So, I was a little on the fence about continuing this one, since it seemed soooo void of actual plot (haha), but I just couldn't leave it hanging like that and keep a good conscious. Soooo, without further ado, here's the conclusion!

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Justice or any of it's characters. If I did, Zatanna wouldn't be Rob's love interest cause, as far as I know (and I may be wrong), Zee has always been a love interest for Bruce. . . making her switch from Bat to Bird is kind of weird. . .

"Wally? Wally?"

Wally groaned, hearing the whispered voice and the soft click of his door closing, but wishing to ignore it. He'd just gotten to bed. Waking up was sooo not on his list of things to do. . .

"Wally!" the voice hissed, just a little louder. Wally groaned and sat up, squinting into the darkness.

"Wha. . .?"

He blinked wearily as the dark silhouette before him turned into his best friend, the moonlight pouring through his window casting his features in a silvery glow. His glasses were off and his eyes seemed to gleam out through the dark.

Wally's eyebrows furrowed together as he side-glanced at his window. He must have forgotten to close the blinds. . . Weird.

His attention was brought back to his best friend as Dick stepped forward, crossing to his bed and sitting down at the foot, legs crossed.

Wally yawned loudly and rubbed at his eye, regarding his friend wearily. "Dude, what's up?"

He dully noted that Dick was wearing the same thing from the previous night. Black silk boxers. Bruce Wayne's shirt.

"I want to talk to you. It's about Zatanna and me."

Wally frowned, not entirely happy with the topic of conversation.

"Zatanna?" He yawned again. "Dude, can't this wait? It's late. . ."

"I really like her Wals. . ." Wally breath caught as Dick got on his hands and knees and started crawling toward him. ". . .and . . .I think I want to go all the way." He climbed into Wally's lap, straddling him. Wally wasn't sure whether to be thrilled or mortified at how familiar the position was, how right it seemed. "So I was wondering," he leaned forward, his breath coming out hot against Wally's ear, raising goosebumps on his skin, "think you could give me some tips?"

This throat had gone dry. "T-tips? I. . . don't know, man," he shakily placed his hands on Dick's waist, "The mechanics are. . . and besides, you're so young. . ." Hell, he was too young too. What was Dick thinking?

Wally bit his lip to suppress a gasp as cold hands slid under shirt, a blue t-shirt this time, and teasingly traced the contours of his abdomen.

"Dick. . .?"

"Come on KF. . . I learned so much before. . . and you're such a good teacher," he purred, running his hands further up Wally's shirt while gently nipping at his neck. His lazily started rubbing the pad of his thumb in small circles on Wally's chest, brushing his nipples. Wally whimpered.

"Dick? Dick, what are you-

"I can make you feel so good. . ." Dick interrupted him, bringing his mouth up close to his ear, "You just have to tell me how. . ." His hands slid back down Wally's chest, stopping at his sweatpants. He dipped his fingers under the band and started pulling down.

"I want to go all the way with you. . ."

Wally's breath caught as Dick leaned back so they were face to face. He fixed Wally with a haunting stare, his lust darkened eyes piercing through the dark.

". . .Zatanna."

Wally awoke with a startled gasp, bolting upright in his bed. Panting, he glanced wildly around his room.

He was alone. Good.

He glanced to his left. There was no window there.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. Of course he didn't have a window; he lived inside a goddamn mountain. Mountains didn't have windows.

With a groan, Wally flopped back onto his bed, still breathing heavily as he stared at the ceiling. He was trying so hard to be the best friend Robin knew him to be, but it was difficult. He kept having these. . . thoughts. He wasn't sleeping well, and when he did sleep. . . well. . .

A blush rose to his cheeks and he groped around for his pillow, slamming it down on his face once he found it.

That first night, after Dick had left, he didn't sleep the whole night. Giving up after the first hour, he spend the next hour and 47 minutes watching the hickey on his neck fade away. Dick had set a new record. . .he wasn't sure if the boy would want to know of his accomplishment or not, so he just stayed quiet.

