusting! She's practically my sister!" A pause. "And she's 17!"

Wally shrugged. "It was just a thought. Well, what about at school? You have to have girls falling over you left and right. You're the richest kid there. Plus you're not too bad looking, bright eyes," he added on with a wink. Dick ignored him.

"Well yeah, but just because a girl throws herself at me doesn't mean I'm going to start sucking face with her. . ."

"That, my dear friend, is flawed logic."

Even with the glasses on, Wally could tell Dick was rolling his eyes. He grinned.

"Alright, alright," Wally held up his hands in a gesture of peace, "So you've never kissed anybody. Zatanna probably hasn't either. What's the big deal?"

Dick groaned and slid down the length of the door, slumping down on the floor with his face in his hands. "Wals, you don't get it. I've never kissed anyone before. I don't have a clue what I'm doing! What if I'm awful. . .?" The last part was said quietly, mumbled as Dick burrowed his face into his kneecaps.

Wally jumped off the bed and strode over to his bud, kneeling down so they were on the same level. "Hey, Rob, chill out," he placed a hand on his shoulder, "You're worrying over nothing. You'll be fine. Besides, it's not like you're going to be hardcore making out on your first date. You'll probably just get a kiss goodnight. No sweat."

Dick looked up, his glasses just slightly askew from pressing them to his knees. Wally reached forward and grabbed the bridge, pulling them off and tossing them aside. Dick glanced at them but didn't bother retrieving. . . the topic at hand must have been really bothering him.

"Wally. . . you're a good kisser. . . aren't there any tips you can give me? Secrets or something? This is sooo not my area of expertise."

"Maybe not, but Bruce hangs with lots of ladies, doesn't he? He could probably give you some pointers."

The look on Dick's face was enough to stop that thought dead in it's tracks; Wally laughed, loud and obnoxiously.

"Sorry, sorry. Just, your face," he snorted, "Okay, so scratch the DaddyBats idea." He snorted again. "Oh man, I can see it now. 'Hey Batman, how do you kiss a girl?'" Wally dropped his voice several octaves, to a comic level, and puffed out his chest, "Well, Robin, first you have to catch one! I recommend tripping them up first with a Batrope! If they try to run, blind them with a Batsmokebomb, then, once you have them cornered-

Dick lifted a foot and planted it on Wally's face, covering his mouth. Wally fell backwards, sputtering.

"Dude! That was nasty!"

Dick wriggled his toes at him. "My feet are clean. And we don't put 'Bat' in front of everything, I'll have you know."

"Whatever. Still nasty. . ." he mumbled, wiping at his mouth. When he looked up, Dick was watching him, quietly and carefully. He sighed.

"Fine, I'll help," he relented, crossing his legs and leaning back a bit so he could stare at the ceiling. He pursed his lips. "Where to start. . .well. . . I guess. . . . well, you have to tilt your head a bit. . . but that's obvious, right?"

He glanced back at Dick and found big, blue, innocent eyes staring back at him intently, clearly telling him no, it wasn't obvious. Wally sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Like in the movies, you know? You have to tilt your head, or you bump noses."

"How do you know which way to tilt?"

Wally shrugged and made an uncommitted sound. "You just do."

Dick didn't look happy with that answer.

"Look, don't let that stress you. Trust me, it'll just happen. Um, okay, first kiss. So, you'll be dropping her off, so she'll probably initiate it. . . as a goodbye. That's usually how it works."

"What if she doesn't?"

"Uhh, I guess you can then, if you want. Just. . . you know."

Dick's face was utterly pathetic and lost. It was an expression Wally was entirely unfamiliar with, and it was even weirder seeing it with the other's eyes showing. Wally groaned, pulling slightly at his hair in frustration.

"I don't know! Grab her chin and tilt her face up toward you and just lay it on her!"

"But. . . Zatanna's taller than me. . ."

