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Why? Why must he leave so soon?

I was in a cemetery, alone. My hands were furiously wiping the headstone in front of me, as if that could change anything. I wished it could, but of course, even an idiot knew better. Wiping all the mud and grass off from a headstone would not change the fact that Usui was gone.

I was in my black dress – possibly the only dress I owned – sitting on the damp soil. My tears flowing with the rhythm of the rain – yes, it was raining, the perfect weather for such occasion, huh?

"Why?" I sobbed. "Why must you leave so soon, Usui?"

No one else was here. They didn't know that Usui was dead. No one except me and some strangers who witnessed the accident knew that Usui was gone.

I mean, how could they? It's not like I go around and tell everyone about something I refuse to believe in myself.

But it was the truth. Usui was gone for good. And the part that kills me the most was the fact that there was nothing I could do to bring him back.


Not. A. Single. Thing.

I would kill myself if it meant that he would live. I would cut all my veins and make myself fall into a coma if it meant he would rise up from the grave. I would do anything – anything – to bring him back.

But of course, I couldn't.

"Why?" I sobbed again as I leaned on his headstone that read: Here lies Usui Takumi, beloved brother, son and friend. "Why?"

The rain, which was originally just water falling from the sky, was soon accompanied by strong wind and thunders. It would've scared me to death, hearing a thunder while I was outside. But all of it didn't matter anymore to me. Let the lightning struck me to death, I don't care. At least I wouldn't suffer with the pain of losing him if I was dead.

"Excuse me, ma'am. A storm is coming, you may not stay here," the graveyard security said behind me.

"Leave me alone," my voice cracked as another flow of tears came rolling down my cheeks.

"Please, ma'am, you may not be here in a storm," he said through gritted teeth. He didn't like going out in the rain, asking girls to leave, that was obvious.

"I'm fine," I said as I sucked in my mucus. "Leave me alone."

"I can't 'leave you alone', ma'am. I'm sorry, but you have to leave," he said, his patience running low.

Seeing that he won't leave me alone, I stood up and rubbed my swelling eyes.

"Fine, I'll leave. You happy now?" I asked rudely. I know, I know, I was a bit too cruel to the guy who was clearly just doing his job, but I was pissed with the fact that he couldn't let me stay by my boyfriend's side.

Okay, fine, he was dead. But still, just because he was dead didn't mean I had stopped loving him.

I left the cemetery and walked home. I was soaked, from head to toe. My hair was sticking uncomfortably on my neck. My eyes were so swollen that I could barely open it to see where I was going. And my feet were starting to hurt since I was wearing a new pair of flats Suzuna won to replace my old, broken one.

But worst of it all, there was a hole the size of the Pacific Ocean in my heart. My heart was crushed into a thousand pieces, like how it had always been since the time the doctor pronounced Usui dead a few days ago. I felt as if all the blood in my veins had stopped running, my heart had stopped beating, and my brain had stopped thinking straight.

But of course, I would've been dead if that was true.

No, cross the part where I said my heart was crushed. My whole body was falling into pieces. I don't get it why people call it heartbreak, because it feels to me like my whole body was crumbling down.

Literally, because the next thing I knew, the world tilted sickeningly as my knee banged hard onto the ground and my head slammed down on a puddle on the tarmacked road. My body seemed to freeze as my vision blurred.

"U… sui…." I muttered. I felt a terrible blow of pain shooting through my head.

With a flinch, I went to the state of unconsciousness.

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