He breathed in deeply, trying to not to think about it as he recited the formula for pi to himself until he calmed down. Pulling the pillow away, he rolled onto his side and stared at his alarm clock.


He blinked, letting it sink in, then sat up abruptly.

6am. Morning. Which means last night was done. Over with. And with it. . . Dick's date.

Taking a deep breathe, Wally got out of bed and dressed, preparing himself to go out and face his best friend and listen to all the details of his wonderful date and pretend his heart wasn't shattering into a million pieces as he listened.

Things had gotten pretty bad since that night, when Dick had showed up asking for. . . "kiss training." At first it was sort of just, "Haha, that was weird, but Dick sure was a-freakin'-dorable, asking for help and being so timid and crap," and then it became, "For being a complete kissing newb, Dick really isn't that bad a kisser. . .weird how my hands fit so well around his waist. . . I bet if he hadn't been on those books, he would have been the perfect height for me. . .damn," which then went on to become, "Man, for a dude, Dick's kind of hot. . . and damn is his ass firm!" which in turn morphed into, "I wish he'd take off that stupid mask. I wish the others would leave so it would just be us and he could take off that stupid mask so I could see his eyes which are really beautiful and I don't think he really knows that and I hate Kaldur right now for making him laugh cause I love his laugh but it sounds so much better when it's directed at me and I wish he wasn't standing so far away cause things are always waaaay better when he's close by and I hope we get a mission today so I can find an excuse to carry him on my back while I run cause I really really love that and OH MY GOD!" And that's how he realized he was in love. With his best friend. Who was a dude.

Guess life is just like that sometimes.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to brush his teeth and make sure his hair looked like how he imagined Dick would like it, providing he woke up today and decided to take note of Wally's hair, he sped to the kitchen where he found the object of his affections, along with M'gann and Kaldur.

"Morning beautiful," Wally called, taking a seat on the counter, next to where Robin was sitting.

"Good morning, Wally," M'gann replied, completely unaware that Wally hadn't been addressing her, "Breakfast?"

"Duh," Robin replied for him, grinning up at him. Wally almost melted.

Smiling, M'gann loaded a plate up with pancakes for him and handed it to him.

"Thanks Megalicious," he said, shoveling the food in his mouth. He looked down at Robin. "So Rob," He meant to ask 'how was your date, but instead found himself choking on his pancakes and asking, "Why are you wearing that?"

He was surprised he hadn't noticed sooner. Robin was wearing his normal sunglasses and jeans. White socks. Nothing special. But paired with it was. . . Superboy's shirt.

It was large on him; not as large as Bruce's, which barely stayed on his body, but large enough to fall off one shoulder. It would have been adorable if it wasn't for the big, stupid, red 'S' plastered on the front. Something white-hot (that most certainly was not jealously) shot through Wally's gut then curled up and died. He almost (almost) didn't want to finish his pancakes.

Robin laughed and reached up, dipping his finger in the syrup on Wally's plate then carefully bringing it back to his mouth and sucking it off. Wally almost vibrated through the counter.

"It's comfy," he said, after removing his finger from his mouth with a 'pop.'

"Superboy probably won't appreciate it. He's very protective of his things. . ." M'gann chimed in with a small frown. Kaldur nodded.

"What won't I appreciate?"

They looked up as Superboy entered the room, Artemis trailing behind. Starting with M'gann, his gaze bounced off them all before settling on Robin. He frowned.

"That's my shirt."

"Yup." Robin dipped his finger into Wally's syrup again. Wally had to avert his gaze. "I know. Thanks for telling me though. Cause you know. I may not have known." And 'pop!' went his mouth. Wally started reciting the formula for pi to himself again.