Wally stared at him a long time before dropping his face into his hands and groaning. "Shit man, you're right. Okay, well, in that case, forget her chin. Just put your hand on her cheek, and lean forward and well, kiss her."

Dick frowned. "Well, yeah, okay, but. . . what are you supposed to do? With your mouth and stuff?"

"Um. . . kiss with it?"

Dick stared at him for the longest half a minute in the world before sighing. "Okay," he said dejectedly, standing up, "Thanks. I'm gonna go."

Wally groaned, jumping to his feet and grabbing Dick's hand. "Wait! Dude, I'm sorry, I'm really trying here! It's just. . . it's hard to explain! It'd be so much easier to just show you!"

Dick's face, which had calmed down to a faint pink, flared up to a brilliant bright red. "What!"

Wally let go of his hand like it had caught fire. "No! I mean, it would be easier, but I'm not going to! I was just saying." His own face caught a pink tinge as he thought about it. Kissing Rob would be the weirdest, most wrong thing ever.

A long silence passed between them until finally, almost inaudibly, Dick mumbled, "Would it really be easier. . .?"

Wally's eyes widened as his freckles nearly disappeared amongst the red overtaking his face. "Um, well, yeah, I guess. . ." Was Dick really. . .? Nooooo way. . .

Dick cast his gaze to the ground, idly rubbing the top of his foot with his other. "Well. . . if. . . I mean. . ." he licked his lips and Wally couldn't help but watch his tongue and notice how his lips glistened with the slight trace of saliva. His arms broke out in goosebumps.

Dick was rubbing the back of his neck. "It's just, when you think about it, family members are allowed to kiss each other, and it's not weird. You kiss your Aunt goodbye sometimes. . ."

"On the cheek!" Wally defended. Dick shrugged one shoulder.

"Still. Point is it's okay. And you and I. . . well, we're kind of like family, right? So, it wouldn't be. . . that bad. . ."

Wally stood still for a few seconds, just focusing on the sound of his own breathing and trying to clear his head. "Yeah, I guess. We're bros, after all. As long as no one knew. . ."

"Of course! It'd be a complete secret!"

Wally nodded slowly. His hands were either vibrating or just shaking regularly; he couldn't tell. "Okay, fine. Just this once." He leaned toward Dick (the poor kid's eyes widened and he flattened himself against the door) and locked the door behind him. "So no one walks in. I know it's late, but, best to be safe. Avoid. . . weird explanations."

Dick nodded shakily, ungluing himself from the door. "R-Right." He put his chin out and stared Wally squarely in the eye. "Okay, let's do this."

Wally sighed deeply, running a hand through his hair. "Alright, but we're just doing this one time, okay? So pay attention! Neither of us are ever going to speak of this again, okay?"

Dick nodded fervently.

"Okay. . . so, you be Zatanna, and I'll be you. Just. . . pay attention to what I do. Um, hold on."

Wally zipped across the room and started routing around through the piles of junk. He picked out five thick textbooks.

Dick frowned heavily. "Wally, you should really take better care of those. Books are really-

"Blah, blah, blah. Books suck. Here." He plopped them down on the ground, then bent and more carefully arranged them in a straight pile. "Stand on them. So you're taller than me."

Dick scowled. "Are you serious?"

"Look, do you want my help or not?"

Sighing through his nose, Dick stood up carefully on the precarious pile.

"Okay," Wally swallowed heavily and put a hand on Dick's cheek. It was warm. "So, cup her cheek, like this, then lean in. . ." He leaned forward a bit, "Dude, she's going to be doing the same thing. Help me out here."

"Um. . ."

"Just lean forward and meet me halfway."

"O-Okay. . ." Dick did as he was told, and the two were soon mere centimeters apart.

"Now, you can put your free hand on her waist if you want," Wally did just that, "Doesn't really matter, but. . . she might appreciate it."

Dick nodded and Wally could feel the tip of his bangs brushing against his forehead. He tried to ignore it.