Superboy's eyebrows furrowed as his frown deepened, confusion and conflict swimming in his eyes. "You're. . . welcome?" He wasn't sure it was the proper response, but he wasn't sure what else to say. He grunted angrily and stomped off, probably to find Wolf and give him his breakfast. M'gann followed after, calling out to him to wait for her.

"So, uh, Rob," Wally tried again, "How was your date?"

"What date?" Artemis asked, making herself a plate and regarding them curiously. Robin colored.

"Not a real date. We're talking bro code." Robin jumped up on the counter next to Wally and, when Artemis turned around, leaned over and whispered, "Tell you later," in his ear. Wally nodded, not trusting himself to speak as memories of his dream rushed back to him. Robin's hot breathe on his ear. "I can make you feel so good," he had whispered, "You just have to tell me how. . ." Wally felt his ears burn and tried to think of something else. Pi. Pi. Pi. 3.14159265358979323846264338327. . .

Robin raised an eyebrow. "You okay KF? You look flushed." He pressed the back of his wrist to Wally's forehead, frowning at the heat. "You feeling alright? Can you even get sick?"

Wally pulled away. "Of course not. I'm fine."

Robin grinned. "Good, cause playing nurse for your butt isn't exactly how I planned to spend the day."

Robin as a nurse. For him. Oh god.

He gave a shaky laugh. "Yeah, so, uh, what were you planning on doing today?"

Robin shrugged. "Training. Some homework. Kinda was hoping you wanted to hang later."

"I'm there. Train with you too if you want."

A small smile crept across Robin's lips. "What, not going to help me with my homework?"

Wally hopped off the counter with a snort. "Sorry Boy Wonderful, but you're on your own there."

Robin followed suit as Artemis snorted from where she was sitting. "Boy Wonderful? Seriously?"

Wally did his best to keep his blush down as he threw an arm around Robin's shoulders, trying to play it off. It was even harder when he realized his arm was now touching Robin's bare shoulder. "Yeah seriously. What can I say? He leaves me whelmed." He leaned forward, as if to kiss him, then blew a raspberry on his cheek.

"Ugh, Wals! Nasty!" Robin tried to push away as he wiped the spit off his cheek, smiling despite himself. Wally stuck his tongue out but kept his arm casually around the other's shoulders.

Artemis rolled her eyes. "You two need to grow up."

Kaldur smiled. "I don't know. Somehow I can't foresee them changing much as they age. . ."

"No sense in changing perfection. Come on Robs, ready to get you butt handed to ya?"

Robin snorted, letting Wally lead him toward the training room. "As if." He was quiet for a few moments before asking, "Wals?" and glancing up at him curiously.

Wally tried to make his smile natural. "Yeah dude?"

"You know your arm is vibrating. . . right?"

Wally immediately dropped his arm from Robin's shoulders. "O-Oh?" He laughed nervously. "Sorry. That's been, uh, happening. . . lately. I stopped noticing." He jogged ahead into the training room and immediately entered the arena. Robin followed behind at a slower pace.

"KF. . . is this okay? I mean. . . did you tell Barry or anything?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah. Totally. Hurry up dude."

Robin entered the arena and the computer announced their names and bid them to begin. Wally didn't waste a second as he swung at Robin. He ducked.

"What did he say?" he asked, swinging his leg around in a kick. Wally just barely jumped over his leg, stumbling slightly as he landed.

"Who?" Wally countered, forcing Robin backwards as he jabbed at him.

"Barry!" he yelled, frustrated. He made to kick Wally but the other grabbed his leg and spun it. Robin turned it into a cartwheel and landed on his feet.

"Oh." Robin was jabbing at him now, putting Wally on the defensive. "Um, not much. It's normal. No worries." Lying to Robin wasn't something Wally was very good at. Best to keep things short and simple.

Robin seemed skeptical for a moment before a smirk broke out on his face. "Alright. Just don't start phasing through walls without notice on me, k?"

Wally laughed and grabbed Robin's wrist, letting his fist connect with his chest. He pulled the other off his feet and tried to throw him to the ground, but Robin did a back-spring and landed in a crouch. With missing beat he launched himself forward, tackling Wally in the chest and sending them both to the ground.

"Gotcha," Robin said, smirking devilishly from his position on top of him as the computer announced Wally the loser.

"Dude! That was like, the most formless attack ever! What were you thinking?"

"Wasn't," was the other's answer as he flicked Wally in the forehead, "Instinct can be just as important as form, you know."

Wally rolled his eyes. "Whatever dude. Get off me?" It almost hurt to ask. Robin's weight was pleasant and comfortable. Wally could have went back to sleep like that, right on the training room floor, if Robin just stayed where he was.

Still smirking, Robin climbed off him and offered his hand, hauling him up.

"So dude, wanna tell me now about your-

Wally was interrupted as M'gann flew into the room, Superboy behind her. "Oh, are you two training? May we join?"

"Sure thing Miss M," Robin said, adjusting Superboy's shirt, which had fallen a little further off his shoulder. "Why don't you face off against KF, then Supey and I will go at it. Winners fight."

"Hey now, don't leave us out, Boy Wonderful," Artemis mocked, walking in with Kaldur. Wally growled lightly in aggravation.

Oh well. There would be plenty of times to get Robs alone today and get the date scoop. Besides. . . he could wait. He really did want to know how things went, but at the same time. . . he really didn't.

With a groan, Wally collapsed onto his bed. It was almost 1am and he still hadn't heard about Dick's date.

Their one-on-one had been spoiled by the stupid team (he didn't mean that, they weren't stupid. . . they just had poor timing). Then Dick holed himself up in his room doing stupid homework (he meant that one). After that, they were supposed to hang out, but stupid Batman (didn't mean it, Bruce was far too frightening to be stupid. . .) had to show up with this stupid mission (actually it was kind of serious, but. . . still stupid, he meant it)that took the rest of the whole stupid day (absolutely no question, he meant it).

With a sigh, Wally climbed out of bed and stripped off his dirty uniform. Clad in just his boxers, he reached for his blue t-shirt but, a blush rising to his face, hastily cast it aside and grabbed his black one instead. He flopped down on his bed just as his door opened.


Too tired to move, Wally grunted to let Dick know he was awake. He heard the door close then felt the bed dip beside him. He rolled onto his back, partially to see Dick and partially to give him more room to sit.

"Hey dude." He paused to yawn. "What's up?" He took a moment to take in the other's appearance. He had his glasses on (of course. . .), but this time he was wearing bright red boxers and a yellow button-up. It was big on him (the sleeves were rolled up a lot, which was super cute), but fit him better than most of the shirts he seemed to wear to bed. Wally idly wondered if it was actually his this time, or if he had stolen it from some unsuspecting person.

"Your flying my colors, dude," he remarked with a lazy smirk. His stomach did some sort of spastic back flip in response to the smile Dick gave him at the remark.

"How do you know I'm not 'flying' Barry's colors, huh? Or maybe I'm a big Captain Marvel fan."

Wally snorted. Captain Marvel fan. As if. "Yellow to red ratio bro," he yawned loudly, "That's aaaall me."

Dick blushed lightly. "KF. . . um, I know you're tired and stuff, but I was wondering. . . if we could talk. . .?"

About Zatanna, of course. Stupid Zatanna. Hmph.

"We're talking now," he said, sitting up, "But what's on your mind?" he asked, playing dumb.

Dick started playing with the edge of his shirt, keeping his gaze down. "My date. . . with Zatanna."

"Yeah? So how'd it go?"

He gave a half-hearted shrug, causing Wally to raise an eyebrow.

"Was it. . . bad?"

Wally almost felt guilty for asking as Dick seemed to shrink into himself. "I don't know. Maybe? It certainly wasn't whelming. . ."


"Underwhelming," Dick corrected, finally lifting his eyes to fix Wally with a pitiable stare. Wally winced.