"Now, just. . . close your eyes. . ." he whispered, "And tilt your head. . ."

He could feel Dick trembling slightly beneath his hand as he complied, letting Wally's hand dictate which way he tilted. Wally hesitated for a second before clenching his eyes shut and slamming his lips together with his best friend's.

Dick made a muffled sound and Wally pulled back just a bit.

"Sorry," he breathed softly, barely speaking, "That was too hard. I was nervous." They agreed on one, but two wouldn't hurt. Especially when the first one was a fluke. . .

Dick didn't have time to catch his breathe before Wally took a step closer, his feet just on the edge of the books, and closed the gap between them once again. This time, he pressed his lips softly against the other's, gently moving against them. After a moment, Dick kissed back, hesitant and unsure.

Wally pulled back only to capture his lips again, then once more. On the last time, he slid his tongue out just a bit and wet Dick's lips. Dick pulled back, face aflame.

"Wha. . .?"

Wally threaded the hand that had been on his cheek through Dick's hair, pulling him back forward slightly. "It's okay, I'm not going to French you or anything. It's okay to let your tongues touch, just a little. Try it."

Before Dick could gather his thoughts he was being kissed again. Hesitantly, he opened his mouth slightly and let Wally's tongue flick quickly against his own. He moaned softly and they both tried to ignore it.

"Okay," Wally said shakily, unconsciously threading his fingers through Dick's hair, "So, um, that's the first date. You did well."

Dick nodded slowly, dazed. "Right. Um, so, what about the second date?"

"Up to you. You can either do the same thing or, if you're feeling brave-

"I'm always brave," Dick challenged, narrowing his eyes slightly.

His hands were definitely vibrating now. His whole body was. Conscious of his hand still on Dick's waist and the other on the back of his head, he tried to stop it. "Okay, so then, there's two ways to do this. First, is standing up. Which we're already doing. So, uh," he cleared his throat, "Well, you want her to know you're going for it, or else she'll kiss with her mouth closed and you'll be open and it'll just be a mess. So, I would cup her face, like this," he placed a hand on each side of Dick's face, "and then pull her closer, but faster this time. This kind of kiss is a little more. . . intense, I guess."

Dick nodded. "Okay, so, uh, just. . ."

They stared at each other for a moment, unsure of what to do, then Dick lunged forward, attaching his mouth to Wally's. Both their mouths were open (Dick's from intention, Wally's from surprise), but so were their eyes. They stared at each other.

Shakily, Wally closed his eyes and dipped his tongue into his best friend's mouth. Dick gasped lightly then shut his eyes as well, hesitantly poking Wally's tongue back.

Wally relaxed as he explored the cavern of Dick's mouth, moaning unconsciously as he gently guided his movements.

Their lips made a small 'pop' when they finally broke for air, gasping heavily. They locked eyes for a moment before crashing together again, moving with much more intensity. Dick flung one arm around Wally's back, grasping at his wife beater, and threaded his other hand through his hair, trying to push him closer. Wally let go of Dick's face to wrap one arm tightly around his waist and put the other near his temple, letting his silken hair fall through his fingers before gently pulling at it.

They broke apart again, panting and gasping.

"What's," Dick began, stopping to take a large breathe, "the second way?"

Wally licked his lips, a tiny part of him wondering if it was his own saliva he was licking away or Dick's. "Sitting down. If she invites you inside. Come on."

Wally took his hand as he stepped down off the books and led him over to the bed. He let Dick sit down first, on the edge, then sat down on his left.

"Okay." He was still gasping for air. "So you're inside," a breathe, "or maybe on a bench or," huff, "something." A few more gasps. Next to him, Dick was doing the same, and Wally tried to ignore his flushed appearance and the way his slightly parted lips were shining and how his eyes were glazed over just a bit and how his hair was lightly tousled, in the most adorable way possible. . .

"Yeah?" Dick prodded, bringing Wally's attention back to the surface.

"Yeah. So um, you're sitting together. And um, you have to make eye contact. With her." Their eyes locked and Wally found a slightly heady feeling overtaking him. "And uh, you slowly lean forward. . ." Dick didn't need instruction this time as he closed his eyes and locked their lips together. Wally pulled back a bit, resting his forehead on Dick's. "You can put your hand on her knee, if you want." Wally demonstrating, remembering with a jolt as his hand fell on smooth skin that Dick was only wearing boxers. "Uhh, if you-if you wanna turn a closed kiss into an open one, you just. . . lick her lips or, uh. . . .nibble. . . at them."

Dick nodded, dazed, then leaned forward and kissed Wally, lips closed. Wally subconsciously started rubbing Dick's leg as he gently nibbled at the other's bottom lip. Dick complied, opening his mouth with hesitation to allow Wally in. Their kiss was gentler this time, more tender.

They parted, but Wally once again left his forehead resting on the Boy Wonder's, letting their breathes intermingle. "There's one more way. . . but you probably won't get that far. Least not on the first few dates, I mean."

Dick watched his lips for a few seconds before lifting his eyes to meet Wally's. "I want to be prepared."

Wally swallowed. He'd never actually done this before, but Dick didn't need to know that. He'd just wing it. "Okay, well, you start sitting. Then, when you kiss. . ." He caught Dick's lips and started greedily kissing him, leaning further and further forward as he did. Eventually, on reflex, Dick threw his arms around Wally's neck to keep himself from falling. Wally broke the kiss.

"If you're lucky, she'll do what you just did. Arms out of the way, you're free to lower her down. . ." He captured his friend's lips once more and kept leaning, gently forcing the other onto his back. Once he was completely lying down, Dick brought his legs up, trying to get more comfortable. At some point during the leaning, Wally had done the same and was kneeling next to him. He pulled away, eliciting a disappointed groan from Dick that shot straight through his core. He was instantly glad to be kneeling instead of standing, because his knees felt weak.

"So, you have a few options. First, you can get on your hands and knees beside her. Like a girly push-up, sort of. At least one hand goes by her head. The other either goes on the other side or, if she has her legs bent like you do, you can. . ." He placed a hand on Dick's thigh, fingertips just brushing the edge of his boxers. Wally smiled shakily. "Works great if she's wearing shorts, but watch out for skirts and dresses. You don't want to get slapped."

Dick nodded slightly and Wally found himself distracted by the way his hair fell onto the bed beneath him. Disheveled and tousled just the right amount. . .He shook his head, clearing his thoughts.

"Okay. Um. . . oh, right! Okay, so you can do that or, if you've been dating for a while and you're confident she won't get mad at you for getting too close, you can straddle her legs." Dick instinctively lowered his legs a little so Wally could swing one of his over, straddling him just below the waist. Somewhere near their feet, the chip bag made a crinkly sound as it was kicked to the floor; neither noticed.

"You can also like, you know, lie next to her, or on her and stuff, but we'll stay like this for now." He took a few calming breathes. "Lying down is nice, cause it gives you a whole new angle," he guessed. He had no idea. "And then you just. . ." But he had to find out somehow. He leaned down and brought their lips together, exploring Dick's mouth with a new vigor. The angle did make things different!

While they made out, Dick slipped his hands under the back of Wally's shirt, lightly tracing patterns on his skin with the blunt of his nails. It was an exhilarating feeling that made the hairs on the back of Wally's neck stand up.

They broke for air. "Next. Girls love this." Too winded to explain, Wally just burrowed his face into the crook of his friend's neck, biting down at the junction. He tried to ignore the feeling that shot through him when Dick cried out and dug his nails into his back, as he continued to nip and suck at the spot. Dick gave a breathy moan as he squirmed beneath him, craning his neck to give the other more access.