"Ouch. Well, what went wrong? Did you kiss her?"

Dick's blush deepened as he nodded. "Yeah. After I dropped her off."

"And. . .?"

He shrugged again. "I don't know. It was. . . weird."

Wally felt horrible about the pleasure he derived from this statement. His kiss was Zatanna was weird! His kiss with him hadn't been weird! (Or had it? It was possible. . . but he didn't say. . . but it couldn't have been weird! It was so. . . perfect. . .)

"Weird how? I mean. . . it was just a little goodnight kiss, right?"

Dick nodded. "Yeah. But. . . I just. . . I didn't feel anything. . ."

Wally frowned. "Well, what were you expecting to feel?"

"Well, when you kissed me, I," Dick turned to look at him and immediately turned bright red, "I mean. . . uh, well I just. . . something. I was just expecting. . . something. And there wasn't anything. All I could think about was how sticky her lipstick was and I didn't like it."

It took all of Wally's willpower not to smile. Dick had felt something when they kissed. He didn't know what it was, but it was something and that was all Wally could ask for. He was on cloud nine. "Okay, well. . . what about the rest of the date? Before the kiss?"

Dick groaned and flopped back onto the bed so he was lying down. Just like last time, Wally found himself marveling at how perfect his hair looked, splayed out against his pillow. "Wally, I feel bad saying this, cause I really do like Zatanna, she's cool, but. . ." he looked up at him, "it was the most boring night of my life. I literally couldn't wait for it to end."

Wally could have started jumping on his bed, as excited as he was. He tried to reel it in. "Wow, that bad? What happened?"

"Well, I took her to this French restaurant, Le Pont de Gotham-

"Don't think I've heard of that one. . ." Wally interrupted. French food rocked.

"I'll take you some time," Dick said, waving a hand, "Anyway, I made reservations and we showed up, but then she sees the place and she starts going on about how it was "too much" and "too fancy" and "too expensive" and stuff. I told her a million times it wasn't a big deal and money wasn't an issue but, get this, I think she thought I was like, flaunting money around or something! She doesn't even know I'm rich!"

Wally frowned. "That's stupid. I mean, she knows you're not a yuppy. . ."

Dick nodded in agreement. "Right. Well, anyway, she said she'd feel out of place so-

"Well wait, is the food good?"

"Duh, I picked it," Dick said, rolling his eyes.

"Then who cares! I'd show up in jeans if I could!"

"That's exactly what I said! But she was uncomfortable so we ended up going to some random café a few blocks over."

"Bummer. Well, how was the café?"

"Okay, I guess. Decent."

"Okaaaaay. Well, what else? What did you guys talk about?"

Dick used his elbows to prop himself up. "That was a problem too. Right from the beginning, she was asking all these personal questions."

"Like what?" Wally asked, trying to keep focused on what Robin was saying as his attention shifted to the other's shirt. The top button was missing. . .

Dick raised his voice an octave. "So Robin, have you always lived in Gotham? Where did you live before that? Do you live with your parents? Is Batman your dad? What year are you in school? What made you want to be a superhero?" He groaned, running a hand through his hair. "What's wrong with normal questions like, 'What's your favorite movie?' or 'Do you like video games?'"

Wally smiled fondly. "Those were the first two questions I asked you, when we met."

"See! And you found out everything, in the end. She was just being really nosy. It was only the first date! It was like. . . like she was only asking for data and not info. . . if that makes sense."

"I got it. You always make sense to me, bro." He used to have a shirt that was missing the top button. . . wasn't it yellow too. . .?

"Oh! And guess what she asked when we were leaving the first restaurant. She asked if I was French! What kind of question is that! Do I look French!"

"You are a quarter French," Wally pointed out. That shirt was yellow. No doubt.

Robin looked at him over the top of his glasses. "Not. My point," he huffed, "You never asked if I was French. . ."

"Course not. It's a weird question. You know, if you're just meeting. Or dating. Whatever. So," he drawled, "the conversation was total crap. That sucks man."

"Yeah," Dick sighed, "And it gets worse. I tried to pay the bill, and she said she wanted to pay her half. Something about equality. Anyway, I refused, cause I thought she was, I don't know, trying to be polite or something, and she got mad at me." Dick frowned and shifted so he was sitting up all the way. "Was I wrong? I mean, guys always pay in the movies, so I just figured. . ."

"No, no! You were totally right dude! Most girls would be pissed if you didn't pay. At least on the first date. That was complete weirdness on her part."

"Hmm. Maybe." Dick was fingering the edge of his shirt again, looking pathetically miserable. Wally threw an arm over his shoulder and pulled him toward his chest.

"Hey man, don't beat yourself up. So Zatanna isn't for you. Who cares?"

"Yeah I guess," he mumbled, leaning into the touch.

Absentmindedly, Wally ran his fingers up and down Dick's arm, feeling the fabric of his shirt. Seriously, he had a shirt just like this one. What the hell ever happened to it. . .?

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better, you can pay my way when we go to Point de la Fancy Pants."

Dick's shoulders shook first before he actually laughed. "Thanks Wals. You're the best." He lifted his head off Wally's chest and held up his fist. Smiling, Wally complied, bumping his own against it.

Dick laughed again, lighter this time. "Maybe I should've just taken you out. Probably would have been more fun."

Wally watched him for a few seconds before quietly responding, "I'll be your date anytime you want, man. Just say the word."

Dick's face shone red as he pulled completely away, averting his gaze. "Heh. Yeah. . . . hey, KF? Um, this is going to sound weird, but. . . promise not to freak out?"

Lifting a hand, Wally dragged a finger twice across his chest in opposite directions. "Cross my heart."

"Well, it's weird, but. . . the whole date. . . I found myself constantly. . . well, maybe not constantly, but enough to notice it, and it's still kind of weird and-

"Robs." Wally raised both eyebrows and Dick flushed, muttered a quiet 'sorry.'

He took a deep breath and continued, "I kept comparing her to you. Is that. . . weird?"

Wally felt his ears start to burn. "Uh, no. I mean, I don't think so. I compare people to you all the time. You're my standard for awesome."

Dick smiled. "Same here. But, this wasn't just people. This was my date. I shouldn't have, but everything she said I found myself thinking, 'Wally wouldn't have said that' and everything she did I thought, 'Wally would never do something like that.' I swear, pretty much the whole time I was wishing it was you and not her." His blush deepened. "Even when. . . when we. . ." He cast his eyes down to the spot between them, then furrowed his eyebrows as he caught sight of Wally's hand. "Wally. . . are you vibrating again?"

Wally licked his lips, his mouth suddenly feeling dry. "That depends on two things. One, were you about to say 'when we kissed'?"

A new shade of red may have been invented on Dick's face as his blush deepened even further, and he bowed his head, nodding slowly. "Yeah. . . that's what I was going to say. . ." he mumbled, embarrassment and shame rolling off him in heaps. Wally's hand almost vibrated through the mattress.

"T-two," he stuttered, finding it suddenly difficult to breath, "is that my shirt?"

Dick glanced up, genuinely taken off guard. "Huh? Yeah, I stole it almost a year ago. It's my favorite."

He barely had the sentence out before Wally's lips were on his own and he was being pushed back onto the bed.

"Mmph!" He pulled away sharply, eyes wide behind his glasses. He opened his mouth to protest but gasped instead as Wally's mouth found his neck and his fingers made swift work of the buttons of his shirt.

"W-Wally! What are you-nngh. . .what are you. . . doing?"

Reaching up, Wally grabbed Dick's glasses and flung them across the room. He cupped his face and forced their eyes to meet, taking a moment to drink in the deep blues before him.