Reluctantly, Wally pulled away with a final lick. "If I kept going, you'd get a hickey, but we want to avoid that cause. . . you know. Anyway, after that you can. . ." He lowered his mouth back to Dick's neck and started planting gentle kisses up the length, then along his jawline. He didn't notice the contented purring sound he made in response to the soft mewls Dick was emitting. When he reached his ear, he lightly dragged the tip of his tongue along the outer shell of his ear before flicking the center. Dick moaned loudly, cause Wally to chuckle.

"You have to be careful, with ears. Too much and it'll feel like a wet willy. They're sensitive too, so if you bite," he nibbled gently at his earlobe, eliciting a surprised gasp, "you have to be really gentle. Soft little nips," he whispered, his hot breath grazing Dick's ear, "Understand?"

Dick made a sound that could have meant anything, but he slowly nodded his head along, showing he understood perfectly.

Wally smirked. "Alright. Now, this can be fun." It seemed fun in his mind, in any case. "Say you're on top of her, but you want to change things up. This works best if you have something to lean against, like my headboard." Wally swung his leg around so he was once again kneeling at Dick's side. "While kissing," he quickly pecked Dick on the lips, "grab her arm and gently pull her up," he did as he said, pulling Dick effortlessly toward him, "then sit down against the headboard and pull her toward you, so she's straddling you in your lap." He was going off what he'd seen in movies. He'd never actually done it himself, but it worked like a charm and he soon had a lap full of Boy Wonderful.

On top, Dick looked unsure and hesitant once again. "What do I. . .?" Reflexively, he placed his hands flat against Wally's chest. It was a gesture that felt strangely intimate and. . . caring.

"Time to lead the battle, soldier, " Wally whispered, putting a hand on the back of his head and pulled him forward into a deep kiss. It took a few times, but finally Dick started getting the hang of being dominant. He rang his tongue along the roof of Wally's mouth, drawing forth a moan from the other, before breaking apart with a wet sound.

Panting, Wally eyed him carefully. "Give me. . ." He breathed a few times, "Give me a hickey."

Dick's cheeks pinkened, giving his whole face an appearance that was almost criminally attractive in a way Wally couldn't quite pinpoint. "What?"

"Give me a hickey. Just bite my neck, then suck, and repeat. You'll get it."

Dick looked wary. "What if I hurt you?"

Wally almost rolled his eyes but managed to suppress it, opting for a fond smile. He took Dick's hand and placed the knuckle of his thumb in his mouth, biting down on it. When he released, there were tiny indents in the skin from his teeth. "Did that hurt?"

Dick shook his head. "No. . ."

"Bite like that. And don't worry about a mark. Thanks to my accelerated healing, I've never had a hickey that's lasted for more than two hours."

Dick's eyes gleamed in a mischievous way that Wally was all too familiar with. "Challenge accepted."

Lowering his mouth to Wally's neck, he timidly licked the soft area just above his collar bone. Wally tilted his head to the left, giving him more space. Encouraged, Dick hesitantly bite down then quickly released, kissing and lapping at the spot apologetically.

Wally gave a low chuckle and placed his hands on Dick's waist, pushing up his shirt a bit so his fingers graced his skin. "You gotta bite harder than that." He put his mouth to Dick's shoulder, exposed thanks to Bruce's large shirt, and playfully bite down. Dick breathed out through his nose, the rush of air cold against the new wet spot on his neck, then tried again, biting down in the same spot.

Wally tightened his grip on his waist. "Harder."

Dick complied, pressing down harder until Wally grunted. "That's good," he said shakily, dancing his fingers along the other's waist. Dick squirmed at the tickling feeling, pressing closer to Wally so that their chests and stomachs were flush against each other. "Now suck," Wally said, breathing in Dick's ear. The younger moaned softly and did as he was told, placing his lips to the abused area and sucking as hard as he could.

As Dick played around and found a nice balance of sucking and licking, with the occasional nip, Wally dipped his hands lower, cupping the other's butt and squeezing. Dick squeaked loudly and bit down harder than he intended.