"Dick," he gasped out, panting, "Dick, please, don't go out with any other girls. Just. . . stay with me. You'd never have to deal with crappy dates or awkward kisses again, cause it'd just be me and I-I. . ." his voice faltered as he became unsure of what to say next. He swallowed deeply and continued on more quietly, "Dick. . . Dick, I'm going crazy," he buried his face into the other's neck and whispered, "I just want to be with you. Please, let me be with you. . ."

Wally dug his hands into the fabric of his old shirt as if he expected Dick to try to fling him away (in a sense, he did kind of expect that) and he wanted to try to hold on for dear life. He was surprised when he felt a warm hand on his back, massaging him with slow, circular movements.

"Wally. . . are you asking me out?" Dick asked, staring past him at the ceiling. Against his neck, Wally nodded twice, making a small "Mmhmm" noise. Dick kept rubbing his back silently for about a full, agonizing minute.

"Okay," he finally said, rather nonchalantly. Wally looked up.


Dick nodded. "Okay. Your asking to be my boyfriend. . . right?"

Speechless, Wally nodded.

"Then okay. Be my boyfriend. You have to be a good one though. We can't break up if we're going to do this, cause then our friendship would never be the same and I don't want that to happen."

Wally nodded again. "Right. Of course." He licked his lips again. "So. . . that's it? We're. . . together now?"

"Yup." Dick leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. "You seem so surprised. Don't tell me it's never crossed your mind before, you and me. We're kind of astrous. Aster goes well with aster."

"Wha-? No! I mean. . . I just found out I was bi like, last week! When we made out!"

Dick's eyes widened. "Seriously? Dude, I knew you were bi for like, a year!"

Wally stared. What. The. Hell?

Dick laughed at his expression and kissed him again. "Son of the world's greatest detective, remember? I actually figured you out before I figured myself out," his cheeks turned pink, "It crossed my mind briefly, you and me, but I never thought about it seriously until. . . you know. Last week."

Wally's mind nearly blew up. "Wait. . . so. . . when you asked for help. . .?"

"Oh no, no! I wasn't. . . seducing you or anything," he shifted beneath him and Wally jumped a bit when their hips bumped together, "I honestly wanted your help. But afterwards. . ." he averted his gaze, "I don't know. I just kept thinking about it. You've been on my mind all week, which isn't too abnormal, but this time it was in an entirely. . . unfriendly way. A more than friendly way."

Wally smiled. "You too. If this kept up, I probably would have mastered vibrating through walls."

Dick smiled and reached up to run a hand through Wally's hair. "Is that what all that was about? You've been vibrating cause, what? You're thinking of me?"

Flushing, Wally nodded. Dick laughed and pressed their lips together again.

"I'm getting pretty good, right?" he asked as he pulled away, eyes shining mischievously, "Wanna train me some more, boyfriend?"

"You. . . but I. . ." Wally sighed in disbelief. "You're something else, you know that?" Dick smiled shyly up at him and Wally returned the look fondly. "Wanna stay the night here? Nothing weird!" he added, once again remembering his dream, "Just, you know, us. Being together."

Dick cackled his signature laugh and laced his fingers behind Wally's neck. "You wanna cuddle with me while you sleeeeep. What a softy!"

"Sh-Shut up, dude!" he yelled, face turning scarlet, "So what if I do, huh?"

Dick hummed happily and nuzzled against him. "S'fine by me, Flash Boy. Just don't hog the covers."

Wally rolled his eyes. "Like that will matter. I'll keep you warm," he promised, pressing his lips to Dick's collarbone.

It crossed Wally's mind that now would have been a good time to say "I love you," and he could honestly say it and feel like he meant it, but. . .

Dick laughed, squirming beneath him, "Dude, stop tickling my waist. I'm gonna end up kicking you."

. . . it could wait. Dick was still young, and he didn't want to scare him off. Besides, he had time.

Dick had forbidden the relationship to end, after all.

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