Wally moaned loudly and lolled his head back, hands flying to the back of Dick's head and pushing him closer. Taking that as a good sign, Dick continued his ministrations while Wally leaned forward and buried his face in the crown of his head, breathing in the scent of his hair.

Dick detached himself from his work, quickly finding a fresh area of Wally's neck to bite into. He wasn't shy about it this time.

Wally was alternating between harshly tugging at Dick's hair and pushing his head down into his neck. Eventually, Dick pulled out of his grip, leaning back to examine the bruises blossoming on Wally's neck. "Two hours," he whispered to himself, snorting. Panting lightly, he caught Wally's gaze, eyes glazed over and half-lidded.


Wally smiled lazily and dropped his head to Dick's shoulder, gently nuzzling the area. Dick hummed in contentment, idly playing with his hair. "Wals?"

"Hmm?" Wally brushed his nose along Dick's neck, causing him to laugh as he squirmed around.

"Dude, that tickles, quite it."

Grinning widely, Wally continued nuzzling him while sneaking his hands under his shirt to lightly brush his fingers up his sides. Dick laughed louder, trying to push away. Not about to have any of that, Wally followed him, pushing him roughly off his lap so he bounced backwards onto the bed. Before he could recover, Wally was on top of him, holding both his wrists over his head with one hand and tickling his stomach with the other.

Laughter filled the room as Dick squirmed beneath him. He tried to kick his feet, more out of reflex than desire to kick Wally, but the older teen had predicted that and sat down on the other, more or less rendering his legs useless.

"Wally! Wally, stop!" Dick gasped out, eyes tearing.

Feeling generous, Wally relented, lying down on top of his friend and once more burrowing his face into his neck. He breathed in deeply, taking in Dick's scent as a strange, content feeling spread through him. Dick was so warm. . . it would be so easy to just fall asleep like this, on top of him. . .

Dick's chest was still rising and falling at a quick pace as he tried to recoup from the tickle attack. "Wally? Dude, I had a question."


"Um, aside from totally unfair tickle fights, how are you supposed to, you know. . . stop? And when?"

Wally eyes, which had closed as sleep started to overtake him, snapped open as his whole body tensed up. Beneath him, Dick felt the change.

"KF? You okay?"

Wally climbed off him, averting his gaze from the confused, beautiful blues staring up at him. What. The hell. Was he. Doing! He just made out with Dick Grayson. Rob. Robby. Robin. The Boy freaking Wonder, who also happened to be his best friend in the whole goddamn universe. His face paled and he became dimly aware that his hands were shaking once again. They kissed, they made out, Rob gave him a hickey, and then they had a tickle fight and cuddled! He bit his bottom lip, horrified when he realized the action hurt a little. His lips were bruised.

Dick sat up, staring worriedly at him. "KF? You okay?"

He crawled forward and placed a hand on Wally's knee. Hesitantly, Wally glanced over and met those piercing eyes, full of concern and something Wally couldn't quite name. A blush exploded over his face. Dick's lips were bruised too. . .

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine, dude. Um, when to stop. And how." He coughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck and trying his best to ignore the warm hand pressing down on his knee. "Uh, well, there are a few ways. The first is, uh, well, if you, you know, get bored." That's why he usually stopped. You could only make-out for so long. . . or at least, that's what he thought. With Dick, it was like. . . well. . . if given the choice to never stop. . .

Shaking his head slightly, Wally continued, "Or you can stop if you get like, tired. It can take a lot out of you, sometimes, especially if it's late. . ."

Dick laughed lightly and Wally tried to ignore how the sound sent pleasant chills up his spine. "Right, gotcha. So, what about the how? What do I do?"

Wally cleared his throat, trying to quell the disappointment that flooded him when Robin removed his hand, throwing his legs over the side of the bed to sit beside him. "Uhhhh. . . oh! Um, you can, ah, fade. . . into it. Sorta."

Dick raised an eyebrow and Wally felt his cheeks burn.

"Like, say you're. . . making out. Well, you pull away, but instead of kissing back right away, kiss. . . her. . . Zatanna's. . . neck. Not like. . ." he put a hand to his neck, taking note of the soreness, "like we did earlier, but uh, softly. Light kisses."

Dick smiled, understanding. "Okay, sorta like you did. Before the ear thing."

Wally nodded, fisting his comforter in an attempt to mask how violently his hands were vibrating. Or shaking. He still couldn't tell. "Y-Yeah. Like that. But without the. . . ear thing. Just kiss her a few times like that, to give you both time to catch your breath, then kiss her once or twice on the lips, real chastely."

Nodding, Dick leaned forward and, before Wally could stop him, pressed his lips lightly against his in a light, innocent kiss.

Wally licked his lips afterwards impulsively, regretting it instantly as he realized he could now differentiate between the taste of his own spit and Dick's. His lips tasted like Dick's. "Good. . . just like that. Then just, uh, tell her she's beautiful or something." Dick was beautiful. With his pale, flawless skin that looked so touchable, especially when he was flushed and breathless; and his soft, sweet smelling hair that felt so nice, sliding through his fingers; and his petite frame, just the perfect size to bend down and kiss, or pick up and carry around, like he had done on so many missions (how did he not notice before!), or easily flip over, so he could kiss him from different angles; and his eyes, so bright and deep and innocent, but kind of sexy and haunting, the kind of eyes that could break into your dreams. Dick was so much more perfect than he had ever noticed before. . .

"Maybe let her know you liked spending time with her," he continued, swallowing heavily, "She should say something similar, telling you she had a great time or something, and then you can either tell her you should be going, or ask her if she's free another time. Up to you." He licked his lips again, finding them suddenly dry. "That's probably the best way. Other than that the only other thing to do is. . . well, kind of what we did. Get affectionate (Was that what he was doing? Being affectionate? With Dick? Oh god, oh god, oh god. . .) and like, cuddle and stuff with her. Alternatively you can. . . do other. . . stuff." He ears started burning. "You shouldn't worry about that yet though. Focus on kissing for now."

Dick nodded, paying rapt attention. "Got it." He smiled shyly, lowering his eyes. "Thanks Wally. . . for. . . training me, I guess. I learned a lot." He glanced up (Were his eyelashes always that long? They framed his eyes so well. . .), a light blush dusting his cheeks. "You're a good friend, man. The best. A lot of friends. . . wouldn't do what you did. I'm lucky. . ."

Wally tried to smile back, praying that the trembling of his lips wasn't noticeable. "Right back at ya, dude. What are best bros for?"

Dick grinned widely, nodding. "Well, it's late. Sorry for keeping you up." He stood up, his feet hitting the ground with an obnoxious crunching sound. He lifted a foot then, laughing slightly, bent down and retrieved something from the ground. "And for ruining your chips."

Wally took the bag, crumbling it into a ball. "Don't worry about it. They were mostly gone anyway."

Dick nodded, running his eyes across the floor. Spotting his sunglasses by the door, he strode over, his bare feet barely making a sound as he padded across the room, and retrieved them, placing them on his face. "K. Well, night. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Right. Uh, night. Sleep. . . well."

Dick smiled fondly, nodding once. "'Course. You too."

And then he left, creeping silently back to his room and leaving Wally alone.

Wally released a breathe he didn't realize he was holding and chucked the chip bag in the general direction of his trash can (he missed), then fell back onto his bed.

He raised his hands to his face for a moment, taking note of the almost violent shaking before placing them over his face and groaning loudly.

He spread his fingers and stared down his ceiling light through the cracks. What had he done? What had he done?

Dick was going to start dating Zatanna.

And here he was, realizing for the first time that he loved his best friend. He would have been so much better off, keeping the feelings buried and far away from his subconscious.

Grabbing his pillow, Wally pressed it against his face and groaned again.

What had he done. . .?

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